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Rules Board Rules *READ*

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Mar 18, 2006
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Since an "accident" happend, I find timely to remind some basic rules that usually apply to the translation/Edited Manga community. I will also remind you some rules that I would like to be followed on this board, just to keep things civil and ordered. Feel free to PM me if something is bothering you.

1- This is the Berserk board. Not the EG board, there is already a thread for that
So you can post any material related to Berserk here, which lead us to

2- Anything you post must be given proper credits, if you got it from another board. Don't go and post a translation (yeah that's what happend) and claim you did it if you didn't. That's just rude, and you'll be thanked (if this is what you're looking for) as much just because you found it.

3- All discussion related to a specific chapter of Berserk should stay in the thread related to it, whether it's raw, translation or Edited Manga. Feel free to open other threads if you feel like talking about particular points of Berserk, art, etc. If you don't want to be spoiled, don't look farther than the 1st post, where the Edited Manga will be posted as soon as it's available (or after I wake up, com' on give me some slack!).

That's it for now.
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