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"Bokuchu" Us vs the Police: 700-Day War


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Aug 9, 2006
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"Are we going to get caught?"

"There’s no way we'll be caught because we're,

the wind.

No one can catch us."

This is the story of "my first time to be in the care of the police" that I promised in "Shoe Cemetery." Since the statute of limitations has passed on all this, I'm going to write everything.

Back then, we were the wind for sure,

trying to hit the 30 km/h limit.

"Will we get caught?"

"No way.

Because we're

on bikes."

That’s right. This was such a pointless experiment.

That day, one of our friends was caught on his scooter. A speed trap using a radar speed monitor. He was going 50 km/h in a 30 km/h zone on his scooter. This was the beginning of this incident.

Even with a scooter, it was easy to hit high speeds because it was a downhill. This caused him much anguish.

Listening to him complain, one of us said,

"hey, I wonder if you can get caught on a bike?"

Pointless, but a very intriguing question.

"Shouldn't it because it’s metal?"
"But bikes don't have speedometers, right?"


"We don't even have licenses."

Very true.

Everyone was interested in this discussion. The only thing left to do was to "experiment."

The location was the standard place they always set up the speed trap. A downhill where the speed limit changes to 30 km/h must have been a very sweet spot for the police.

Our scout came back to report.
"They're still doing it! We can go now!"
That’s right. It had only been about an hour since he was caught. The speed trap was still going.

"Ok! Let’s go!"

We went with 20 people to test this experiment. Maybe it was for this reason that we had 5 speeds on our bikes, although for some reason I was the only one with a girl bike.

One of our classmates had a house right before where they set up the radar for the speed trap. That’s where we put our first base. We couldn't see them around the corner, but they couldn't see us, either.

Aah, the excitement was welling up in my chest.

This was our strategy.

This road’s speed limit is 30 km/h. If a slow car comes, then we send the signal and set off! We ride our bikes as fast as we can in front of the car! We figure that if we get passed, then there’s no point to the experiment, so we give ourselves about a 50 meter head start.

Then all we have to do is pedal like mad. We cross in front of the radar gun at full speed. That was the plan.

"Will we get caught?"

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