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Feb 28, 2005
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Welcome to the thread for Mr. Sakashita's Tough Love!
Here you'll find up to date information about this BL manga.

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"To the point I want to lovingly lick your entire body."
Leo's either late or missing when the school bell rings. He doesn't even care when teachers yell at him. That is until the mathematics teacher known as Mr. Sakashita takes notice of him... and threatens to expose a secret of Leo's that he's kept hidden from everyone! Leo is faced with a decision... come to the office when Mr. Sakashita calls and submit to his desires, or have his secret exposed. As the days pass, his body becomes more sensitive to the touch, and Leo grows used to Mr. Sakashita's lust... Then...
An obsessive teacher and his play toy who's obsessed with cleanliness... both yearning for love...

Total Pages: 129
Status: Finished (No longer serialized)
Genre: Boys Love, BL, Yaoi, BoysLove

Meet the team!
Translator: Maria Ana Castro (1-2), Michael Rosiles (3-4)
Proofreader: Michael Rosiles
Editor: Linzz Chrono
Letterer: Linzz Chrono
Quality Control: Michael Rosiles

What the team has to say:
Linzz said:
A little dark and weird at first. But it just shows that sometimes, there are things we can't change in ourselves and those we refuse to change and just search for somewhere or someone who can accept us as the way we are. And this is what it was about. I love twisted characters - lightly twisted characters with some realism. That's what I liked about this piece. The art is pretty much to my liking.
Mike said:
What starts as a sort of twisted relationship actually takes a fairly heartwarming turn, all the while dealing with acceptance of others and oneself. Quite a bit packed into a small 4-chapter manga!
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