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Chapter 39-The past that sometimes we wish to forget.

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KeyBlade Master

*=Flash back

**eyes open suddenly**

Damn,I have been getting that dream more and more lately.


Blade:Mum i'm going to get it
Blade's mum:Don't go's useless it might not even heal my illness and it will be a
waste of your efforts
Blade:I don't care i'm going.

Blade wanted to cure his mother illness,rumours had it that the forest near Blade's village
has something that might cure his mother,many of the villager's when to the forest to find
this mysterious thing but none came out alive.None of them realise that,that thing was an
innocence.On his way he met his younger brother Kensuke.

Kensuke:Where are you going Onii-san?
Blade:**Afraid to tell the truth in case his brother will follow him** .........I'm going out.
Kensuke:Can I follow you?
Blade:No.Just take care of mum.

After replying to his brother's question he ran of too the direction of the forest


After a few minutes,

Damn,I've been walking for so long and still no sign of an opening or a parting........could
it be this is some grandmother story told by those old geezers or could it be......i got
lost.........Argh,just as my brother say's i really suck in directions.**Start's cursing
himself** Might as well take a break and continue walking.

*After a short break*

Blade got up and continue walking.After a few minutes of walking.......

The tree's are getting thicker.I should be in the heart of the forest already.Argh,nevermind
I'll just continue walking.Few minutes later........Hey there's a parting in the forest look's
like the rumours might be true.

Excited Blade ran to the direction of the innocence.When he reach there,he saw a sword which
was stuck to the ground(not quite sure how the innocence became a weapon).

The dissappointed Blade couldn't help groaning.

Shit it isn't that thing i'm finding,worst what can a sword do.Blade pulled out the sword
and at that moment a level 2 akuma came out of nowhere.

Akuma:Thank you boy.I couldn't go near the innocence.So i waited for someone who can
actually hold or touch that innocence.Many foolish people came but they couldn't reach
it.So i kill them.It was fun seeing the blood splatterred from their body.The blood
curdling screams of pain and terr....

Blade:STOP......**hands shaking with anger**You....did you kill a man that look's like me?If
you did then...then....

Akuma:Then what boy?So what if i did kill someone that looks like you.Huh?You think you can
kill me when you just got that innocence.Even if you did,the great and almighty Noahs
like Tyki,Magier,Jacques,I.Amaterasu or Rhode will hunt you down and kill you.

Blade:Shit you bastard.I'll make you regret.***just what is this feeling....when i hold that
this sword my body feels lighter and i was expecting the sword to be heavy but it's
light a feather also i feel stronger and faster***

And with those reply Blade sprang at the akuma(dunno how to descript their battle so i'll
skip those,don't worry Blade didn't use any techniques).After killing that idiotic akuma
Blade sat down to have a rest.A voice came from somewhere.Blade sprang up to face that person it was
a guy with red hair with him was a boy who look 3 years younger than Blade

General Cross Marian:You did very well to kill that Level 2 akuma.

Blade:Who are you? And what's an akuma?

General Cross Marian:An akuma is a soul of a dead person who was brought beck to life by his
or her lover or close people around that person.Anyway i am an exorcist
Since you are holding that innocence you might as well become a bookmen or
exorcist.By the way before i take my leave,i recommend you stop finding
that thing to heal your mother because that thing is an innocence in
which you are holding.And you will get a lot of money to become a bookmen
or exorcist.**trying to tempt Blade with money**

Blade:**Look's at the sword** Where can i be one of those because i found it was fun killing akuma's.

General Cross Marian:To be a bookmen at Bookmen's village not to sure where is it and exorcist in
Polama,North America.Now time to take my leave i have a train to catch before
my debtors catch me

The boy following General Cross Marian:**Going pale** D-D-D-Do i have to earn money again?

General:Shutup boy!


Blade quickly ran back to the outskirts of the forest and back to his house.He spent a few days at
the forest so many of the villager's tought he died.But was shocked when Blade came back carrying a
sword on his back.Went he reach home he was shock he when in to his house and saw Kensuke trembling
slightly.Blade ask Kensuke what happen and suddenly Kensuke turn into a level one akuma.Only that did
Blade realise that his mother died and Kensuke tried to revive her.After killing and akuma he swore
that he will be a bookmen to fight against the Millenium Earl.

*Flashback End*

Blade:***I wish i could just forget the past and move forward***

The end.

Sorry not sure how to put spoiler's tag.This is all about Blade's past and when i say all it means the whole thing
and nothing left out.Hope you enjoy it.Sorry if it's to long.Thank god i had a little free time to write this so you guys don't have to wait till Friday for this.I will post his techniques in the skill
thread to make you people easier to write your chapters.Sorry if there's a bit of problem in it wether spelling mistakes or paragraph problems


wow Deja Vu... :blink :blink :blink :blink

I could've sworn... something similar to this was already written...

and how would Blade know what a bookman is anyways? all Marian said was that he could become either bookman or exorcist... how owuld he know which one ot choose?
ALSO does he even know what a bookman does???
They record the unwritten history at all costs and like the old panda said to Lavi "Next time we may not be on this side" so what if Blade was forced to become an ally of the Millenium Earl? Would he be able to resist trying to kill him?

So many plot gaps XP I'm guessing you're new at this. Sorry if I asked too many questions. I like to debate with ppl all the time

I loved Allen getting owned part...

rhapsody blue

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Nov 9, 2006
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Nice chapter. There are some minor corrections though.

HQ is located in Jamestown; Poloma was Flame's dead girlfriend. Other than that, it was a good chapter.

It seems like most of the male exorcists have revealed how they got their Innocence while the girls haven't. Weird...

Overall, great chapter :thumbs


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Wah. Script format >_+ Its a personal thing, but script format irks me. ((I've got super-literate literate-buff friends, I'm not used to it XD)) A lot of the things that shuold have had more time spent on them, ((like his bro. Isn't having to kill your bro slightly tramatic?))

I agree with Athrun, this is Deja Vu......of Zeran's backstory >_+ Does Cross have like a 'compatible person sensor and something? He's always in the right place XD And it Blade sounds differant than your profile made him sound. He sounds like Zeran.........><;;;;;; Sword and all. And ARNJNYNIESBWETQ! The first akuma he killed was level 2, without any techniques? Steches my believeableity.

And Athrun is also right about the bookman thing. >< Do you really know what a bookman is?

Well, okay for a first chapter I guess, you have a lot to improve on. ((Like separating Blade from Zeran. A lot more personailty comes across when using essay format over script format, so try that =3))

Tabby's story isn't very interesting in my opinion. It's not boring, but its not tragic. If all the characters had tragic pasts, we'd all be emo. Or something like that. ((Rinvak's isn't super tragic either for that matter.))

KeyBlade Master

Yeah actually i got the idea from Zeran.Well about how Blade knew what Bookmens do i forget to write it.and about the location of the headquarters i got mix up with Flames girlfriend sory my bad.About how general cross marian get to where Blade got the innocence well........let's just say he followed Blade.Anyway thanks for giving your opinion about this chapter i will try and separate Blade from Zeran.


thank you DJMM for ur support

It's alright KBM u can do better next time ^^

You won't be able to copy Zeran anyways because...

he turns evil


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Dec 6, 2006
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there are that many ideas, and tons of different minds of ppl to poke around with them, i guess there are similarities here and there to other stories... but which story isnt such? :D

helo zeran, the next skywalker? :D


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Nov 30, 2006
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For your first chapter here, it is kinda okay but all these ***** and the format is kinda confussing xD....
it seems that all our boys have a cruel past...nothing happily there?
And mostly their friend or parents died. O.O