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Chapter 49: Black and White


Author’s Note
I find this chapter disgustingly cute and cuddly. I feel like choking or throwing up. Somebody hand me a garbage can… *barfs* Well the next 2-3 chapters will be like this so bear with me if u can stand the cuteness… No Noah ass kicking… I feel so bad… BTW sorry snoogen... about the HQ thing I know you wanted ot destroy it as well, but then it fit in with the story... so sorry...

Part 1
“Come at me Jacques of the Noah,” Zeran said in a sinister voice. “Are you afraid of a little exorcist like me?” Zeran’s right eye (something like Allen’s eye crossed with Mangekyou Sharingan crossed with Geass) began to click mechanically.
“Che, you expect me to be afraid of you?” Jacques laughed. “This should be intere…” Zeran zoomed up to him at a speed in which even Jacques himself could not fathom.
“Feel like being afraid yet?” Zeran grinned evilly. He then let out a maniacal snicker. “Gyahahahahahahahahaha!!!”
“You bastard!” Jacques attempted to punch Zeran as fast as he could. Zeran’s right eye merely twitched and suddenly Jacques felt his own punch being redirected back at him.
“UGH!” Jacques coughed up some blood. “What… What the hell are you?”
“Saaa~~ (I wonder)” Zeran said nonchalantly. “I believe it’s my turn.” Zeran stretched out his right arm which was covered by the fragments of Jigoku now melded together with his arm by the Innocence.
“Innocence Hatsudou…” Zeran grinned evilly. His right arm turned into something similar to a claw crossed with a talon. Zeran laughed maniacally while he began to randomly swing his arm back and forth, giving Jacques severe cuts every time an attack landed.
“Damn… you… exorcist…” Jacques managed to say before he disappeared into thin air.
Zeran licked Jacques blood off his hands. “The blood of a Noah doesn’t taste all that bad.”
“Zeran?” Stephanie quietly approached him. “Is that you?” Tabitha was cowering behind Stephanie and trembling in absolute fear.
“…..” Within a second Zeran punched Stephanie away and glared at Tabitha menacingly.
“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPP!!!!!!” Tabitha squealed.
Zeran grabbed her neck with his right hand and began to choke her.
“Now then, I wonder how long this pretty lady will be able to hold her breath.” Zeran said casually. “Or should I just activate my Innocence and skewer her?”
“GET THE HELL AWAY FROM HER!” Stephanie yelled and charged with her ribbons. Zeran didn’t even glance her way before drawing Tengoku with his left hand and slicing her across the chest.
“NO!!!!!!! Stephanie!!!!!!” Tabitha wailed with her remaining breath.
Zeran’s heart skipped a beat and he clutched his chest, his right eye already back to normal. Tabitha gasped for air as soon as she was let go.
“WAH! Stephanie!” Tabitha ran over to seek refuge.
“There, there,” Stephanie patted her head gently. “It’s okay now…”
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Zeran yelled into the sky.
“Zeran?” Stephanie murmured. “Come back with us Zeran.”
“Thank you…” Zeran whispered and clutched his right eye. “For everything up till now.” He placed a small container of ointment in front of Stephanie. “Every second you spend with me, might mean a second closer to your death.”
“Zeran…” Tabitha, her voice hoarse, called out.
“See ya… or not…” Zeran dashed away and out of sight.
Stephanie fainted along with Tabitha.
*end flashback*

Part 2:
Riena D. Greyright walked across town whistling happily. She was a girl in disguise as a boy, and nobody in the town she lived in (other than her parents) ever figured out the truth. She often wore a hat to hide her long hair, because she and her parents were the poorest of the poor. The villagers would surely take pity on them if they found out her parents were trying to raise a daughter. They were considered scum to the rest of the villagers otherwise. Riena decides to retaliate by dressing up as a boy and stealing food for her parents and her to survive on. She didn’t mind. She wished she was richer, but she was pretty content with her life.
Today she was glancing past every shop and picking out what she should have for breakfast lunch and dinner tonight. hmm, Riena thought quietly. Should I steal the ham or the beef? She glanced upwards at the sky and grinned. Today feels like a good day! Hmm? Who is that sitting on the roof? She noticed a cloaked figure sitting quietly on top of a roof, staying absolutely still. Oh well, none of my business…
“Eh? Get away from me you thieving boy!” the butcher yelled at Riena. “How dare you come here?”
“Be quiet old man!” Riena stuck her tongue out and walked away. As soon as his attention was turned elsewhere, Riena jumped in and grabbed a piece of ham.
“AH HA!” the butcher yelled and grabbed her by the collar of her coat. “Thought you could try the same thing twice eh? Now what should I do with a thieving boy like you? Should I deliver you to the cops or should I cut you up and serve you as my meat?”
“Eh heh,” Riena chuckled nervously. “SOMEBODY HELP!”
“Nobody will help you!” the butcher smirked. “Everybody here has been pilfered by you at least once in their lifetime.”
“Let the brat go,” said a mysterious figure.

Part 3
“Eh? Who the hell are you to interfere?” the butcher glared angrily. “This girl has stolen something from everybody in this town and sold it all!”
“I’ll pay for whatever she stole…” the cloaked figure said and laid down some coins.
“Cheh,” the butcher let her go. “Thank this kind stranger you brat!”
“Thanks mister…” Riena clung onto his cloak. But then quickly stuck her hand inside and pulled whatever she could grab, which was a katana blade.
Wow a sword! It’s so light! I’m going to be able to make big money with this! Riena grinned happily as she ran off. Sorry mister but I have my family to think of!
“See, what did I tell you?” the butcher sighed. “Now she stole something of yours. Well it’s not my fault since I got paid.”
The cloaked man caught up to the prancing Riena, grabbed his cloak and threw it over her.
“WAH!” Riena yelled. “It’s so dark!”
“Give me back my sword please, ojou-san (young lady),” the mysterious figure said quietly.
“Eh? How did you know I was a girl?” Riena gaped at the guy who had bested her. He was tall, had hair to his shoulders, wore normal black clothes. But the weirdest thing about this guy was the white eye-patch he had across his right eye.
“Who are you?” Riena asked in awe.
“Kusanagi Zeran,” the figure said quietly. “You may call me Zeran.”

Part 4:
Riena had obediently returned Zeran’s sword, and he had quietly left. But he was on her mind the whole day.
“GRRRRRRRRRRR!” Riena ruffled her long black hair. “How did he know I was a girl? And what is with his reflexes? I’ve been a street rat my entire life and he caught up to me with ease! AGH!”
“Hey Riena are you alright?” her mother asked worriedly.
“If you have problems, you can always talk to us,” her father said calmly.
“It’s fine,” Riena assured her parents. “I’m going to my room.”
Riena and her parents lived in a small two-story wooden shack, which might as well be on the verge of collapsing. Riena stared at the ceiling while lying on her hard moth-eaten mattress. I have to find that guy and talk to him! Outside it started to rain slowly. I’ll go out now! Riena ran downstairs and grabbed her own handmade umbrella.
“I’m heading out to do something now!” Riena shouted to her parents.
“Be careful,” her parents chorused.
“Yea I know,” Riena grinned.
Outside it rained even harder, and Riena struggled to hold onto her umbrella against the wind. Where could that guy be? Don’t tell me he left town already? She quickly donned her cap and asked every inn in town for a clue to where Zeran was staying. None of the inns had him registered.
I don’t get it! Where is he!
Riena looked around one last time and was about to give up when she looked up at the roof when she first met him. He was still sitting in the exact same position under all the wind and rain.
Is he an idiot?????
Riena ran up the stairs of the building where Zeran was quietly sitting.
“HEY!” Riena shouted at Zeran.
“Oh, it’s the girl from earlier,” Zeran said quietly. “What do you want?”
“How did you know I was a girl?” Riena took off her hat and let her long hair fall down. “Everybody thought I was a boy!”
“Is that all you wanted to ask me?” Zeran said quietly. “It’s simple; I had a girl I liked a lot. Her eyes and yours were similar. That’s all.”
“And why are you out here in the rain?” Riena demanded to know.
“Because I killed that very same girl with my own hands,” Zeran said. “And I’m doing my best to repent.” Zeran looked up at the sky and allowed the rain to fall upon his face. Riena held out her umbrella and covered Zeran, allowing herself to be rained on.
“Hm? Why?” Zeran glanced at her briefly with his remaining eye.
“I DON’T KNOW!” Riena shouted. “I just felt like it, that’s all…” Riena began to cry. “But if I think of me killing my parents, the pain must be unbearable. It must be really hard for you.”
Zeran stood up and flicked Riena’s forehead.
“OWWWWWWWWW!!!!” Riena winced. “You bastard what did you do that for??”
“Your pity and kindness is unnecessary for murderers like me,” Zeran said quietly. “You’ll need your umbrella when you go home anyways.” Zeran stood up and walked off.
“WAIT!” Riena yelled and pulled on Zeran’s cloak.
“UGH!” the cloak choked Zeran as Riena pulled on it. “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT FOR????”
“Bleh!” Riena stuck her tongue out. “I hate gloomy bastards like you! If you say your precious girlfriend had eyes similar to mine then I’m guessing she would hate a gloomy bastard like you as well!!!!”
“Don’t talk like you know me!” Zeran snarled.
“SO WHAT?” Riena yelled. “Just because you had one mishap, it doesn’t mean the world is over! Move on with your life! Grow stronger! Drink apple juice! SOMETHING! ANYTHING!”
Zeran pulled his cloak away and walked off in silence.
Hmph! Why am I getting worked up about this guy anyways? Riena huffed. He’s annoying, gloomy, and very… lonely… I guess… Damn it… “Wait up!” Riena called. The rain continued falling as she tried to find the direction which Zeran went.
“Hey!” she asked an old man carrying an umbrella. “Have you seen a guy wearing a cloak pass by here?” She gasped when she saw a mountain of blood behind the old man.
“Now that you’ve seen what I can do little kid,” the old man’s features began shifting. “LET ME DEVOUR YOU AS WELL!” A monstrous beast replaced the old man and lunged at Riena.
“AHHHHHHHHHHH!” Riena screamed and braced herself for unimaginable pain.
However it never came. When Riena opened her eyes, Zeran was standing in front of her, blocking the old man’s attack with a sword alone.
“Stand back,” Zeran said quietly. “I never thought I’d find an Akuma out here.”
“What’s an Akuma?” Riena said nervously. “What’s going on?”
“JUST GET THE HELL BACK!” Zeran ordered and slashed at the Akuma.
“An exorcist?” the Akuma wheezed. “Out here?”
“Innocence Hatsudou!” Zeran yelled and jumped onto his Tengoku which floated in mid-air. He stretched out his black metallic right arm and revealed that they had turn into claws.
“Interesting!” the Akuma laughed. “But can it...” It’s words were left unfinished as Zeran stood silently behind it.
“May you go to heaven,” Zeran whispered as the Akuma was sliced into pieces. “You poor, poor foolish soul.”

Part 4:
“What was that?” Riena wanted to know. “What kind of monster was it?”
“It was an Akuma,” Zeran explained slowly. “When a loved one dies, and a desire to bring them back becomes overwhelming, the Earl of Millennium will visit you. He will lie to you and say he can bring your loved one back. All he does is trap their souls which should’ve gone to heaven into machines called Akuma. These Akuma with human souls then kill the person who summoned them to Earth and wear the person like a second skin. These Akuma kill continuously, grow, and evolve. The more they evolve, the more intelligent and powerful they become. People called exorcists, have something called Innocence. Innocence is the only thing that can destroy an Akuma. In addition it also sets free the trapped soul within the Akuma. I am an exorcist, a wielder of Innocence.”
“I see,” Riena said slowly. “Then the person you loved, was she turned into an Akuma as well?”
“Yeah,” Zeran said quietly. “She was.”
The rain continued its relentless downpour, and Riena began to get dizzy.
“What’s this feeling?” Riena swirled and swirled. “Oooh pretty butterflies…” And she fainted.
When Riena came to, she awoke in her own house on her mattress.
“Oww… my head hurts like hell,” she rubbed her head. “EH? Why am I covered in bandages?” She looked at her body.
“The Akuma’s special ability cut you,” Zeran explained to her from her left. “It could apparently make air turn into sharp blades which cut anything. That and you also caught a cold from being in the rain too long.”
“Oh,” Riena looked down. “How did I get here and who wrapped me up in bandages?”
“I carried u and I put on your bandages,” Zeran said while drinking from a water canteen. “It wasn’t easy seeing as you were heavy for your age.”
A huge iron object hit Zeran in the face.
“THAT HURTS!” Zeran yelled. “Is that how you repay me?”
“First you call me fat, then you strip me to put on my bandages?” Riena said blushing madly. “You have a LOT of nerve!”
“It’s not like I WANT to look at it!” Zeran countered. “ Besides there was nothing worth seeing.” And he received another attack, this time from a wooden statue.
“THAT HURTS!” Zeran yelled again.
“FINE MAYBE I WILL!” Zeran walked downstairs and out the front door.
“Geez,” Riena huffed. “How dare he look at my virgin body. Absolutely unforgivable.
“Ah Riena!” her mother came upstairs to her room and hugged her. “I thought you said you were going to be careful!”
“Sorry,” Riena apologized.
“It’s not me you should apologize to,” her mother scolded her. “It’s that boy who carried you here.”
“Eh?” Riena got angry. “Why should I have to thank that pervert?
“Because we were quite shocked,” her mother began. “When that boy came here, carrying you on his back. The both of you were bleeding heavily. But I think he received more serious injuries.”
“The poor boy brought you to your bed, when we showed him where it was. He then took out a funny smelling ointment and smeared it all over himself. He also took some bandages from his pocket and made a blindfold with it. He then silently undressed you, treated your wounds, and then wrapped you up in bandages. Your father and I would’ve done it ourselves, but we don’t know anything about first aid, so we left it all to him. He looked after you for two days straight! He was so diligent in his task!”
“Eh?” Riena gaped at her mother. “I was asleep for two days?”
“Yes,” her mother said worriedly. “You wouldn’t wake up, but the boy assured us you’d be fine. We’re all indebted to him.”
“Damn it,” Riena ran downstairs and opened the front door. “ZERAN!”
“Hmm?” Zeran looked at her briefly. “What is it?”
“Sorry…” Riena apologized quietly. “You didn’t deserve to be called any of those things.”
“I figured you were just upset,” Zeran shrugged. “You were just venting out your anger. I didn’t take it personally.”
“Are you leaving?” Riena asked silently.
A heavy silence filled the air.
“Yea,” Zeran said. “I need to pick up a few things. I’ll be back though… I promise.”
Zeran gently patted her head. “Grow up to be bright and honest. Never steal again, not even to survive. If you want something, find a job. Thief skills are unbelievably useful these days.”
“I get it…” Riena smiled.
“Here are some coins,” Zeran handed her a pouch filled with coins. “They should last you until I get back. Try not to get in trouble.” Zeran walked to the station.
“SEE YA SOON! ZERAN NII-CHAN!” Riena called out.
Zeran waved quietly as he continued walking towards the station.

Part 5:
“Checkmate,” Eny declared. “That’s your 499th consecutive loss, Tabby.”
“ONE MORE TIME!” Tabby demanded.
Eny sighed. “If you must.”
“Hmm?” Flames (who had nothing better to do than to watch two girls play chess) glanced out the window. “Who is that man coming towards us?”
“Who cares?” Tabby said. “It’s not an Akuma since no Akuma would be dumb enough to infiltrate a place filled with bookmen and exorcists.”
“Probably somebody coming back from a mission,” Eny declared. “CHECK!”
“SO FAST!” Tabby whined.
“But all of our exorcists are here at the base,” Flames commented.
“Who the hell is it?” Stephanie asked quietly from behind Flames.

As soon as Lione heard about the stranger, he assembled everyone at the front of HQ.
“Be careful everyone!” Lione yelled. “It could be a Noah!”
“I’m as ready as ever!” Blade smirked.
“I have a bad feeling about this,” Stephanie gulped and clutched her ribbons.
“Whoever it is,” Flames said calmly. “I will strike them down.”
“I’m bored,” Tabby yawned.
“What the hell?” Rinvak glared at her. “You should be more focused!”
“The enemy is approaching at approximately a slow rate. He is currently 1.5 km away from here,” Eny declared with a binocular.
Amiti gulped in anticipation
“It can’t be…” Ying said silently.
The tension began to build up as the cloaked figure drew closer. Suddenly the cloak figure jumped, and that’s when Lione lost it.
“EVERYONE ATTACK!” Lione ordered. A HUGE barrage of Innocence pelted the cloaked figure until only dust remained. “Did we do it?”
“My, my,” the figure’s voice said from behind all of them. “A welcoming party for me? I’m touched.”
“When did he…?” Lione gasped.
“Fast!” Blade turned and looked at him.
“This guy is unbelievable!” Stephanie turned as well.
“I thought so,” Ying said calmly. “Welcome back… Zeran.”
“EH??” everyone yelled.
“Who’s that?” Eny, Blade, and Amiti asked in unison.
“I’m not here to socialize,” Zeran said quietly. “I have a few things to pick up.”
“I understand,” Ying said. “Let’s go.” The two left briskly.
“WHAT’S GOING ON HERE?” Eny asked angrily.
“Zeran… is an emo bastard,” Lione said bluntly. “But he was also a highly skilled exorcist who could overcome anything given the right iniative.”
“ZERAN IS BACK!” Tabby rejoiced.
“What joy,” Rinvak muttered
I still have a bad feeling about this Stephanie thought bitterly.
Zeran went to his old room and took everything important out and put it in a knapsack.
“Medicine, medicine,” muttered Zeran as he grabbed things from his closet and shoved it into his bag. “Medicine, Kanda dart board… who the hell needs this? Picture of Rinali… Why do I still have this? My locket…” He pocketed it and continued rummaging. “Clothes and that’s about it.”
“Are you going away for long?” Ying said quietly.
“My eye,” Zeran pointed at his eye-patch. “The monster within is dying to get out. It might get released by accident one of these days. And you already know about what I did to Stephanie and Tabitha.”
Ying nodded. “May you fare well on your trip.”
“So you’re the bastard that sliced up Stephanie,” Blade said from the doorway. “You bastard, don’t think you’ll get away with it.”
“It’s not polite to listen in to other people’s conversations,” Zeran said quietly.
“Why don’t you and I settle this like men?” Blade challenged.
“Sorry,” Zeran appeared behind Blade. “I have no intention of picking on people who can’t even reach me with their sword.”
“WHAT DID YOU SAY?” Blade tried to draw his sword but couldn’t since Zeran drew Tengoku faster and prevented Blade from dtaking out his sword. Zeran’s left hand lingered dangerously around Blade’s neck.
“If you were an enemy, you’d be dead,” Zeran said coldly. “Don’t come near me again.”
This guy Blade thought. Is fearsome.
“ZERAN!” Tabby tackled Zeran to the ground. Blade: -_-‘’’
“I missed you so much!” Tabitha grinned from ear to ear. “Want to play like we always do?”
He’s fearsome? Blade thought. More like idiotic
“GET OFF OF ME!” Zeran yelled and pushed Tabitha on the ground. “Why are you clinging to me? Did you forget I tried to kill you?”
“I know Zeran wouldn’t do that,” Tabitha said innocently. “Because Zeran is a nice guy!”
“I’m not as nice as you think I am,” Zeran muttered.
“Yeah, you’re rotten to the core,” Stephanie grinned. “But we forgive you.”
“You too,” Zeran said. “Nobody is going to gain anything by staying close to me. In fact you might face death faster.”
“STEPHANIE!” Blade dived. “Let me burrow myself in those melons of paradise!” (Kon reference)
Stephanie punched him without even looking. (Matsumoto reference) “You sure you’re going to be alright on your own?”
“I’ll manage,” Zeran grinned. “It’s not like I need you guys to kick ass.”
“Idiot!” Stephanie smacked him across the head. “Your right eye… We’re all worried about that.”
“Thanks,” Zeran said. “But I’ll manage somehow.”
Zeran headed for the door, but Flames blocked his path.
“What do you want?” Zeran asked irritably.
“You must stay,” Flames urged. “If you did, we could defeat a lot more enemies a lot faster.”
“Sorry,” Zeran said. “I might kill you all if I stayed here.”
“Just go,” Lione said from behind.
“But,” Flames began.
“Let him go Flames,” Lione said. “Idiots like him don’t listen to reason. All he can do is swing his sword and kill stuff.”
“I understand,” Flames stepped aside and Eny appeared from behind Flames.
“Hmm,” she said eyeing Zeran. “Interesting.”
“I’m sorry little girl,” Zeran said. “I’m not interested in brats.”
“I’M NOT CHECKING YOU OUT!” Eny said hotly. “I’m observing you as a specimen, since I’ve never met you. From what I can judge, you seem semi-powerful, but there’s something holding you back form using all of your power.”
“Good job,” Zeran said sarcastically. “Now tell me my birthdate, my height, weight and social status, why don’t you?”
“Ha ha,” Eny said. “You think you’re so funny. My name is Eny. I’m a creator of ‘False Innocence’. Basically I make weapons which have strong effects on Akuma, but cannot fully kill them.”
“Can you give me one?” Zeran said thoughtfully.
“I happen to have a spare pistol,” Eny said. “You can have it.”
“Thanks,” Zeran said. “You’re not a bad kid after all, brat.”
“Why thank…” Eny began. “WHO’S A BRAT?!” and punched him in the face.
“That’s the fourth time today somebody hit my head…” Zeran rubbed his nose.
Part 6:
Everyone (except Lione: hates Zeran’s guts. Flames: who had been ordered not to bother with him. And Blade: who nearly got killed by Zeran) urged Zeran to stay at least one night at the base. Zeran reluctantly agreed and fell asleep.
He felt someone messing with his face and woke up.
“WHO THE HELL WAS THAT?” Zeran yelled but saw no one. But something felt wrong. I can see… with my right eye… He quickly reached up to touch his eye-patch, but it wasn’t there. Oh… Fuck…
“EVERYONE RUN!!!!!!!” Zeran yelled at the top of his lungs. Everybody rushed to Zeran’s room.
“WHAT’S GOING ON?” Rinvak demanded to know. “I’M TRYING TO GET MY BEAUTY SLEEP!”
“What’s wrong?” Tabby looked around confusedly.
“An enemy?” Stephanie asked.
“Yea…” Zeran said quietly as his right eye began to make mechanical noises. “Me”

Part 7:
“EVERYONE RUN!” Stephanie yelled. “NOW! If you value your lives! RUN LIKE HELL!”
“I’m sure we can beat him,” Blade said.
“I wholeheartedly agree,” Flames stated. “We can subdue him with ease.”
Stephanie gave them a pitying look. “You can try, but I can guarantee you won’t come back alive without a few limbs missing.” This encouraged Blade and Flames to run for it.
When everybody except Zeran was outside, Lione led them deep into the woods.
“Is everybody present?” Lione called out. “Where are the finders and doctors?”
“They’re all on vacation,” Tabby reminded him. “Today is the beginning of their day off.”
“Ah right,” Lione cleared his throat. “I knew that.
Tabitha rolled her eyes.
“Stephanie I think it’s time you told us everything you know about Zeran’s curse,” Lione said. “All you said was that he loses himself and becomes super powerful. What else do you know?”
Stephanie took out a golem from her pocket. “I forgot I had this on they day we followed Zeran. But it recorded everything. I want everyone to see with their own eyes… Just what Kusanagi Zeran is capable of.”
*Golem shows the battle scene*
“Unbelievable,” Eny breathed.
“So much raw power,” Blade clenched his fist.
“I can’t believe he could do that,” Rinvak muttered.
“Bloodthirsty,” Flames commented.
“We were right to run,” Lione said. “I couldn’t even catch the movement he made when he went up against Jacques.”
“This will be recorded,” Eny said. “You didn’t forget our jobs did you? Blade? Amiti?”
“No, we haven’t forgotten…” they chorused.
A terrible yell was unleashed into the night sky.
“Zeran…” Stephanie breathed.
Suddenly a huge BLACK lightning dragon exploded from the top of the HQ. It dived back in, snaking around every room and destroying everything in its path.
“MY RESEARCH!” Eny cried. “Well I still have that hidden lab…”
“This will take a huge chunk out of our budget,” Lione winced.
“Our home…” Tabby said sadly.
“All we can do now is hope and pray for a better tomorrow…” Stephanie said. “But… who took Zeran’s eye-patch?”
“Right now,” Lione sighed. “We must make preparations for a new HQ, but without any communications or any supplies, this will be quite strenuous. Plus the finders will be looking for us soon, so I suggest after Zeran goes on his rampage we stay by the remains of the base until we meet the finders and come up with a new plan.”
“HEY WAIT A SEC!” Stephanie yelled. “You’re NOT going to let him roam around killing innocents are you?”
“We have no choice,” Lione said bitterly. “If Zeran wasn’t berserk we could take him on easily. His cursed eye allows him to deflect attacks. Let’s say Flames tried to roast him, we’d get roasted instead. In fact, the more powerful we are, the more of a disadvantage we’d have. And eventually he’d pick us off one by one. If we die, who else will save this continent from the Akuma?”
“I KNOW THAT!” Stephanie yelled. “But… But…”
“Yo,” Blade said at a completely inopportune moment. “Don’t worry. I’m sure he’ll snap out of it somehow.”
“What makes you think that?” Stephanie said angrily.
“I don’t,” Blade said casually. “But it’s times like this, a man has to be comforting you know?” *PUNCH*
“You don’t have to hit so hard,” Blade whined as he rubbed his eye.

Part 8:
“Supervisor Komui!” a finder called. “We’ve lost all contact with the North American Headquarters.”
“Shit!” Komui swore. “There were a lot of exorcists there! Now our forces have greatly dwindled.” Can we still count on you? Allen-kun…

Part 9:
I’m weak… Zeran limped slowly. I couldn’t… hold him in… That bastard’s evil aura completely overwhelmed me. It’s just a matter of time before he takes over again. Zeran clutched his locket. Is this… my limit? Is there no way to save the people I killed? What was the reason I killed Shia in the first place? I can’t remember anymore. Riena… Even if I wanted to keep that promise, I won’t be able to anymore. You… will almost certainly be killed. My friends… No… they’re not my friends. They’re more like my family. Zeran smiled weakly. I almost killed them again. I’m too dangerous to exist. Somehow… I need to die…
Zeran collapsed on the ground and his locket and sword both fell to the ground ahead of him.
“Damn…” Zeran groaned and closed his eyes.

“Is that all you got?” a figure sneered at him. “Pa-the-tic.”
“Who the hell are you to criticize me?” Zeran yelled angrily.
“If I remember correctly, you wanted to surpass me right?” Kanda grinned maliciously. “The way you are now, even that baka moyashi can beat you with ease.”
“TAKE THAT BACK!” Zeran sliced at Kanda with Tengoku.
Kanda blocked his attack lazily.
“You pitiful human,” Kanda drew Mugen and unleashed Kaichuu Ichigen. Zeran was blown back and sent flying.
“You’ve been cursed, so what?” Kanda said. “So you have an overwhelming evil inside of you, so what? You tried to kill your precious friends, so what?” Kanda lifted Zeran up by the collar.
“Get stronger,” Kanda gritted his teeth. “Get stronger so you can suppress that curse. Get stronger so you can use that cursed eye to your advantage! GET STRONGER SO THAT NOBODY WILL HAVE TO DIE IN FRONT OF YOU AGAIN!”
“Shut the fuck up,” Zeran clutched his right eye and broke Kanda’s grip. “I don’t need a bastard like you to tell me that!”
Zeran readied Tengoku as Kanda prepared an assault.
“Are you ready,” Kanda grinned. “Nigentou…”
“There’s no way I’m losing now,” Zeran’s right eye clicked mechanically.
“INNOCENCE HATSUDOU!” they yelled simultaneously.

Zeran woke up and stood up tall. That’s right he thought. I have no reason to hold back anymore. My fear… will become my strength. I will give it my all to save the souls of those Akuma for Shia’s sake and defeat you… Kanda Yuu.
He picked up his sword and locket and continued walking. “I’ll find a new eye-patch at the next town,” he said to himself. “Then I’ll keep that promise to Riena. I won’t lose again… Not even to the Akuma within me.” Zeran stopped and yelled at the top of his lungs. “YOU HEAR THAT KANDA YUU? I AM GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS ONE DAY, SO YOU’D BETTER NOT DIE BEFORE THEN!” (Kanda sneezes and goes: ???)
Zeran’s right arm began to shine and turn into his claws and then into a new shape. What’s this? His right arm became a hand again but Zeran felt different. “Innocence hatsudou!” he yelled. A big glowing light came from his hand and a sword appeared.
“I see,” Zeran grinned. “My new weapon… Thank you for watching over me… Shia.”

“Zeran nii-chan is late,” Riena complained. “Hurry back…”

Author’s note:
I think this was shorter than my last chapter. Oh well. Zeran’s new ability is ‘Materialization’ AKA the ability to produce something. If you’ve watched Fate Stay Night, then you’d know his ability is VERY similar to that of Emiya Shirou. Zeran at the moment can only produce one weapon at a time, but when he becomes skilled enough he might be able to produce a variety of weapons (not unlike Unlimited Blade Works). I inserted the Komui thing to link our story with the current manga story. One more thing the title is called Black and White because Zeran has become the opposite of our D. Gray Man heroes. His eyepatch is white instead of black to contrast Lavi. His sword is white instead of black to contrast Kanda. His arm is black instead of white to contrast Allen. and he has his curse and arm on his right while Allen's is on the left. He has a mix of personality between Lavi, allen and Kand as well. I enjoyed making up a character like Zeran!
Too bad I'll have to kill him off
Well I hope you enjoyed, and I find Riena absolutely adorable!
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