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Chapter 59: Inversion Impulse


Author’s Note:
Nothing special about this chapter. Same as always, don’t expect this chapter to be happy. All I can say is enjoy… Everyone keep your fingers crossed that I don’t get bored and decide to quit >< I HATE getting bored like that. SORRY FOR BEING LATE!!!!!!!! PROJECTS OUT OF NOWHERE!!!!!! SO SORRY! (WTF!?!? I CAN'T GET RID OF THESE DOUBLE SPOILERS!)

OP theme:

Part 1:
Zeran groggily got up from his bed. Damn… this is tiring… He shook his head. I can’t fall asleep. These nightmares… For the past couple of days, Zeran has been having nightmares. Nightmares, where he sees everyone heading towards an unknown location. However, behind them follows a shadow of death. One by one they die in front of him, and Zeran could only watch on. I need to calm down…He stood up, picked up Tengoku, and headed outside.
Am I being selfish? Zeran stared at the bright stars. I ran away from everyone, because I wanted to forget. It wasn’t because I wanted to save them from myself. It was more like I wanted to forget the fact I killed Shia. Zeran stretched out his hand to the sky as if to touch the never ending stars. What do I want? What do I want to protect? These stars… He closed his hands and made a fist. Somehow… I know the others are in danger.
Suddenly, Zeran hears singing from a place not far off. This voice… That brat… Still up at this hour? He silently walked to the source of the voice. What he saw took his breath away. Riena was singing in the open field, her long black hair illuminated by the moonlight.

Something like a silent dream,
Which I see everyday,
Brings me endless warmth and joy.

These infinite stars in the sky,
All looking down on this small planet,
Looking down at you and me.

Why must dreams end so fast?
That which we call a dream,
Because it’s better than the harsh reality,
We must wake up to eventually.

Hearts bound by fate,
Are also bound to be separated.
As surely as the sun rises and sets
The moon in the sky will remain unchanged.

A distant memory
Like a serenade
Plays peacefully
And keeps us whole

Suffering and sadness
Can all be washed away,
If you believe
That a better tomorrow will come

If you trust in me,
I can make a dream
As beautiful and delicate as any pearl,
So that you may remain happy for days to come.

Because as long as the rivers flow
As long as the birds sing
I can promise you
I won’t let you be alone

This I promise you…”

Riena ended her song quietly. Zeran quietly walked away without disturbing her. Thanks kid. I’m staying for one more week, then I need to head out. It’s better if I don’t tell you. He quietly walked back to bed.
Riena sighed. Zeran has been so distant these days. He even forbade me from calling nii-san. I wonder what’s going on. I should ask him about it tomorrow. She walked to her house and stood in front of it. What am I going to do from now on? I’m… so lost… What’s left for me?

Part 2:
Riena woke up to the sounds of screams. What the hell is going on? She ran outside and saw a black metallic figure ripping out the internal organs of nearby villagers.
“MORE! I NEED MORE BLOOD!” the figure yelled in a whining pitch.
Riena trembled in fear. What the hell is this thing? Is it an Akuma? She ran back inside her house and shut the door. Then there was a knock.
“Is anyone in there?” said the same wicked voice as before. And then the door shattered to smithereens. Riena screamed and was thrown onto the floor.
“What’s wrong Riena?” her father ran from the backyard to see what happened.
“NO DAD! DON’T COME!” Riena pleaded.
“I spy with my little eyes, a nice little family for the devouring,” the Akuma laughed.
Riena’s father could only stare in fear and horror at the monster that was suddenly before him.
“What’s this? Too scared to move?” the Akuma laughed coldly.
“ZERAN! WHERE ARE YOU?” Riena screamed. “GET YOUR ASS HERE NOW!” A sudden whooshing sound was heard and the Akuma was dragged out of the house.
“Your fight is with me,” Zeran said while pulling a wire wrapped around the Akuma.
“I’m sorry,” the Akuma said apologetically. “I can’t believe I missed out on your presence. EXORCIST!” The Akuma snapped the wire and lunged for Zeran’s chest. Zeran parried however something went wrong.
“Shit… What did you do to my chest?” Zeran had trouble breathing even though the Akuma’s attack completely missed.
“I have the special ability of ‘cutting’ air,” the Akuma said. “Wherever I cut, that place no longer has air, and my opponents are left breathless.”
“So that was it…” Zeran grinned while panting heavily. “My sword is feeling really heavy right now. I guess humans can’t do anything without oxygen huh?”
“NOW THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THAT, DIE!” the Akuma screamed. Zeran stepped sideways once more only to have the air sucked away from him again. I can’t last long like this…I have to end this fast.
“TOO LATE!” the Akuma zoomed behind him, and stabbed Zeran through the back.
“ZERAN!” Riena screamed.
Part 3:
Zeran collapsed on the ground. He couldn’t breathe and struggled to keep his thoughts straight. I lost…I can’t beam this Level 3? I’ve beaten another Level 3 before… I’d also beaten Shia… but that was with a drug…What’s holding me back? Why can’t I win? Sorry… Riena…
I’ll tell you what’s holding you back!
Who are you?
Heh heh, take a wild guess…
The Akuma within?
We have a genius here
I need less sarcasm…
Do you want to win and save the brat?
Take off the bandage and let me free!
I can’t…
Otherwise, your life ends here
Even still, I can’t… I said I would win without relying on your power…
If you die here… Tell me one thing… What was the point of killing that girl precious to you… if you’re just going to give up here?
Zeran stood up and grabbed his bandage around his right eye. I’m sorry… for whatever I may do… “RELEASE!” Zeran pulled off the bandage and fell into nothingness.

Part 4:
A huge surge of dark power erupted forth from Zeran’s body.
“WHAT’S THIS POWER!??!” the Akuma screamed.
“ZERAN!” Riena yelled out.
When the dust cleared, Zeran was standing with a black sword and a white right arm. On the right arm was an insignia of a black pentagram. His right eye began to whir click as it always did, and Zeran stood still with an evil chuckle.
“Die,” was all Zeran said. The next second the Akuma was skewered by at least 20 different blades and sliced in half. It exploded without another second’s wait.
“Zeran?” Riena said, shivering. This awesome dark power. I feel like I’ll be engulfed by it any second.
“No, sorry,” ‘Zeran’ looked at Riena. “I’m not your precious Zeran.”
“Then who are you?” Riena shivered.
“I have no name,” ‘Zeran’ said. “But for now you may call me Hei.”
“Why won’t Zeran come back?” Riena demanded to know.
“Brave little brat aren’t you?” Hei grinned. “I just mutilated a Level 3 Akuma in a second and you still have the guts to make demands?”
“Where is Zeran!” Riena glared at Hei.
"He's in here," Hei pointed at his chest. "He won't be coming out for a little while."
Hei walked over and touched Riena's face. "But in the mean time, how bout I teach you some respect and manners?"
Hei thought for a minute. "Let's start with your parents... Yo Mr and Mrs. Greywright."
Riena's parents both came from their hiding places. "Thank goodness it's you Zeran. We thought we'd get eaten alive by that monster." Riena's mom sighed.
In the blink of an eye, a blade skerwered Mrs. Greywright's throat. And then a second in Mr. Greywright's throat. After the intial two blades, more and more continuously stabbed their body in various places.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Riena screamed and cried.
Hei just laughed and laughed. "Oh come on girly. Don't you know? Death happens everyday! Now... do you know my power?"
A bullet hit Hei in the head. Riena was clutching her False Innocence gun that was given to her by Zeran. "Fuck... you..." Riena snarled.
"Bitch..." Hei slapped her across the face. "Do you know how much that hurt? I won't give you a quick death like your parents... I'll make sure to use these claws and rip out your intestines one by one, and make sure you're still alive so you can feel the excruciating pain."
Hei grabbed Riena by the neck. "Now let's begin." He extended his claws and reached for Riena's liver.
"Zeran..." Riena cried. "Zeran..."
"He's not coming to save you now!" Hei slowly reached for her liver.
"Zeran..." Riena continued crying. "Why... won't you save me anymore? Have I been a bad girl? I see... You must hate me so much that you never want to see me again."
"You're an idiotic girl aren't you?" Hei grinned and stopped. "I love to see you suffer. Maybe I'll watch this for a little while longer before I move on to killing you."
"I've lost my parents... and Zeran hates me... there's nothing left... Maybe it'd be better if I died here and now," Riena continued crying in her daze. "Zeran... isn't coming to save me anymore. But... I still want to say... Sorry... for whatever I did to make you hate me... Zeran..."
"It's over now," Hei zoomed in with his claw.

Insert theme:

Part 5:
Hei stopped, dropped Riena, and screamed. "YOU LIAR!" he screamed. "You said, you'd let me be in control!" Hei clutched his head. "The next time you let me out, I'll kill all of your friends and make sure your soul is dead for good!" He gave one final bloodcurling yell and collapsed.
Zeran silently stood up and helped Riena to her feet.
"Zeran?" Riena stopped crying. "Zeran! You did come to save me!" She clung to him and resumed her tears,
He took one glance at her then pushed her off. "I'm leaving this place in two days. During that time, don't talk to me." He said in a tone that would freeze the sun.
Riena looked up at him. "Why? Why are you like this? What did I do to make you hate me?"
"Get out," Zeran said. "I don't want to see your face again." He carried the corpse of Riena's parents on his shoulders and walked out.
"Mom... Dad..." Riena finally broke down and continued crying until no more tears would flow.

I have no right to talk to her again... Zeran quietly buried Riena's parents and prayed for the safe departure of their souls. As long as I am an exorcist and as long as there are Akuma... there is no such thing as a happy ending. With this burial... I am not just burying Riena's parents. I will also bury my memories and feelings for Shia and Riena. I will bury them all. I am an Exorcist. There is no such thing as happiness for people like me. Zeran stood up and returned to his room.

I want to see Mom and Dad again... I don't care if I die... Even if I get to meet them in the form of an Akuma... I think I would be satisfied... There's nothing left in this world for me anyways. Riena quietly thought in her bed. I need to at least tell him good-bye... She silently stood up and walked outside, past all the dried blood and corpses to Zeran's room.
She gently knocked on his door. "Zeran?" she whispered. There was only silence to be heard. "I know you don't want to see or talk to me anymore. So I'll just say it. Before I met you, I was just a street rat, living off other people. Nobody cared about me and only hated me. I thought I would live the rest of my life that way... But, you came along and showed me a new way to live. I was really happy." Riena felt tears slide down her cheek.
"It was really fun, just being with you." Riena sighed. "It was like I gained an older brother and a best friend at once. But since you're leaving the day after tomorrow, I guess it can't be helped. I don't blame you for what happened today. I know you would never do it on purpose. Thank you for everything you did for me. I guess this is good-bye. I want to go see my parents one more time. So this is the last time we'll meet. To my most precious person, I love you from the bottom of my heart. Good-bye."
Zeran heard the clattering of her footsteps away from his door. He had been leaning against the door listening the entire time. "Riena..." Zeran cried silently.

Part 6:
Zeran woke up. I guess I dozed off... Riena... you sure know how to squezze my heart... Wait... She said... "the last time we'll meet" and "I want to see my parents one more time" Don't tell me... FUCK!
Zeran ran at top speed to find Riena. "Tengoku!" he shouted and jumped on it. He manuvered it through the air until he saw Riena's figure with another. A figure in a top hat...
"RIENA!!!!!!!!!!" Zeran yelled. "GODDAMN IT!" He activated both of his Innocence at the same time.

Riena had already called upon the Millenium Earl.
"Good evening," he said in his usual cheerful tone. "You want to bring back your parents right?"
"Yes..." Riena said firmly. "I don't care if I die and become an Akuma, I just want to see my parents again."
"How rare!" the Earl grinned. "You know about Akumas and yet still wish to become one?"
"There's no reason for me to stay on this planet any longer," Riena whispered. "So I'd like to see my parents."
"Here you go!" the Earl presented his Model Kit of science Akuma. "Now call your parents' names and we'll have you into an Akuma in a jiffy."
"MOM! DAD!" and the Akuma came to life.
"Riena!" the Akuma called out. "How dare you turn us into an Akuma?"
"Now my Akuma! Kill her!" the Earl shouted.
"RIENA!" a voice shouted from above. "INNOCENCE HATSUDOU!" Zeran quickly disposed of the Lvl 0 Akuma in a second.
He grabbed her by the collar. "YOU IDIOT! IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT!" He felt his eyes tearing up. "There are always reasons to live! Just because you cna't find it at the moment, it doesn't mean you should give up right away!" Zeran held her close. "idiot..."
"Zeran..." Riena said slowly. "I..."
He quickly let go. "Millenium Earl..." He glared with a ferocity that exceeeded anythign he ever felt before. "It's you..."
"I know it's me" he grinned malevolently. "And you are an exorcist right? But I've never seen you before..."
"REMEMBER MY NAME THEN! IT'S KUSANAGI..." Zeran sliced through the Earl's hat with his claw. "ZERAN!"
"What impudence!" the Earl glared at Zeran with his demonic eyes. "You'll pay for that!" the Earl brought forth an army of level 1 and 2 Akumas. Zeran calmly focused. "Jigoku! UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS(cannot be used due to copyright laws) Hell's Gate! Tengoku! Heaven's Gate! (yes I stole it from DtB)" A storm of blades rained down on all the akuma and the Earl, but the Earl managed to avoid them all. Then a tunnel appeared in the sky and sucked in all the carcasses. However the Earl seemed unfazed.
"I seem to have underestimated you," the Earl said. "But you are still not a threat to me or my plan. The exorcists are all gathering in Boston, and when the time comes I will eliminate them all! There are two people who can stop me. General Marian Cross and Allen Walker! But they are nowhere near here! You are all doomed" He pulled out Relo and faded away.
Zeran collapsed, having used too much power.

Part 7:
"Zeran" Riena called out gently. "Are you feeling better?
Zeran looked around and found that he was on Riena's lap. He could see every inch of her face clearly. Her long eyelashes and her azure blue eyes. Her long black hair looked as smooth s ever. Her small nose,and small lips... Riena punched him. "Where are you looking?"
"Not at your small breasts that's for sure," Zeran siad casually which earned him another punch.
"Hey..." Riena said quietly. "Are you really leaving?"
"You heard tubby," Zeran said while looking away. "the exorcists are gathering in Boston. I'm going to help them. I have to..."
"You can do it..." Riena said sadly.
"What are you going to do from now on?"
"I don't know." Riena looked around. "I don't have a home anymore, and I don't have any relatives nor acquaintances to help me... What can I do?"
"You can come with me I guess," Zeran said. "But... I don't really have a right to stay with you..."
"Is that what you were worried about?" Riena smiled. "I odn't blame you for it. I hate Hei for it... But it's not your fault. You and Hei are two different people." She leaned down and kissed him.
Zeran stood up abruptly. "WHAT WAS THAT FOR?"
"Oh what, so you didn't like it?" Riena glared at him.
"Why would I?" Zeran glared back. "You're just a brat!"
"Well excuse me for being a brat!" Riena snarled.
"Just hurry up and collect your stuff..." Zeran said. "We're going!"
"You don't have to tell me!" Riena walked off in a huff.

When Riena returned, Zeran was nowhere to be found. On the ground was some coins and a note.
"Dear Riena, I've decided it was too dangerous for you to come with me. I've gone off on my own to Boston. Use these coins to chase after me, or you can go somewhere else and start your own destiny. The rest is up to you... I just wanted to give you a choice, and not force you into something that would get you killed. ~Zeran"
Riena picked up the coins and discovered a locket underneath it. It contained two pictures. One on each side. On one side was a young cheerful Zeran and on the other was a pretty girl. The same girl Riena had met in the forest where Zeran was 'chained'. Do you even have to ask? Riena clutched the locket. I'll chase after you no matter where you are...

ED theme:

Again I'm sorry for being late... too many projects have popped up... This chapter is shorter than the others but I'm sure that's okay....
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short? it's about twice as long as my longest chapter XD

anyway great chapter defenitly worth waiting for it

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go figure that you would post it when i went to bed. quick favor: the font is white (don't know if you notice) so it's hard to read

this was a pleasant chapter to read. there was a nice mix of character interaction and development as well as some action.

gosh, people should stop reading my mind. ummm... since my chapter is kinda long (29 pages now with author's notes) and i have to revise it a bit, i'll post tomorrow. besides, it gives people enough az's chapter and i doubt people want to read two long chapters in a day. :sweat

overall, nice chapter! get ready, raijatsu...


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Thaaaanks for posting the chapter. It's great, kind of cruel and romantic.

I first had to laugh about the name you've chosen for the dark side of Zeran. Hei. It reminds me of the main character from Darker than Black but then, it means "Black" in Chinese, right? So, Rinea is following Zeran to Boston. This will surely gets exciting.

Colourless's the OP of Sola, right?


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athrunzala, you have the honour to be congratulated on this chap by 1000st post

nice chapter man


@ snoogen
the font is white cuz the forum layout I'm using is Dark XD so sorry if u coudln't read it

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I <3 DtB it's such a kickass anime I already made 2 references to it on my chapter
and yes both the OP and ED are from Sola


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You're right. And I love DtB, too. The best Anime this year so far (in my opinion). I just noticed, Zeran is swearing a lot but he won't beat me in swearing. You all cannot imagine how often I say "fuck" or "shit" a day.


I hardly swear XD
off topic: do u think Hei is really a Contractor? He has no apparent renumeration and he has human emotions. Also if u haven't noticed he has been picking up girls *coughpimpcough* since episode 1 to episode 6 (haven't watched 7). Granted they weren't happy endings but it must be nice to make girls like u in such a short time.


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I always wanted to use this smiley ^_^

Well, I guess he's a Keiyakusha. (I also just watched till episode 6 at the moment, so I am not 100% sure). In episode 6, Havoc tells that Hei lacked of feelings in his past life. And that he slowly begins to show them although he's a Keiyakusha. Maybe he's an exception and the feelings occure because he IS a contractor. Hei also has something to "pay" when he used his powers (electricity). I think, he has to eat a lot. We saw it at least two times till now. Moreover he has/is the star called BK201. Does not this call for a Keiyakusha. Furthermore, everyone refers to him as a Contractor. (the episode with the...ehm...little girl and the father).
Okay, this theory with the feelings is absolute crap but oh well, I am talking nonsense 24h a day. :whoo
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