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Chapter 69: He who defies God


If you’ll remember back a volume and some chapters, somebody took off Zeran’s eyepatch which allowed Hei to destroy the original NA branch. Just wanted to clarify it was Uriel who did it >>


Part 1
Am I too late? Zeran dashed as fast as he could towards the source of all the commotion. There’s way too many Akuma here! Damn it… “Innocence hatsudou,” he said and rained hundreds of blades down on the swarms of Akuma. Is this supposed to be the new HQ? Destruction was everywhere along with the carcasses of the fallen Akuma. He heard some more commotion above him and activated ‘Heaven’s Song’. Using the distraction to his advantage he quickly sliced apart some more Akuma. However, something caught his attention Isn’t that… Rinvak?!? The poor exorcist girl tried to stay in the air but she had a hard time breathing.
“OI! Rinvak! Loudmouth! I’m over here!” Zeran called out, not aware of the seriousness of the situation. But all Rinvak did in response was falling to the ground.
“You’re kidding me,” Zeran swore and chucked Tengoku so that it caught her clothes and into a wall where she dangled. He walked over to her and manipulated Tengoku to allow her to drop. He caught her but nearly lost his balance. Am I getting weaker or is she a lot heavier than I imagined? What does this girl eat?
“Rinvak!” He set her down on the ground. “Wake up! What’s happening.!”
“Noahs attacked… everyone… fighting… Amiti… traitor…,” Rinvak said with difficulty. “Amiti is… Uriel…” She closed her eyes and tears trickled down her cheeks.
“So you liked him, huh?” Zeran grinned. “I personally thought he was a dipshit, but right now the Noahs are more important. You can rest now, the Akuma probably all think you’re dead.” He picked up Tengoku and walked inside the shattered *new* HQ.

Part 2:
Magier and “Stephanie” dug themselves out of the rubble in anger. “Where the fuck is that girl? I’ll rip, gut, tear her to pieces and feed her to the Akuma!” Magier yelled in anger and pain.
“Calm down sis,” I.A. said. “They’re both unconscious, and there’ll be no need to kill them. We can use them for information.”
“I DON’T BLOODY CARE!” Magier yelled and punched Stephanie’s face. I.A. winced and stopped her from delivering a second punch.
“Hey if one dies, the other won’t talk,” I.A scolded her. “If we keep them both alive, we can torture one to make the other talk. On the other hand if one is dead, the other will feel no necessity to talk because they’ll be dead too, emotionally speaking of course.”
“GRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH” Magier punched a wall. “I HATE IT WHEN YOU’RE RIGHT!” However instead of responding to Magier’s tantrum, IA turned and looked back at base. “Something’s wrong…” He muttered.
“What the hell are you talking about?” Magier said tiredly. “We heavily injured most of the exorcists already, so there should be no one who hasn’t sustained heavy injuries. Meaning they should all be fodder for the Akuma.”
“Did we miss one or two exorcists?” IA frowned. “It seems like quite a big commotion for wounded exorcists to be making.”
“Don’t be ridic-,“ Magier began. She suddenly remembered the night she almost went beserk. The exorcist who had a black metallic hand and a white sword like marble. “Him…” Magier gritted her teeth. “He’s still alive.”
“The guy you went kamikaze on?” IA asked in surprise. “He’s not an opponent we can fight in our current state. You getting pummeled by the girl and the boy and me getting caught in a cave-in. We’re definitely not at our best. Well… maybe we could fight him… but one of us would definitely die or near die.”
“Che…” Magier scowled. “What do we do then?”
“You should get Jacques and his little minions first and run away. Take as many prisoners as possible, including these two. It’d be best if you two,” he indicated ‘Stephanie’ “Split up and look for survivors.”
“What are you going to do?” Magier demanded to know.
“Hold him off of course,” IA gave a fake charming smile. “Then I’ll make my escape as well.”
“I hate running away, especially from an exorcist,” Magier gritted her teeth.
“As do I,” IA’s eyes turned arctic cold. “As do I…”

Part 3:
Too many Akuma Zeran gritted his teeth It’ll take forever to get through them all. “Gates of Hell!” Zeran yelled and skewered more Akuma. “Gates of Heaven!” which absorbed all the Akuma he missed. “That should be fine now…” That crazy Earl. What the hell does he have planned? And why is the power difference between us so great? Zeran ran through a hallway and heard sounds of crying. He turned the corner and saw a collapsed hallway along with Tabitha, Eny, and some finders. (They haven’t been mentioned in a long time >>) To his surprise, Eny was the one crying.
“Oi, brats, are you okay?” Zeran said nonchalantly.
“It’s true it is partially my fault,” Zeran said coldly. “But if you don’t blame yourself, you’ll get nowhere in life. Who decided to become a bookman? Who decided to fight Akuma? Who decided to travel with the exorcists? It’s all you. If you wanted a trip to Candyland then you might as well resign. Because there’ll be more and more life threatening situations like these and if you’re not prepared then you might as well pack it up.”
“I KNOW THAT!” Eny sobered up. “This was my first time in a situation like this, so I lost my cool, but I assure you it won’t happen next time.” She felt a hand patting her on the head.
“Good girl,” Zeran said cheerfully. (ZOMG Apocalypse!) “You did a good job as well didn’t you Tabby?” He patted her head as well. “You were the only exorcist and you managed not to panic too much. You’ve become stronger.”
“It’s an all out attack on this base,” Tabitha said quietly. “We met up with a Noah, but he couldn’t have penetrated this entire facility on his own. All the Noahs in North America must’ve gathered here.”
“Well I’ll just have to stop them won’t I?” Zeran grinned and sent 2 swords at the Akuma behind him. “Collect up all the survivors in this base and anything else of value.”
“THE PANDORA’S BOX!” Eny gasped.
“What?” Zeran said.

Part 4:
“Oh look, it’s Magier,” Gabrielle walked briskly up to the Noah. “We’ve brought a prisoner. I’m sure it’ll please Jacques-sama. What do you have?”
“I have TWO prisoners,” Magier smirked, feeling happy she had one up on Gabrielle. It was evident that Gabrielle was not happy she lost.
“So what do we do next?” Gabrielle glowered at Magier.
“We leave,” Magier said. “Reinforcements have arrived for the exorcists.”
“What?” Michael laughed. “How many people did they bring? 100? 200? The Akuma should kill them all off right?”
“One…” Magier said quietly. Gabrielle and Michael immediately shut up.
“Does this exorcist have a weird eye?” Michael asked quietly.
“If I remember correctly, yes he did,” Magier said suspiciously. “Why?
Gabrielle elbowed Magier in the back of the head and Michael punched her in the gut, successfully knocking the young Noah girl unconscious.

“Jacques-sama! What happened to you?” Michael yelled in surprise. The bloodied Jacques sighed and answered. “I am fine, I will recuperate soon. I will not die.”
“That’s not the point Jacques-sama!” Gabrielle whined. “Nobody can wound you this badly unless it was… him
“No, it’s not him,” Jacques sighed. “It’s an exorcist.”
“What exorcist would have enough power to do so much damage to you alone?” Raphael said in shock.
“Don’t tell this to Magier, but it was an Asian exorcist with a cursed eye,” Jacques said quietly. “I killed someone close to him as revenge, and the curse made his eye and his personality completely different. His power was so overwhelming, and he toppled me within a few minutes. If you see him coming, run. This is an order. And also, if Magier does somehow find out, I order you to knock her unconscious the next time she meets him. Is that understood?”
“Yes,” The three bowed and left.

*a few days later*
“So it was an Asian EXORCIST who hurt Jacques that badly?” Magier screamed. “I’ll kill him!”
“Heh heh heh,” Uriel grinned.
*end flashback*

“Carrying 4 unconscious bodies is not fun,” Gabrielle scowled.
“We have to find Jacques-sama and escape,” Michael said reasonably.

Part 5
“Here it is,” Eny pushed her way through the rubble. “I have the Pandora’s box!”
“What’s inside?” Zeran asked nonchalantly.
“We presume it to be Innocence,” Eny said.
“Let’s just take it and go,” Tabby said nervously.
The two embedded crystals shone dimly as Zeran took a closer look. These look familiar… “What’s wrong?” Eny said. “Shouldn’t we go?” Zeran shook off his daze and followed Tabitha who was already out of the door.
“Two questions,” Eny said abruptly as they walked down the corridor.
“Hm?” Zeran looked at her.
“One, how did you get here? Two, how are the townspeople of Boston?” Eny asked.
“Hmm…” Zeran pondered. “The answer to your first question…”

“There’s no way I can take the train,” Zeran gritted his teeth. “The way the Earl said it… His plans are coming into fruition right now… A train would take too long to get to Boston. I can’t fly on Tengoku… Since Jigoku isn’t in its sword form, Tengoku’s speed would be lowered considerably since it bears my weight alone… Damn it…”
Wait… If I can materialize swords… maybe I can materialize wings? Zeran thought about it. Rinvak seems to have no trouble flying. Maybe I should try it too? Zeran concentrated and materialized wings. With this, I’ll be able to fly to Boston!
*10 minutes later*
“AH SHIT!” Zeran yelled. “The wings are disappearing! I’m gonna cr-“ (Zeran hit a tree)
“I still can’t hold materialization products for a long time… Need a new idea…”
He then noticed a young man working on a strange device.
“What’s that supposed to be?” Zeran asked the guy.
“It’s an internal combustion engine,” the guy explained. “It’s still in development so it can’t go very fast, but it’s a mode of transportation.”
Forgive me… Zeran knocked the guy unconscious. It’s not in my nature to steal but… He quickly tried out various ways to start the automobile until it finally worked. It’s still not fast enough… I need to materialize something else…
(note: Zeran can’t hold materialization for a long time but by materializing a device which increases his speed, his kinetic energy will keep him going for a short while before he has to materialize again)
*end flashback*

“What did you materialize!??!” Eny asked impatiently. “How would you be able to improve the efficiency of an automobile if that was your first time riding one?”
Zeran shrugged. “You’re a genius, think of something that I would do to make the damn junk heap go super fast.” (Crashed into several objects)
Eny scowled. “Fine, I’ll figure it out on my own later… But what about the townspeople?”
Zeran looked solemn. “Quite a few died, the Order is going to have trouble covering this up, but most of them had enough sense to stay away from destruction.”
Eny suddenly noticed something, “Where did that brat go?”
“Aren’t you both brats?” Zeran said casually and earned him a punch in the gut.
“KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” Tabitha screamed.
“Damn it,” Zeran ran towards the source of the noise. When he finally arrived on the scene, “You’re…”

Part 6:
“Jacques-sama!” Michael, Gabrielle and four accountable unconscious bodies came into the room where Jacques was fighting.
Jacques glance briefly back at them. “It’s nice to see you caught some prisoners but why is Magier unconscious?”
Lione noticed the company and yelled, “FLAMES, STEPHANIE, BLADE!”
“You don’t want to worsen your injury by yelling,” Jacques glanced at him coldly. “I’ll be back to deal with you shortly.” He walked over to the 2 guardians.
“The one you warned us about is here,” Michael explained. “So we followed your orders and knocked her out.”
Jacques nodded. “Where’s Uriel and Raphael?”
“Raphael stayed behind,” Gabrielle said. “The idiot’s probably dead since we haven’t heard from him in a long time.”
Jacques looked down at the ground. “A moment of silence for him then…” (a moment later…)
“Jacques-sama, we must leave now!” Michael yelled. “If the one you mentioned is as strong as you say he is…”
Jacques gave him a cold glare to shut him up. “I have a fight to attend to, do you expect me to be a coward and run?”
“No but…” Michael protested.
“I ran from that exorcist last time,” Jacques growled. “I’m not running again.”
“Hahahahahaha,” Lione laughed out loud (LOL!) and winced. “You’re giving Zeran too much credit. He has a fatal flaw, but you can’t even notice it?”
“No more talk… From now on, we fight…” Jacques glared. “You two, grab those 4 and leave! NOW!”
“As expected of someone of your status,” Lione grinned.
“We’re not running away anymore Jacques-sama!” Michael yelled. “If you stay then we all stay!”
“Thank you…” Jacques said quietly. “Exorcist… Can you win? There’s no one to here to support you…”
“That’s irrelevant,” Lione grinned. “Just watch me, I’ll win somehow.”

IA quietly concentrated on his recovery. Come quickly exorcist… If you don’t… I’ll kill everyone here! A malicious smile appeared on IA’s face.

Part 7
“Oh…” Ying looked up at Zeran. “Long time no see…”
“Tabitha, why did you scream?” Zeran asked.
“There’s a dead and bloodied body!” Tabitha winced (><)
“Sorry about that,” Ying grinned. “I got caught up in the moment.”
“Strongest finder alive is what you are,” Zeran sighed.
Eny panted. “How dare you leave me behind?”
“I dare to do a lot of stuff, like installing cameras in the women’s bathroom back at the old HQ,” Zeran said and got punched x 3 again.
“Even though I know you didn’t install any cameras…” Ying said silently.
“It seemed like fun,” Ying grinned.
“You…” Zeran grabbed Ying’s cheeks and pinched them hard. “Ah… never mind… Let’s get going.”
Ying grabbed Zeran’s face and pushed a pill into his mouth. “Ergh,” Zeran became dizzy and fell unconscious.

*Zeran’s subconscious*
“What happened?” Zeran clutched his head.
“Woken up have you?” a figure grinned at him.
“You’re… Hei…” Zeran glared.
“Bingo,” Hei grinned evilly. “This is our first and last meeting, Zeran Kusanagi. We fight here and the survivor takes control.”
“Is this supposed to be a Bl**** reference?” Zeran asked confusedly.
“Yea, but nobody should know about it,” Hei coughed.
“Innocence hatsudou,” they both shouted. Hei’s weapons were the complete polar opposites of Zeran’s so their moves were exactly the same.
“Gates of Hell!” Zeran shouted. A mass of swords were aimed at Hei, but he smirked.
“Gates of Heaven!” Hei yelled and absorbed all the swords. Using this as a distraction, Zeran dashed behind him to cut him down with his claws, but Hei blocked with his own. “Too slow…” Hei said and kicked Zeran. Zeran landed 20 feet away form where he was.
“Face it…” Hei grinned. “I know all of your moves, and can send it back at you two-fold. You can’t win.”
“Even if I can’t win,” Zeran stood up. “There’s an annoying bastard I have to prove myself to, and two girls I said I’d definitely protect. So here I come!” Zeran charged again and yelled, “Gates of Heaven!”
“That move is worthless against me!” Hei yelled. “Gates of Heaven! The two vacuums will negate each other’s effects!”
“Too slow,” Zeran said from behind. “GATES OF HELL!”
“No way,” Hei’s eyes widened in shock.
Hundreds of swords skewered both Hei and Zeran at point blank range and then disappeared. Hei however sustained more damage than Zeran did. “The fight’s not over, Zeran.” Hei giggled. “If you want to cut me, you’ll have to cut down these two!” He materialized an image of Shia and Riena out of nowhere. “Even if they are illusions, do you think you can cut them down to get to me?” Hei grinned.
“Zeran! Help me!” illusionary Shia yelled.
“Zeran! I don’t want to die!” illusionary Riena cried.
“Idiot,” Zeran whispered while clutching his chest. “Hei, you really are an idiot.”
“Oh and why is that?” Hei grinned. “You can’t cut these two down.”
“Tengoku! Tenkai no Raionkei no Ryuu!” Zeran yelled and unleashed a furious lightning dragon through the two illusions and Hei.
“How…” an astonished Hei asked. “How could you attack the ones precious to you?”
“Because you screwed them up,” Zeran said coldly. “Shia would have tears in her eyes and say ‘Please kill me Zeran, if it’ll help you even a little.’ And Riena would say, ‘Idiot, hurry up and cut through me. You want to win right?’ The two girls I hold the closest to my heart would say that, and for that I care about them more than anything. That’s why… you lose.”
“Cheh,” Hei groaned. “I’ll be back one day, and when I return, I’ll know exactly what your downfall is, and then I’ll tear you limb from limb! REMEMBER THAT ZERAN!”
“Do you want to know why I’ll always be the King and you’ll always be a horse?” Zeran asked quietly. “The horse cannot become a king until he understands how and why a King thinks the way he does. So the Horse will forever be a horse…”
“Bastard…” Hei slowly disappeared into darkness.

Zeran woke up and shook his head. “That hurt like shit,” he groaned. “Ying, why the fuck did you do that?”
“You were running away,” Ying said. “That subconscious surfacing drug I gave you made sure you couldn’t run away anymore.”
“You could’ve warned me,” Zeran complained. “He wasn’t a pushover you know…”
Zeran noticed his right arm’s metallic coating had shattered. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the hilt of his broken Jigoku. He quietly concentrated and the fragments rearranged themselves into a sword. He sheathed it and sighed. It’s good to have you back…
“We have to hurry!” Tabitha yelled. “We still haven’t found Stephanie, Blade, or Lione!”
“Yeah let’s go…” Zeran clutched his head.
“There might’ve been some side effects to that drug,” Ying said calmly. “Sorry about that.”
“I’m really going to kick your ass one day,” Zeran growled weakly.
“As if you could,” Ying smiled as usual.
When they reached a clearing, they found someone blocking the way.
“Good day exorcists…” IA stood gazing down at the remaining members of the NA Order.
“AH! It’s that guy from before!” Tabby yelled.
“He’s still alive?” Eny said in surprise.
“…….” Ying said nothing.
“I’m guessing I’m the one you want to fight?” Zeran said.
IA grinned maliciously. “Let’s see your power, exorcist.”
Zeran took off his eye patch. His right eye clicked mechanically. “My name is Zeran you bastard.”
“Zeran, exorcist, dog shit,” IA continued grinning. “It’s all the same to me.”
This guy’s… He’s completely different than the last time I met him… His overwhelming coldness is making me shiver… I’m… going to lose…

Part 8
That bastard Zeran Riena growled. He left me all alone on this train. The train came to a sudden halt and Riena was thrown forward. BUMP! “Itatatatata…” Riena rubbed her head. “Where am I?” Riena looked around. “This isn’t Boston…”
The PA came on and said clearly, “Due to some technical difficulties we will have to make a pit stop at this small town. We will be ready to leave in two days time, so please rest until we have everything fixed.”
Riena sighed More delays? She got off the train and looked for the nearest inn. However, she was so engrossed in her search she accidentally bumped into a girl her own age. “AH! I’m sorry! Are you alright?” Riena bent down to help the girl up.
“I’m fine, I guess,” the girl dusted off her clothes. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.”
“No, it’s all my fault,” Riena laughed nervously. “What are you doing in a place like this?”
“Just passing by…,” the girl said mysteriously, as if there was a hidden meaning behind her words. “How bout you?”
“I’m making a pit stop here until the train gets fixed,” Riena said. “But I’m looking for a place to stay, do you know any good places?”
“Sure,” the girl walked ahead of Riena. “I’m going there too, let’s both go together.”
“Thanks a lot,” Riena sighed in relief. “What’s your name?”
“Mine?” the girl faced Riena. “My name is Road Kamelot.”


Part 9
When the two girls arrived at the inn, it was already full from the passengers of the train. Riena groaned. “This is bad… I’m going to have to sleep on the floor tonight.”
Road grinned, “There are other places to go, you know.”
“There’s a place two blocks across from here.”
“Let’s go there then.”
However, as soon as the two girls left the inn, pandemonium broke out. Two Level 1 Akuma erupted from the inn and shot everything in sight. Riena did the sensible thing, and pulled Road out of the firing range. Crap, Akuma are here… There’s no exorcists nearby… Am I going to die before I meet Zeran? Road looked questioningly at Riena. “Do you know what those things are?” Road asked.
“No I don’t, but they’re shooting everwhere!” Riena complained. “Isn’t it obvious we should get out of their way?”
One Akuma discovered the two girls and aimed its guns at them.
“Road! Hurry up and run!” Riena stood up and protected her. “You won’t touch her!”
“Don’t you know that you’re going to die?” Road was strangely calm.
“I know that…” Riena said in a breaking voice. “But I’m not going to let someone else die while I can still protect them! It’s what someone once taught me.”
“Humans are so interesting.” Road giggled.
“Road…?” Riena looked back at her.
“My name is Road Kamelot,” Road said and her skin turned from white to black. “I am a Noah, the allies of the Millennium Earl and Akumas!”
“Road… That means you…” Riena gaped at her. With a swift motion of her hand the Akuma blew up.
Road giggled. “These Level 1 Akumas are so dumb. They don’t even know who their masters are.”
“Are you going to kill me?” Riena asked uncertainly.
“No,” Road grinned evilly. “Even though you didn’t know who I was, you still protected me. Most human filth wouldn’t have done that. Humans are greedy, sinful, and dirty, which is why we Noahs exist, to cleanse this Earth. You’re welcome to join us, if you want.”
Riena shook her head. “You can’t base humanity on the majority. Sometimes it’s the minority who will make a difference. Like you Noahs. Aren’t you guys a minority as well? If you wipe out humanity, then you’ll also be killing off the minority that matter.”
Road laughed and laughed and laughed. “What… kind… of… nonsense… is... that?”
Riena blinked and looked at her. “Did I say something wrong?”
Road stood up and wiped the tears from her eyes, “You’re really funny. As a present…” She created a doorway in the alley. “You can use this to go where you want.”
“Really?” Riena jumped up and down. “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.” She hugged Road tightly. “I can really use it?”
Road smiled brightly. “This is a one-time thing. The next time I see you, I’ll kill you.”
Riena suddenly felt shivers slide down from her brain to every part of her body.
“If you’re not with us, then you’re against us,” Road said menacingly. “It’s simple as that Now all you need to do is think of the place you want to go, and you’ll instantly appear there. Have fun…”
Riena gulped and thought strongly of Boston, and she walked through the door…

Part 10
A silent figure walked amidst all the chaos and destruction that was Edo. Akumas were swarming in their human disguises. Only the strongest, the bravest, and the dumbest walked through these parts alone.
Two on the left, two on the right… The stranger thought.
“HEY!” A level 3 Akuma shouted from the rooftops. “What’s a human like you doing here?”
“I’m not an exorcist, and I have no reason to hurt a follower of the Earl, please step aside,” the stranger said.
“If you know that much, you should know we Akumas EXIST TO KILL!” 4 Akumas jumped him from the top at piercing speeds.
“I told you already…” the stranger appeared from behind them and ripped one’s arm off. “But since you won’t listen to reason…”
“YOU BASTARD!” the others lunged at him.
“Move again and I’ll kill you,” the stranger unleashed a chilling glare.
The Akumas were frozen stiff. “Who are you?” the Akuma asked.
“Takuto Kira, a shinigami,” he grinned. “But you can call me Lucifer.” He then proceeded to ripping the rest of the Akuma apart with one hand. “If you’re weak, don’t fight. If you think you’re strong, then you’ll wind up dead.”
He walked a few steps and then paused. “Come on out level 2 Akuma. I know you were watching.”
A whimpering Level 2 Akuma came out of its hiding place. “I saw your power great master, what is it you ask of me?”
“You apparently have the ability to conceal yourself in the shadows…” Lucifer said. “Well whatever, I want you to take me to the Millennium Earl.”
“EH!?” the Akuma jumped in surprise. “Why?”
“If you don’t do it, I’ll kill you,” Lucifer threatened menacingly.
“Yes… right this way…” the Akuma meekly replied.

Part 11
“Yes? What is it?” The Earl stood up from the chair he was sitting in.
“Greetings to you Millennium Earl,” Lucifer bowed his head slightly.
“Why are you here human?” the Earl tilted his head.
“I seek a means of transportation off this island of Japan,” Lucifer said. “I came here looking for something but did not find it.”
“Oh? And that would be?” the Earl grinned malevolently.
“My two swords…” Lucifer faced the Level 2 Akuma who brought him here and gently put his palm on it. “And a strong enemy…” He tightened his grip and the Akuma exploded.
The Earl clapped. “My, my you are the strongest human without special powers I know <3. You can kill Akumas without Innocence? You do know that if they aren’t killed with Innocence the souls of the dead will never find redemption?”
“Do I look like I give a shit?” Lucifer grinned.
The Earl grinned. “You are a very interesting human. It’s a shame you aren’t a Noah.”
“I have hatred towards all Exorcists and one Noah,” Lucifer said simply. “That one Noah I’ll never forgive.”
“And that would be?” the Earl asked questioningly.
“Jacques…” Lucifer gritted his teeth. “Here’s the deal, you get me to where Jacques is or where the greatest concentration of exorcists are and I’ll kill as many exorcists as I see.”
“Hmm… but what if you kill Jacques as well?” the Earl thought deeply about it. “It’d be troublesome to lose a Noah.”
“Here’s some down payment,” Lucifer stretched out his hand and held out three Innocence fragments.
“OH!” the Earl beamed. “You are quite the naughty boy you are. Very well, the greatest exorcist gathering currently is in Boston.” The Earl opened a gateway. “Coincidentally Jacques is there as well… Please don’t kill him yet <3 I have wonderful plans in store for all my Noah.”
Lucifer stepped up to the doorway. “Maybe, but I won’t be able to guarantee that.”

Part 12:
I wonder if I’ll see Road again… Riena thought. If she’s a Noah, that means she’s an enemy. I have to tell Zeran. She noticed a stranger clad in black with chilling lifeless black eyes come out of an alleyway.
Who the hell is that? Riena shivered. He looks creepy…
I’ve finally found you Jacques… Lucifer grinned evilly My family’s MURDERER. You’d better be prepared Jacques…
Zeran… Riena noticed a part of the city up in flames and started running towards it. Please be safe…

My body won’t move… Zeran struggled with all his strength. This guy is beyond human!
“Leave this to me,” Zeran said weakly. “The rest of you… RUN!”
Ying nodded and led the two kids and other finders away.
“Noble to the end eh?” IA chuckled maniacally.
“Even if I can’t move my body,” Zeran’s eye whirred. “I can still block your attacks. But if you think I’m just going to stand here… INNOCENCE ACTIVATE!” A burst of light erupted from his swords.

Those are… my swords? Lucifer sensed the power. So they’re here too? It’s my lucky day… He dashed towards the destroyed base.

“What are you waiting for?” Lione groaned at his wounds. “Hurry up and fight…”
“You’re rushing to your death exorcist…” Jacques growled.


Author’s Notes
What will be the outcome? Nobody knows… Will Lucifer retrieve his swords back? Will Zeran win? Will Lione survive? Will Riena rush to Zeran’s side and get in his way like so many female characters do? Will Magier and Eny’s pride recover? Will I shut up? Lolz. I won’t be able to write for a while since I’m heading back to Taiwan… I have more exams coming up so I couldn’t make it turn out the way I wanted. Hope you thought it was good…
Uriel: I’m still stuck here… SOMEBODY HELP!!!!!!
Shut up…


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you brought Lucifer there aswell? hmm :( I hoped to end all the fightings now but it seems impossible... I'll think about something tomorrow
nice chapter but a bit much all of a sudden ^^


Well u could have them not make it in time...
That's always a possibility XD


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Nov 30, 2006
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Interesting chapter and new character included. Uh, there are many person who does not like Jaques, huh? Poor person.
So the Exorcist are in possession of Pandoras box? Thats bad for my plan but Lucifer kinda saved it....I kinda need Innocence and when the Earl just got some, it might be helpful.
Nice chapter overall and the Bleach reference is unmistakable, hehe.