Chapter Review: Black Clover (218)

Black Clover - Chapter 218 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The Worst of the Worst.

This Week's Chapter of Black Clover starts at the Church of Clover Kingdom where we can see Sister Theresa wonder about what kind of business the Magic Congress might have with Marie who barely managed to escape the horrors of War safely,her question is quickly answered as Rebecca rushes towards her announcing that there's terrible news in today's paper. But it's not just her who is seeing these terrible news,back at Hage Villages Church we can see Father Orsi and Sister Lily checking out the Newspaper as well,their expressions displaying nothing but disbelief and shock as they look at a drawing of Asta in Black Form. Thanks to Sister Lily reading out the article we learn that it has been publicly announced that Asta is accused of having committed treason against the Kingdom of Clover and a user of Devil Powers, the scene goes back to Clover Capital where Gueldre and Revchi as well as Sally are seen reading the Newspaper as well. While the Former 2 make fun of Asta for becoming a Criminal we can see Sally wonder if he will get sentenced to community service/s as well like they have,yes,the former members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun as well as the Traitors to the Kingdom of Clover have been sentenced to clean and rebuild select areas of the Capital with or without use of their Magic. We can also see Rades and Valtos carry rubble around but constantly complaining about their work, the Criminals are being overseen by Captain Jack the Ripper of the Green Mantis. For better or worse hehe...

We can also see Mimosa and Klaus worrying about Asta who is being hold responsible for all the destruction and pain caused to the Kingdom,Mimosa says that it's something she'd expect Damnatio of the Magic Congress to do as he has coldly judged his own Father in the past and wouldn't back down from threatening one's entire family if they don't follow their sentences. The scene changes again and this time back inside the Magic Congress where Asta has entered his Black Form in front of the entire Court in order to protect Marie, while the present nobles express shock and disgust at Asta's form Damnatio appears to be unfazed by this display and claims that Asta has finally shown his true colors. Asta noticed this and calls out to the Nobles,reassuring them that he has mastered his powers and that no harm will befall them but his words are immediatly brushed off by the Nobles who now ask for this filthy and soiled Commoner to be executed immediatly, Damnatio adds that whatever it will be Asta should just accept his Fate. He continues by trying to make Asta despair and give up by threatening him,even if Asta defeated Damnatio and the guards the only fate awaiting him would be that of a wanted man throughout the Country and his Orphanage would be judged for his crimes instead. If he just accepts his sentence here and now then all the suspects and young Marie will be spared from death,besides,nobody would want to be saved by someone like him anymore. He is Evil,so claims Damnatio.

A sudden explosion occurs that busts open the walls of the Congress,and to everyone present's shock it is the Black Bulls lead by Captain Yami Sukehiro! All of the Black Bulls are angry with Damnatio and the Congress,Yami doesn't care if Asta is evil or guilty he is his subordinate and his trial is happening 2 days before the to him promised time. Magna won't let them judge Asta because he is a Man among Men,his crazy little junior. Finral as well is determined to save his precious comrade,while Gordon is asking the Congress if they want to be cursed. Grey claims that after transforming into Asta and seeing him train and work so hard she just knows that his intentions and actions are nothing but pure and noble, while Henry inside the Black Bulls Hideout calls Asta a good boy. Gauche knows that Marie would want him to help Asta,especially after everything he's done for them, Vanessa acknowledges Asta as a strong and dependable man that no matter what hand fate deals him always comes out on Top. Luck thinks that Asta is the best partner for a hopeless senior like him while Charmy wants Asta to keep living in order to be fed more food of hers. Zora and Noelle are of the opinion that while Asta may be a bit crazy and stupid from time to time he is still the closest thing to a True Magic Knight as well as someone that the Kingdom can always rely on,Noelle as royalty acknowledges him and so should the congress! The Black Bulls are taking Asta back and that's final.

Damnatio questions Yami if he is aware of the consequences such behaviour holds with the Black Bulls Captain calmly answering that they don't have anything to lose,no matter their standing in rankings or the Kingdom they'll always be the worst Squad of Magic Knights. He also announces that both Asta and Secre are his comrades and that he won't sit by and let them suffer for something they didn't even do,contrary to Damnatio's wishes. The Black Bulls don't care if he committed treason or some other crime the congress won't get away with this and they'll make sure of that right now!

Personal Thought's

I rate this Chapter an 8.5 out of 10.

Full Nakama Power from the Black Bulls in this Chapter,and i didn't dislike it!, an interference from them was among the things to expect for this Chapter but how much good this will do all of them is not for now. I don't think that a Battle will erupt in the Congress with the Black Bulls taking on some Nobles and Damnatio but rather a short clash between Damnatio and maybe Asta or Yami,and as they are about to get serious someone else will interfere and stop the escalation. I'm not sure who that is yet but i still believe so,since i just can't see a big battle happening here where the Black Bulls dismantle the entire Congress with the King and all the Nobility present. Not that some of them would be a fear factor but still,while the loudest voices are against Asta and the Black Bulls there might be some silent supporters we've yet to see/meet. Fingers crossed for that. All the Members,new and old,gathered together. Ready to take back their friend Asta,each of them coming in with respect lines dedicated to Asta. If anyone knows that he isn't guilty then it's his Squad. I liked how Damnatio was keeping up his arrogant and tiresome "You're Evil you must be judged"-speech while Yami was just like "I don't care,he's one of us. Guilty or not,we're the worst Squad anyway so see ya!". Noelle made a nice statement,that she as Royalty acknowledges Asta and knows exactly how important the Kingdom is to him and how important he is to said Kingdom. Zora and Henry are with us here as well that's also a nice touch i found even though bringing the entire HQ of them was a bit insane haha. I'm really looking forward to what is going to happen next,if a battle happens and gets indeed stopped then the Black Bulls will receive a sentence as well and will be judged like Asta. I don't think they'll be exiled for now but it's a possibility. It really depends on what happens next and i'm looking forward to it! Till next time everybody!

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