Chapter Review: Black Clover (219)

Black Clover Chapter 219 Review by Emperor Spriggan

Very good chapter, with one particularly outstanding moment.

Alright so, this chapter kicks off from where the previous one ended, where the Black Bulls appeared to save Asta from Central Room 46. Gauche tells Asta that he should be judged for touching Marie (This reaction was a bit weird to me. He didn't realize Marie was there the whole time? For someone who actively keeps tabs on his sister. Also, shouldn't he say something to that Damnatio guy?)

Yami addresses Damnatio, sarcastically thanking him for taking care of Nero and Asta. Nero insists on the group taking Asta and escaping, leaving her behind. Her captain tells her that she has no authority to make that call. Magna and Finral, along with the other BB members are all excited about Nero, and bear no grudges even though she seemingly used them. Just then, Yami hands her a robe, officially welcoming her to the guild.

Damnatio tells Yami and his group that their actions are meaningless, and are only further implicating Asta even more. He then uses his Scale Magic to nullify the magic of all the Black Bulls members, but Rouge is unaffected by this. Which means that the odds aren't all that stacked against them. Just then, Asta uses his Black form to nullify the effects of Damnatio's magic, which gives Yami an opening to attack the noble.

His attack is then blocked by the 6th Squad Captain (Which is epic and both disappointing, at the same time.I really wish that Yami had at least landed a blow on Damnatio. Also, epic because the best captain FINALLY shows up to steal the show). Fuego is also there.

That's it. That's where the chapter ends. So, what will happen next week? Nozel tells Yami to stand down, or else things will get messy. Yami says that he will not back down, since his nakama were threatened. Oh no, so they actually will fight? The result is kinda obvious though, Nozel wipes the floor clean with Yami. Man isn't even fit to polish his boots.


Damnatio is heavily unimpressed by all this, asking what the two captains plan on doing. Fuego has a scroll in his hand, and it is a mission from the Captain Commander. The ryoka are supposed to leave Soul Society, and go exterminate the Arrancar. Yami is impressed by this, since he realizes that with both Byakuya and Fuegoleon there, it makes a stronger case for Asta. Considering both of them are royalty, aside from their captain titles. Damnatio also realizes this, alongside King Augustus, but of course both of them aren't happy about all this.

The chapter ends with Yami telling Asta they are taking a road trip to prove his innocence.

Alright, so on to the finer details:

-Byakuya showing up and stealing the show by blocking Yami's attack .Panel of the chapter. Highlight of the chapter. Moment of the chapter, quite possibly the WSJ week.
-Damnatio getting egg on his face and his dastardly plans coming to a halt. Though it would be nice to see that stupid expression on his face getting wiped off.
-Build up towards the new arc, much like almost the whole fandom had expected.

-How did Gauche not realize Mary had been taken? Its a small thing but, that just seems off to me.
-Yami not being allowed to land a hit on Damnatio. Would have been completely satisfactory.
-No Nozel/Yami fight :( Tabata throw us a bone sometimes, please

Chapter rating:
-Without Nozel in it:3.5/10
-With Nozel in it:8.5/10.

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