Chapter Review: Black Clover (221)

Black Clover - Chapter 221 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The Rose's Confession

This Week's Chapter of Black Clover deals with matters of the heart,a tender woman's heart to be exact and i'm talking about noone but the Captain of the Blue Rose: Charlotte Roselei. After having run away from Yami in the last chapter,due to a misunderstanding,we can see her sit on top of a Roof reflecting on what happened and her behaviour. She laments that she isn't able to be upfront about her feelings for Yami despite the tough front she always tries to put up in front of everyone,she wonders if Yami considers her a weird woman by now because of her reactions towards him. Charlotte had already given up faith in the men that were nothing but talk,all the while training her body and magic in order to resist and control the curse placed onto her but when Yami came into her Life and saved her from the curse overtaking her body she began to change. She fell in Love with him. She doesn't want to be afraid of her feelings nor who she has them for,she needs to change something now. Later that day,Charlotte gathered all the Members available of the Blue Rose at their headquarters because she had an important announcement to make. The Members around Sol wonder what exactly this announcement may be but they're quickly met by a response from their Captain,while it is true that the Blue Rose has continued to grow stronger while being completely void of any male influence she wants her whole squad to know something about her and she is ready to accept any punishment such as resigning from her Captain's position.

"I'm in Love with Yami!!!",she shouts out while blushing madly,she can't help herself anymore. No matter how much and how hard she tries to forget about Yami she is hopelessly in love with the Captain of the Black Bulls,something which seems to shock and surprise her entire Squad and even Charlotte believes the situation is about to get serious only to be met by a really cheerful response. All the members wish her the best and assure her full support in anything she might try to gain her Dream-guy's attention,some even reveal that they have already been dating and seeing men themselves but in secret to honor the Squads credo. The Blue Rose Members begin to pressure Charlotte into confessing to Yami, with success because that's been her intention from the start, and with incredibly perfect timing Yami and Asta show up at the Blue Rose this Charlotte's chance? As her Squad Members shove her right in front of Yami to have her confess our "Queen of Thorns" is already starting to stutter again,barely managing to utter Yami's name, she is interrupted by her cupid who claims that he already knows Charlotte's feelings and has done so for a long time by now. It comes as things had to come,misinterpreting Charlotte's previous reactions towards him Yami asks Charlotte if she dislikes him so much that she has to run away from him to not hurt his feelings, the Blue Rose Captain is dumbfounded by this and even moreso when Yami asks her to explain why she hates him so much.

Charlotte wants to resolve the misunderstanding but her shyness isn't allowing her to do that,she keeps blushing and stuttering trying to form a response only for Asta to cut in and claim that Yami might be wrong because what he senses from Charlotte is the same feeling that he senses from Noelle. He says that it might be trust as both have fought together for so long and looked death into the eye together but while that strengthens their bond it makes it hard for the ladies to be open and honest towards the men they've fought with. Our Hero ends his speech by saying that it's okay to have things that are hard to say to another but that shouldn't change who you are,while smirking about the fact that Noelle just can't be honest with herself and Asta. Charlotte sighs in relief, she apologizes to Asta for his circumstances that she feels responsible for but also praises how wonderful the Magic Knights in both her and Yami's squad are. Charlotte goes a big step and musters the courage to ask Yami to have dinner with her under the ruse of discussing the previous matter he wanted to get Information about. As they both take a seat Charlotte is bummed out to learn that Yami only wanted information about her Rose-Curse which she goes on to reveal wasn't placed onto her physical self but her soul and grimoire which is why she needs to keep her Mana in control as well as her powers as the curse can take direct control if allowed to.

As the Curse isn't anything known in Clover Kingdom or the rest of the world she isn't able to dispel or learn anything about this otherwordly magic other than what she has experienced herself,Charlotte tells Yami that he should know as much himself since he too has someone stricken with a Curse on his Squad that has suffered far more from it than herself. Which seems to surprise Yami,and as the scene changes to the Capital we can see that it might've referred to Noelle who is on her way to have a conversation with the Captain of the Coral Peacock: Dorothy Unsworth about her Mother,Devils and Curses because her Brother Nozel adviced her to.

Personal Thought's

I rate this Chapter an 8 out of 10.

A nice build-up Chapter for next Week i'd say,Charlotte was hilarious and cute in this Chapter i found. I always think it's a nice touch when she goes and sheds off her serious and distanced facade to show that she really is pretty fun to have around,thinking of the guy she's in Love with and what he might think of her. And this Chapter she went the full mile and confessed to her Squad Members as a first step,perhaps to get their approval? It seemed like it,but thankfully her Squad is already aware of her feelings,and some of them are already leading lives with a significant other by their side. She needed this boost in confidence,unfortunately Yami thinks she dislikes him haha. but he'll come around soon enough i'm sure. Asta did make it clearer for her in that regard,now what i'm excited for is this conversation between Noelle and Dorothy because we haven't seen much of the latter as of yet besides her performance while possessed and this time she's awake as well. Noelle was stricken with some sort of curse too? Perhaps that's what kept making her power go out of control at the start? Although with control that'd be a pretty convenient power amplifying curse then,looking forward to this conversation for sure.

Till next time everybody!

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