Chapter Review: Black Clover (222)

Black Clover Chapter 222 Review by Emperor Spriggan

Very spectacular color cover this week. Mixed feelings towards the chapter, however.

Dorothy: Yay! Finally my turn to shine. Lol seriously though, how did I last all those years without even a dialogue and somehow, SOMEHOW have a fanbase?

Yuno: Again, no screen time for me? No wonder this manga has been boring as nails recently

Noelle: Oh as expected of my royal self, my fanbase only continues to grow by the chapter.

Nozel: Screen time.....means absolutely nothing to me.

So, kicking off immediately from last week, Dorothy (No Bleach reference for her ;( ) and the Coral Peacocks are helping to rebuild the city. She dismisses the members of her team, before going towards Noelle. Noelle is about to bring up what happened to her mother, but Dorothy hushes her and tells her to never mention that matter out in the open. The reason being, she could get cursed as well.

Just then, Noelle ends up being thrust in the captain's dream world. Feels a bit like Tobi's world within the Kamui. Asta shows up, and Noelle is flustered by his sudden appearance. He then compliments her, and Noelle gets heavily embarassed. Dorothy appears behind her, quite aware of Noelle's feelings for Asta (Lmao). Noelle uses a water attack to fire Asta away.

Next, Captain Kuchiki shows up. Man of the moment. Dorothy then brings up how Byakuya has not told anyone at all, about how the Silvas mother died from a curse. If anyone else spoke about the curse, they would get afflicted. To bypass this, Nozel told Dorothy about this, all in the dream world. Though, that is a bit of a surprise because of two things. First, why Dorothy? Out of all the captains, why did he confide in her? Unless Dorothy and Acier were friends. Second, Nozel never struck me as the type of person to open up about things like that to anyone, much less Dorothy. Though I suppose this can be explained better by explaining that Nozel puts on a tough exterior while inside he's just a bit softie.

Byakuya starts doting on his little sister, which is....a bit awkward. Noelle dishes out the same judgement she did to Asta before, sending her brother flying. Dorothy explains that demons cannot exist in the world, at least naturally like the other magical races. Someone would have to sacrifice something, to enable the demons to maintain a physical form. The really interesting thing though, is that the demon which killed Noelle's mother is still around.

She vows to avenge her mother, while also finding a way to save Asta.

The Death Eater' name is Megicula. An obvious play with the words Dracula and Magic. Which would mean, a demon that feeds of magic? Like the one in Asta's sword.

-Dorothy getting screentime, tbh Im not a fan of Charlotte. Then again, I'm also not a fan of Dorothy, but I think she is the most interesting between the two females.
-Nozel cameo. For obvious reasons;P
-Noelle screentime. Glad to see the lead female not getting forgotten amidst all the new arc shenanigans.

-Nozel getting justified, again, for his erratic treatment of Noelle. Like seriously, I don't think there is anything that justifies abusing a young child, at all. Not to mention he already apologized, there was no reason to regurgitate the matter again.
-This stuff about the demon killing Noelle's mother. It's.....decent, I guess? My one worry is that previous bad things in the manga will now all be blamed on demons. Not a fan of that, honestly. They did this already in the previous chapter, when they explained about how Charlotte's thorn curse was brought about by a demon (The previous explanation was fine, really -.-)

Final Chapter rating:7/10

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