Chapter Review: Black Clover (223)

Black Clover Chapter 223 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: The Agrippa Family

This week in Black Clover we meet Gordon’s family. For those of us not familiar with the name, Gordon is the Black Bulls member that resembles a mime with his face all made up, and mumbles when he talks. Yami sends Asta with Nero, Grey and Gauche with Gordon to learn about Curse Magic from his family since it’s something they’re famous for. Gordon agrees to do this for Asta’s sake and hopes things will be different this time, since the last time he went to them for help when Asta was Cursed by the Third Eye, they didn’t help him. It would mean a lot to Gordon if he was able to help Asta, since Asta is his friend and as a descendant of a family that dabbles in Cursed Magic it was near impossible for him to make friends. So now, accompanied by his teammates, he feels more confident and thinks things will be different this time.

At the first sight of the Agrippa house, everyone is ready to leave. It’s a creepy castle-like house surrounded by, and covered in, vines. The door opens to reveal Gordon’s family and we meet his parents, grandmother and sister who all welcome him home. They also happen to all have the exact same face. It’s really weird and shocks Asta, Gauche and Grey. Even the dog that suddenly appears and bites Asta has the same face. Gordon’s parents invite them to stay for dinner, but Gauche still wonders why they look so much alike considering they’re married and not genetically related.

Dinner is a strange affair with most of the discussion happening in mumble form. It’s not easy to make Gauche feel awkward but they’re managing it. He asks the other three to say something since they’re there about curses, but Grey is too scared and Asta is busy eating the very gross looking but tasty food. Roxanne, Gordon’s sister, gives Grey a round ball full of eyeballs and a mouth that laughs as a gift, which of course terrifies the always terrified Grey. Nilenia, Gordon’s Grandmother, mistakes Gauche for Nathan, Gordon’s father, and after complimenting how big he’s gotten, asks him to protect the family. Jonna, Gordon’s mother, interrupts and ushers her off to bed, but before the old lady is gone she mentions she expects great things from Nathan for the sake of the ancestor who made the contract. She also starts to talk about the curse of Megicula, but is gone before finishing the sentence. No one really paid attention to this as Gordon finally approaches his father and asks to talk.

Gordon first acknowledges the fact that he practically abandoned the family, but despite that he has a friend now and that friend needs help so they need to know about Forbidden Curse Magic and about Devils. Everyone waits with bated breath, as if waiting for things to go wrong, but Nathan just casually agrees and leads them to his research room filled with information on secret arts that deal with poison, plague and death. It all sounds very ominous. He opens the door and the group is shocked to see blood, human and animal skulls, plants in jars, and other voodoo looking instruments all over. Nathan calls it beautiful and tells them he's researching every kind of pain there is. Gordon is angry and accuses his father of doing wicked research. Nathan tells him he’s been waiting for him to come home since his Poison Magic talent is worthy of inheriting his research. Gordon isn’t impressed and tells him he only wants to know about Forbidden Curses and no way was he coming home. Nathan appeals to him, telling him he’d teach him all about death by curses, poison, drugs, all of it, but Gordon is disgusted and asks him what he thinks life is. Nathan tells him humans die quickly and that life is fleeting, something Gordon doesn’t seem to understand so Nathan prepares to show him firsthand. Nathan casts Black Oil Creation Magic: Curse Filled Nails at Asta, Grey and Gauche but Asta moves to defend his friends. The nails seemingly hit Asta’s neck but he’s unharmed. Nathan suddenly reads out Asta’s temperature stating he sees no physical abnormalities. He laughs and boasts that he rechanneled everything he knows about drugs and poisons that harm the human body and used the family’s expertise in curse killing into health management and medical treatment. This is something Nathan started in his generation and he admits he can only cure normal diseases, which is why he could not help Asta the first time he was cursed.

After clarifying that Nathan was in fact a Recovery Mage, something Gordon himself didn’t know, Gauche tells him he needs to make himself clearer to people because the look of the room will give them the wrong idea. He agrees and offers to help them search for and gather curses using a relic from their ancestor; I’m guessing this ancestor was the same one Nilenia was talking about before she was forced to leave. He casts Black Oil Creation Magic: Curse Candle Ritual Disk and brings up a map of the country. The flames on the map are curses and the flame intensity shows the depth of the curses. Grey points to a very bright flame which is located where the Black Bulls Base is and the group realizes it’s representing the curse Henry is afflicted with. Nathan stretches the map further, beyond the borders of Clover into the other kingdoms, and a huge flame erupts from the Heart Kingdom, possibly an indication of a Devil’s Curse.

Chapter Rating: 7/10.

This chapter was mostly Gordon’s family dynamic and the misunderstanding between him and his father whom he thought was conducting evil research and using curses to kill. It turns out his father is a Recovery Mage, something like a doctor, and is actually helping people, something that could have been cleared up with a little communication. This seems to be a theme with families in Black Clover. They make assumptions about each other and treat them as facts which then cause rifts and misunderstandings.

In regards to the family resemblance I’d like to think it’s just makeup. Something like a uniform for the family. I mean even the dog looks like them and that’s just not natural.

The Devil theme is being a bit overused. I mean now that the Word Devil has been defeated we find suddenly a lot of mages are connected to a Devil in some way. Nilenia was about to reveal some sort of connection the Agrippa family has to Megicula, the same Devil that’s responsible for Noelle’s mother’s death. Is it possible Megicula is the Devil in Asta’s Grimoire? I doubt this because Asta’s Devil called the Word Devil “senpai” and Megicula seems to be an ancient big bad and possible final villain. But it is something to keep an eye on, if for nothing else than the possible conflict that would arise between Asta and Noelle.

The first stop outside Clover Kingdom looks likely to be Heart Kingdom and this huge curse. I’m ready for the new arc to begin. I think we’ve got enough set up to start.

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