Chapter Review: Black Clover (225)

Black Clover Chapter 225 Review by Hermit

Semi decent chapter this week. Pacing is something I was iffy on due to the world building, but I'm hoping that world building will be focused on later. Also, fingers crossed that this arc isn't a rehash of the Witch Forest Arc (Has a few things in common with that arc already)

Yuno: Still waiting for something. Anything will do at this point, I'm starting to forget the last meaningful thing I did in this series.

Zora: Speak for yourself, I know I'm going to end up getting a mega awesome rescue scene in a while, Personally can't wait for that.


Mimosa: Just drop dead already, nii-sama.

Mimosa, Finral, Noelle and Asta arrive at the border of Heart Kingdom, where they are immediately greeted by an emissary. He introduces himself as Gaja, and Mimosa recognizes him as someone she had run into before. He then offers them crimson orange juice, adding that its sweetness is enhanced by running mana through it. We get a funny panel of Asta begging Noelle to run her mana through his.

A series of steps appears in front of the boat, and Asta plus his group immediately get on it. Gaja explains that those are a result of the Queen, who uses her Mana Zone to cover the whole kingdom. A pretty impressive feat. For context, it's the same thing Julius did when he used Last Ages to counter Licht's spell that was about to level all of Clover Kingdom. A bunch of butterflies begin to fly around Asta, I'm assuming this is like those crows from the inauguration ceremony? So it's another indicator of the fact that Asta lacks magic.

Gaja explains that even if the Queen(s) have been able to protect and watch over the kingdom so far, but it isn't something that can be reassured in the future. Just then, Asta is engulfed in a Water Prison, and Gaja reveals himself to be the Akatsuki member, Hoshigaki Kisame.

Both Asta and Mimosa are shocked, and Kisame reveals that they need the Jinchuuriki for the future of the Hidden Artery Village. The two cousins immediately set out to save Asta, Finral in tow. He uses a spell, Spatial Magic:Fallen Angel's Flapping, and the girls in front of him gain a foothold in mid air. Just then, Kisame shows up behind Finral, having caught up with him.

Immediately, Noelle launches a water attack of her own, but Kisame dodges it effortlessly and begins to float in mid air, shocking the three tourists. The Silva Princess immediately dons her Bankai. Both Finral and Kisame are impressed, the latter readying himself for battle.

Asta is still inside the water bottle, before being thrust into an abyss. Will he run into Reg and the others? Sadly, no. He does run into Undine, and just behind her you can see the silhouette of a woman. Who should be the Queen? This is a bit interesting, I don't think we've ever seen a Spirit act this way before, free from the owner. Makes you wonder what kind of a person the Queen really is.

The chapter caps off with Undine challenging Asta to a fight.

-Valkyrie Dress making a comeback
-Undine looks really menacing up close.

-Noelle equipping the dress this early gives me the impression she's about to get bodied, solely to hype Gaja up. Can already tell how pissed off this is going to make me.
-Mimosa potentially not participating in the upcoming battle. Seriously =_=
-No Reg or Riko in the Abyss Asta was thrown into :( Bit of a shame, untapped potential right there

Final Chapter rating: 6.5/10

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