Chapter Review: Black Clover (228)

Black Clover Chapter 228 Review by the Hermit Crab

The chapter title is really really good. Though it also gives out the impression of a villain group as well. Would be a fitting name for an antagonist group I suppose.

Since all my favorites appeared in this chapter (Or were referenced in some way or another), no commentary before the big reveal. Think the chapter did a good enough job of showing all the major players as well.

That said,


Morgianna, Mimosa and Finral all reunite with Asta in the castle. Kogyoku appears, and both the Fanalis and Finral are visibly impressed with her beauty. Just as she requests the Black Bulls for their help, she trips over herself. Her Djinn scolds her, telling her she needs to act more like royalty.

Asta asks why she needs their help, and she reiterates what she had told them earlier. To conquer a dungeon, one needs to be level one or above. A level zero is incapable of finishing off a demon. The leader of the Kou Empire is able to draw energy from the terrain, but even that isn't enough to stop a devil in its tracks. Kogyoku states that even though Clover Kingdom is incapable of drawing mana from their surroundings, they compensated for this by discovering non elemental magic such as steel and mercury. Among those diversified magic types, there are some which can defeat devils. Perfect examples of this would be Time Magic and Darkness Magic.

Nero is a Level 6, but her magic has been sealed off. As per the recent arc. Asta himself is unable to wield a Djinn Equip, but he can control the Black Rukh. The two mages can't be classified by the power levels of the country, which makes them Dark Level mages. Due to this dark attribute, it makes them perfectly capable of being able to defeat devils.

Morgianna is unsure about heeding this request, so they decide to call Yami. Who (as expected), is spending his time in the lavatory. He hangs up without offering them a reply. Mimosa decides to assist, using a device to contact Marcus. Once contact is established, Julius geeks out over Kogyoku's potential Djinn powers. Julius gives them his permission to intervene in the country's affairs. Kogyoku is relieved to hear this, but admits at their current levels they can't defeat Al Thamen and his lackeys. She adds on that Al Thamen is stronger than the devil Asta plus his group fought before.

Her retainer's scar was also as a result of the devil, and Morgianna is surprised. Julius says that he had a duel with the Spirit Director back in the day, so his abilities are the real deal. Al Thamen has established its headquarters in Spade Kingdom, and is amassing man power from the residents. Since Kogyoku will be dead within a year, they need to get stronger within half the timespan.

The princess asks the Black Bulls to gather as many fighting forces as they can, reassuring them that their 5 generals will help train them. Just then, we get snippets of most of the important characters. Leopold, Captain Hitsugaya, Soi Fon, Luck, Alibaba, and the last and most important of them all.......Yuno. Along with his familiar.

6 months later..........

-Yuno making an appearance, FINALLY. Been forever since we've seen him D:
-The Kou Empire getting more world building
-More of an explanation about the power levels. Dark Level is a pretty interesting concept.
-Kogyoku is a pretty likeable character, but....

-Bah, she'll die within a year ;( Bit of a shame. Wonder if they'll be able to defeat the devil before then and save her life.

Chapter rating: 7.5/10

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