Chapter Review: Black Clover (229, 230)

Black Clover - Chapter 229&230 Review by Seraph

Chapter Titles: The Dawn of Hope and Despair / Crush 'em all!

Six Months
have passed since our Heroes decided to prepare and train themselves for the incoming but also unavoidable War with Spade Kingdom,half a year which some spent in Heart Kingdom while their comrades remained in Clover to continue protecting it and grow stronger themselves for when the time comes that they'll have to put everything onto the line. Princess Loropechika discovered that Spade Kingdom is already mobilizing some of their forces and sending them towards Clover and Heart Kingdom through the Power Magic Belt,as he heard of this our hero Asta immediatly set off using his newfound Skill and Power to track down a massive moving Fortress empowered by several People's Mana being constantly absorbed by it's engine. Naturally the Guys in charge of the Fortress are cruel,heartless and evil men who aren't afraid of putting their hands onto their female slaves in order to satisfy themselves in the most despicable ways befitting of the villains they really are. As one such incident is about to occur once more,our Hero Asta arrives just in time after having flown all the way from Heart Kingdom into the Power Magic Belt on his Demon Slayer-Sword to stop them. Before they can even learn who or what Asta exactly is they're already defeated by our incredibly powerful main character,who goes on to quickly defeat all of the guards present in the room with one slash each. As he uses his breather to speak to the hurt and enslaved people of Spade Kingdom he learns that there is at least an Army's worth of Soldiers present as well as a Captain that possesses incredible yet very grotesque Mana and uses terrifying and really disgusting Magic. As he hears this Asta makes up his mind,he is going to defeat each and every last one of the bad guys present in the Fortress and then he'll see about the Slaves.

Just as he finishes he is already under attack by multiple Spade-Soldiers firing off several kinds of Elemental Magics such as Wind,Diamond and Water Magic but Asta can't be bothered with any of that,he calls upon his Demon Dweller-Sword and quickly defeats all of them by firing of multiple Black Slashes that not only cut through their Magics but also defeats each of them with a single hit. Since Asta now knows that there are more Soldiers hiding inside the Fortress he begins to fire off more Black Slashes at the ceiling this time,not only do the Slashes create a perfect diversion they also defeat several soldiers while at it. Making use of the distraction is Asta by going onto the offense personally again by slashing some of the Soldiers with his Demon Slayer again,as he continues to fight off the enemies he is being aimed at from behind by 3 Soldiers but that too proves to be futile as our hero has learned to use his Black Divider even outside of his Black Form to hit back all of their spells at once. Asta continues to defeat one Soldier after the other and makes his way through the entire fortress,switching back and forth with his blades while continuing to search for their Captain. After having slain countless of Spade Soldiers our hero closes in on a guarded door,but those guards prove to be mere weaklings in front of our MCs might as they get defeated with one slash each again. Just as Asta arrives inside the room he is greeted by a bald man with a really cold look in his eyes,after Asta confronts him about his crimes he simply shrugs them off by claiming that low level garbage such as their slaves could find no better meaning in Life than serve the likes of him and his Ruler. Just as he finishes we notice that Asta is suddenly attacked by some sort of Poison that begins to spread all over his body,and we quickly learn why.

It is because of the Spade-Captain's Poison Magic,which he used to spread poisonous spores through the air in order to attack Asta,as our hero begins feeling the pain from his invisible attack the Spade-Captain ridicules Asta because despite a Devil lending him his power he still has no Mana which makes him useless to Spade even as a Slave. Those without Mana can only evade the things they see,but that that they cannot will ultimately be their downfall,Asta pushed his luck when he challenged a higher level mage like he is. He uses Poison Creation Magic: Basilisk Breath! as a giant Snake forms out of venomous particles behind him,while he still continues to ridicule Asta,but he didn't expect our hero's Demon Destroyer-Sword!. The blade instantly neutralizes the poison in and outside of his body,shocking the Spade-Captain who questions how Asta was able to do all of this,but he is ignored as Asta tells him that he could crush him without his devils power aiding him as he is a nobody. Someone who claims prosperity and glory for his country is good and well but not at the cost of another's life or misfortune,that's just's wrong,Asta enters his Black Form and charges more and more Anti-Mana around his Demon Slayer to prepare a massive Black Divider! If Spade Kingdom wants a fight that badly then he'll give it to them,he'll crush all of them and everything they stand for,as he finishes we only see: a scared Spade-Captain,a Massive Black Slash and a half destroyed Fortress. With a giant ominous shadow of a devil looming over it in the background...

Personal Thought's

I rate these chapters together an 8.5 out of 10.

Classic Post Timeskip Chapters i suppose,Asta showed off some more of his newly attained power and skills by casually one shotting this Captain and his entire Brigade in quick succession. I was surprised how many people are being housed inside such a moving fortress but i guess that's what makes it a fortress hehe...I didn't think we'd cut back to Asta immediatly after the cliffhanger with the beaten man infront of the Church in Hage Village but i guess that's the focus once Asta has finished his business here and reunited with Noelle and Co. I wanna see how much she has grown and improved too,no fair that we're only watching Asta do impressive stuff all the time. Or maybe go back to Yuno and the other Black Bulls please? Fingers crossed.

Asta's display wasn't too bad,not too over the top for my taste either since he did not show of something too incredible here other than his previously shown skills in base form instead of Black Form. Like the parallel between his method of travelling and Lumiere's Light Spear since both hold onto a weapon when they're flying somewhere at extreme speeds. I'm not sure if the beaten up guy at the end of the chapter is necessarily going to add something to/for Yuno's background but we may as well get surprised here and learn that he wanted to get help at the church because Yuno is battling close by and he was injured so badly there. It's quite likely that Spade Kingdom is launching attacks all over the country at this point,seems like they predicted what Loropechika was up to? Or they are just a step ahead of her here,let's see where it leads us,but i'm gonna stay excited for it! Till next time everybody!!!

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