Chapter Review: Black Clover (234 & 235)

Black Clover Chapter 234 Review by E

Yuno arc means I get to hog most of the reviews about this arc ;)))) Genuinely happy he finally has an arc explaining his origins. Giving him more depth and nuance. Was a long time coming.

Noelle: You know what?


Noelle: I won't even get mad about you fanboying over Yuno.

Hermit: Oho, why is that?

Noelle: Ever since we teamed up together in the Grand Magic Games, I always thought him a more fascinating character than that dumb Asta anyway.

Hermit: *Stroking beard* Excellent taste, little girl.


Yuno: Wrong anime. We don't do that here.

Kick off starts at Sabertooth, where one of his juniors is looking for him. Another one reports that he received a message from his hometown so he ended up going there. Yuno's home village pops up into the conversation, and the trio of mages are surprised that Canute is from such a desolate area. The female mage is told off about her admiration of Yuno, a notion which she denies.

We switch perspectives back to Hage Village. The priest and Belle are both shocked at the revelation about Canute being a prince. The bearded man who had delivered the bombshell asks what Belle is, and she introduces herself as a Sylph. He realizes what she is, adding more to his bewilderment of the prince. Canute is skeptical about this news, asking why he grew up in Magnolia then.

The ragged man introduces himself as Askeladd. He then reveals his Grimoire, telling Canute that the truth he seeks is within it. He then uses a Memory Make spell, much akin to Marx's memory magic. A flurry of images then cross Yuno's mind. In one of them he sees his mother. In the other he sees his father, who turned out to be a commoner. His father's name is Ciel btw. Guess we know who Ciel and Lizzie's child will be;P

Canute's magic stone turns out to be a memento from his father. Askeladd's father, on the other hand was assigned to be his bodyguard. The castle where Canute was born was attacked by the Fog Troupe, so Yuno was smuggled out of the castle by Olaf. Olaf dropped him off at the church where he and Asta were found, then cast one last spell.

Canute states that he is a mage of Magnolia, despite all that. Just then, he receives a distress call from Sabertooth HQ. Turns out the guild is under attack. The leader of the assault? Chrollo Lucifer and three members of the Phantom Troupe. Chrollo states that they are there for the Arcane Mage, but everyone else is disposable.

-Those last two pages of the attack. Just.....very good hype.
-Learning more about Yuno's past (Even though I still think this is a weak plot point)

-Chapter was far too short for my boy to flex ;(((

Chapter rating:7/10

Black Clover Chapter 235 Review by R

Hello ^.^

It's me again, your resident Yuno fanboy. We got TWO straight chapters with Yuno at the turn of the New Year, so I took time out of my schedule to do special coverage of both chapters. I don't think we've had two chapters of Yuno in a while. Monumental occasion this Sniffles


Yuno: Crickets

Asta: FIGHT ME NOW!!!!!

Yuno: Derp face

Leopold: Asta, I'm your rival too!!!!!


Yuno: I'm leaving.


Responding to the distress call, Yuno immediately leaves the church and storms to the Guild. Ralph tries to call him back, but he simply responds that he is the Vice Captain of the Golden Dawn.

Back at the Guild, we see the members rally to fight Chrollo and his men. They recognize them as members of the Spade Kingdom from their outfits, which immediately classifies them as enemies. The guild members combine their magic and release it towards the Phantom Troupe members, but as expected it has no effect.

The assailants identify themselves as Zero Level mages, citing that there was no way normal magic would work on them.

Uvogin starts to go berserk within the base, stating that the Heichou (I dont know who this is referring to) can only release 5% of his Nen. Him on the other hand, can release 40%. Chrollo has been possessed by a Devil, so he can release up to 80% of his Nen.

Chrollo walks up to William, recognizing him as the Guild Master. William doesn't have his usual mask on (A sign of character development? Maybe he came to love and appreciate himself more after all the Elf business). Sandler (Who was this again?) steps in to defend William, but his Captain dissuades him from the act.

Ignoring this, he equips his armor, but Chrollo easily destroys it and one shots Sandler in the process. William unleashes his Yggdrasil Nen, shielding Sandler's body and also capturing the attention of Chrollo. The Phantom Troupe leader uses his Nen, which contains the properties of Bone, and both his and William's Nen's clash.

A few moments later, Yuno arrives at the scene. He finds his entire platoon decimated, and Uvogin standing amidst all the destruction. Uvogin dully notes the prince's presence, and the Vice Captain flies into a seething rage. He activates his Spirit Awakening and the chapter caps off with that.

-Seeing William again. Have to admit, rewatching some of this content recently has made me appreciate his character more. Not to mention his character design is genuinely one of the best in the series.
-Chrollo vs William, despite it only lasting a panel.
-Chrollo's power level seems the real deal. Also love the Bone Magic, it's dreary and gloomy enough to give the whole invasion a much needed sense of danger.
-Yuno's rage at the end. Aside from the time he fought the Word Devil, think this is the first time we've seen him get this emotional over his guild mates.

-Yuno going all out from the start is a sign he will lose easily -.- Shonen 101, ugh.
-The Golden Dawn possibly being dead. Or not. The latter especially, since you'll realize that it's a bit of a waste in regards to emotional investment.

Chapter rating:8/10

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