Chapter Review: Black Clover (236)

Black Clover Chapter 236 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: There’s No Way We’re the Same

Will Yuno make it in time to save his comrades? Is he strong enough to take on the Spade Knight empowered by a Devil? Let’s find out.

The chapter begins with flashbacks. First we see Yuno and Asta as kids. They acknowledge the fact that they have no blood family and promise to treat the friends they make like family. Next flashback we see the members of the Golden Dawn finally accepting Yuno as one of their own. If we recall, the majority of them were elitists who detested Yuno because he was a peasant upstart. I guess rescuing them from Elf possession and becoming Vice Captain in little over a year goes a long way in changing opinions.

Back in the present, Yuno arrives in time to see the carnage done by the Spade Knight. He angrily asks what he’s doing to his comrades and the Spade Knight, who’s having a lot of fun, points out the obvious where he tells Yuno half his comrades are dead and the other half are pretty close to dying. That’s what they get for going up against a strong opponent according to him. Yuno launches Wind Spirit Magic: Spirit Storm. The Spade Knight is surprised he was chosen by the Wind Spirit and sees it as a challenge. He claims his Stone Magic is amped up by the Devil’s power which makes it harder than iron or steel and launches a barrage at Yuno. Yuno answers the challenge with Mana Zone: Spirit’s Hushed Dance, and with this does two things. One, he’s rescuing the Golden Dawn members who are still alive and two, he’s blocking the Stone Mage’s attack. Seeing this, the Stone Mage realizes that there was another Arcane Stage Mage besides William, who is currently fighting Zeno.

The Stone Mage seems even more excited by this revelation and finally tells Yuno his name is Gaderois and asks Yuno to reciprocate. Yuno angrily tells him he has no name to give to scum like Gaderois, but the stone mage is not phased and asks Yuno to be friendly while they kill each other. Yuno asks Gaderois why he attacked the Golden Dawn, and this is where he goes from decent opponent to plain annoying. He admits he doesn’t know exactly why they attacked them and doesn’t even care, all he knows is the Dark Triad needs Arcane stage mages and as long as he gets to cut loose with his magic then he’s good. He goes on to tell Yuno that the previous King, who I think was Yuno’s father, was a “peace loving idiot” who was butchered by the Dark Triad, and Gaderois and others like him wanted to fight so were given power by the Dark Triad. He finishes by telling Yuno that the former King was a moron, the strong are the big shots and they get to do whatever they want. That’s the most basic and childish reasoning I’ve heard in a while. Even the Word Devil wasn’t this dumb. Anyway, Yuno continues the mini therapy session by asking Gaderois how he feels when he hurts and kills people. Gaderois says it makes him feel electrified, it’s the greatest feeling ever and that’s why he can’t quit. He even tries to find common ground with Yuno by stating he’s also strong so he must feel the same. Yuno stops him right there and says he could never be a scumbag like Gaderois. He casts Wind Spirit Creation Magic: Spirit of Zephyr and uses the sword to slice at Gaderois. At first Gaderois feels vindicated because Yuno’s attack was having no effect, but Yuno tells him that the world gets warped with people like him in it and that’s why the chain of curses never ends. Gaderois asks what he’s muttering about, but then realizes his rock is being eroded at an astronomical rate. Yuno resolves that whether it’s as a Knight of Clover or a Prince of Spade, he will be the one to shut this down.

Chapter Rating: 8/10.

I have to admit Yuno impressed me this chapter. I’ve never really been a big fan of his, because what most people call “cool” I call boring. I wanted him to show more emotion and that’s exactly what I got this chapter. Now I’m looking forward to William’s end of things and how he’s faring against Zeno.

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