Chapter Review: Black Clover (238)

Black Clover Chapter 238 Review by Mistress 9

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Yuno arc meant I was supposed to wank him throughout the arc more :((( Alas, his time has come to an end. Rest well, young King :crownemoji:

Song for the chapter: My Immortal.

So, picking up from last week, we immediately get back to the heart of things. Yuno, Klaus and Letoille are all confronting Archer in the light of him taking down their Captain William. Yuno recognizes Archer immediately as the Usurper who came after his family back in Winterfell. Archer duly notices that his subordinates were taken down, but that doesn't faze him. Much.

Belle appears before Yuno, telling him to invoke his Spirit Form. She seems tense, nervous, obviously recognizing just how powerful Archer is. Without warning, the adversary immediately releases a wide area bone attack. Yuno and the two with him are barely able to evade. Combining their attacks, the three launch their magicks at Archer. Which have no effect on him, as expected.

Charging through the myriad of bones, Yuno uses his Spirit of Zephyr to cut through but Archer uses that moment to attack the helpless Klaus and Letoile behind him. The two are impaled all over with bones (Can't lie, that looks nasty). An enraged Yuno then squares up to Archer, but his sword is unable to cut through the bones. After a while, he realizes that Archer is regenerating his bones faster than Yuno's sword can cut through.

Archer recognizes Yuno as a Stage Zero Master, so he deigns to show him a little of his Servant Power. Just then, Berserker appears behind Archer, scaring Yuno. Archer states that when Berserker appears, he's using 55% of his power. He also adds on that Yuno isn't weak, on the contrary, he is just far too strong. Archer then uses his Noble Phantasm to grow a pair of horns and....the rest is history.

Later on, Theon Greyjoy shows up at the headquarters, to find Yuno, half dead and with a projectile impaling him.

- Archer continues to impress, even if he is probably not the main villain of the arc

- All the Yuno haters in the chapter comments -.- You got your just deserts, hope you are happy with that now.
- Klaus and Letoile not being dead. Idk why but I am heavily skeptical that those two are dead. If they are, all well and good. If not, all is not well and bad.

Chapter rating: 7/10

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