Chapter Review: Black Clover (240)

Short Recap,Chapter 239: Having suffered a crushing defeat by the hands of Zeno of the Dark Triad from Spade Kingdom,Yuno was left at the brink of death along with several other Golden Dawn Members. If not for William having left behind a seed created by his World Tree Magic,he left it behind in order to heal and save the seriously wounded Members from dying despite his own struggle against Zeno. He casted World Tree Magic: Budding of Yggdrasil which managed to save half of the Golden Dawn Members from succumbing to their serious wounds but failed to save the other half as their injuries were too grave to be saved from. The Golden Dawn's Manpower has been cut in half along with their Spirit,how can they ever make up for this? The Frustration sits deep and even Yuno cannot help but cry out in anger and frustration over the recent event that left them with nothing but comrades to mourn and a missing Captain Vengeance. Meanwhile,the Dark Triad Members Vanica and Dante are making their moves towards Heart Kingdom and Yami Sukehiro,Captain of the Black Bulls from Clover Kingdom...

Black Clover - Chapter 240 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The Great War Breaks out

This Week's Chapter of Black Clover starts out in Heart Kingdom where Loropechika is busy spoiling Charmy with all sorts of Food,it appears that the Princess of Heart Kingdom has taken a liking to the problem child of the Black Bulls but just as they're having the fun of their lives the Princess notices a sudden interference in her Mana Zone Barrier,she immediatly creates a Map out of her Water Spirit Magic that shows the entirety of Heart Kingdom along with 6 glowing markers scattered across the country. Those markers symbolise Enemies,Spade Kingdom has begun their invasion already. All 6 Enemies possess Devil Powers and are all Stage Zero with one of them being even more powerful than them,that being Vanica of the Dark Triad who happens to be possessed by the Devil Megicula. Noelle instantly recognizes it's name and readies herself for battle as the scene cuts away to the Black Bulls Hideout which is currently located near Spade Kingdom's Border due to unknown reasons but we can guess that the Black Bulls were meant to start a surprise attack on Spade Kingdom in order to throw them off guard. In terms of War tactics it would make sense to me,however,Asta and Finral just arrived from Heart Kingdom along with some snacks for the Black Bulls to eat. Something that is welcomed by Vanessa as there is nothing that goes along with a drink at their base,as Finral drops Asta and the Food off he goes to pick up Yami who is currently attending a Captain's Conference at Clover Kingdom while Asta asks about Henry's well being. Apparently Henry is low on Mana so he decided to sleep,since Charmy isn't here to have him restore some of his Mana through eating he's resting instead. However,just as the Black Bulls are trying to catch up with another an ominous presence is felt by Henry from outside which he makes clear by just yelling "Hey you guys!!!".

Gauche wonders what might be going on and walks towards the Window but as he looks outside he only notices that their base is floating for some reason, upon hearing this Vanessa instantly summons Rouge in order to protect the other Bulls from any impacts or attacks that could follow. We're now being shown who the attacker is and it is revealed to be Dante of the Dark Triad from Spade Kingdom who in the previous chapter declared that he would be coming for Yami since he is an Arcane Stage Mage, he has already noticed that Yami is currently not at the base so instead of looking for him he has decided to "play" with the Black Bulls instead. Just like the base,he too is floating. While he appears to be confident of his powers he is quickly met by resistance from Henry who uses his Recombination Magic: The Raging Black Bull! to attack Dante while in midair, Gauche informs the others that this opponent is very bad news and that nobody needs to hold back here as he starts an attack of his own to backup Henry. He casts Large Reflect Refrain! while Henry throws a Mana Rocket Punch!,as the attacks are about to make contact Dante comments on his opponents insolence to dare attack him as he uses Gravity Magic: Presence of the Demon King!(Which i guess is a reference to his design being alike to a King's with the Royal Garments,Crown etc. and his usage of a Demon's powers). However those are not the only things affected by that Spell as all the trees in the environment surrounding them snap in half from the sheer pressure of the Gravity Magic,even the boulder Henry shot is breaking apart from it's power. Gauche labels it as a "Monster Spell" as not just the Trees but also the Black Bulls would have been snapped in half if not for Rouge's reality warping powers.

As Dante realizes this he gets a rather sadistic look on his face,as he finds it wonderful that there is a Stage Zero Mage besides Yami inside the base but just as he finishes he's forced to dodge a Black Slash fired by Asta who challenges Dante to be his opponent as he flies towards him on his Demon Slayer...

Personal Thought's

I rate this Chapter a 7.5 out of 10.

Well this is going a little too quickly,didn't think we'd get to see some of the Triad's capabilities this early on in the Arc but i guess this is where Vanica and Dante get established as proper threats,since Zeno already is given his current feats,either that or it's being made clear who among them actually is the Top Dog by having one of them lose or retreat to one of the main cast members. Felt like Dante was the Leader since he seemed to be giving the assignments to both Zeno and Vanica before,well that and because of his design with the crown and everything. Oh well,we're about to see what he's made of soon enough. I feel like he's either gonna lose to Asta or be forced to retreat once Yami joins in,seems likely that he will together with Finral,feels unlikely that he can attack the MC with his gang and get away with it safe and sound. Zeno had a fairly easy time against the Golden Dawn,but i doubt Dante will have it the same way. Golden Dawn is hailed as the strongest Magic Knight Squad but truthfully that is most likely due to their Numbers and the fact that they harbor low class Nobles,that paired with the strength of Captain Vengeance,Langris and Yuno. They're strong,but nothing the Black Bulls cannot match if not surpass IMO. Yami himself is very strong,has a rather unique Magic in his universe and has respectable Mana reserves,thanks to the Dark Triad coming after him we also know that he is an Arcane Stage Mage as well(Not that i give much about these PL-Tiers but since it matters within the series-). He's got pretty capable and established figthers in his Squad with useful and versatile Magics if used and controlled properly,plus,Asta the Anti-Magic user that can negate pretty much any attack thrown at him. They are good at coordinating with each other's attacks and Magics,reading their opponents and thanks to Vanessa's Rouge there is low risk of taking serious damage no matter the opponent for them. Yeah,they've got this i think. So i guess Noelle,Charmy,Gaja,Loropechika and Mimosa will end up fighting against Vanica while the Black Bulls take on Dante? Seems likely,not sure what to think about Loropechika claiming that Vanica is possessed by Megicula since i thought that Devil had split his power into fragments and placed them into the Dark Triad for them to make use of it,but i guess it would make sense for Zeno to say that he will show Yuno "his" Devils power now. Oh well,guess we'll have to wait and see for now,looking forward to it as usual.

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