Chapter Review: Black Clover (241 & 242)

Black Clover Chapter 241 Review by Hermit

Asta launches an attack at Bluenote, who has just attacked their hideout. Bluenote fires one back, but Asta counterattacks with the magic negating sword. The Dark Triad member soon realizes that Asta is being protected by strange magic, which he pin points to Vanessa. He then heads inside the guild to confront Vanessa. Asta tries to intervene, but gets slammed into the ground immediately. Bluenote then asks Vanessa to be his woman. Asta shows up again, this time in his black form.

This catches Bluenote by surprise, admitting that he had no knowledge that someone was possessed by a devil within Clover Kingdom. Using Black Divider (The same sword that Asta used against the Word Devil), he tries homing in on the enemy, but to no effect. Gauche decides to help out, using his Mirror Brigade to multiply Asta such that several of them are closing in on Bluenote. The chapter caps off with Asta taunting him to dodge the attack.

-Vanessa's magic making a comeback. I have to admit, it's really nice seeing the author have it show up in battle scenarios involving the Black Bulls. Also, it has realistic limitations in how much of fate it can really affect.
-Gauche's magic making a comeback as well. One of the most creative abilities in the series, hands down.
-Dante is the real deal as an opponent, which is a treat. Though I suppose that's standard shonen at the start of every battle arc.

-Yami not being there yet? Quite obvious that the Black Bull Members, despite their teamwork, are no match for Dante by himself. He might also be stronger than Yami, but that's something we need to see for ourselves.

Chapter rating: 7.5/10

Black Clover Chapter 242 Review by Hermit Mk. II

Very good chapter cover this week. Noelle looks particularly beautiful in her Valkyrie Dress.

Following up from last week's chapter, Asta charges at Dante. Dante activates 50% of his devil power, and it covers him the same way that Zeno did before. The space in front of Asta distorts, dissolving all his attacks. He proceeds to then step on the main character's shoulder, pinning him to the ground.

Once Asta is on the ground, Dante tells him that since they both have the same Master, they should be able to see eye to eye. Asta tells him to cut it out, saying that Dante killed his master, his teacher, and also destroyed Konoha. There was no way they could be able to come to a compromise. Dante then tells Asta that HIS parents, his friends and his village was destroyed by Clover Kingdom. What Dante was doing to Asta now was no different from what had happened to him in the past.

Dante then adds on that Asta is weak. Why? Because he lacks, hatred. He then proceeds to run Gauche through with one of his metal rods. There's a small flashback where we see Kushina cudding Asta as a baby, before the Nine Tails transformation is triggered. The 3rd tail appears from Asta's body, and Dante is heavily pleased.

-Dante's speech to Asta when on the ground. Solid stuff. Actually makes a pretty good point about evil and the root of humanity.
-Asta's transformation looks hella awesome.

-Gauche is not dead. So the stab scene will end up meaning nothing in the end.

Chapter rating: 7/10

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