Chapter Review: Black Clover (243, 244, 245)

Black Clover - Chapter 245 Review + 243/244 Recap by Seraph

Chapter 243: Devil Host vs. Devil Host

Asta after having lost control over his Black Form underwent another and much more powerful Transformation,the Anti Magic that previously covered only half of his body now covers roughly 60-70% of it while also transforming Asta's leg and arm into demonic claws. Arrogant as he is Dante playfully challenged Asta but soon had to learn that he was up against a completely changed and much more powerful Magic Knight than before,having lost all reasoning Asta attacks in a very wild manner all over the place while also displaying that this form is capable of extending and changing his sword/s shape a fair bit more than he used to be capable of. Impressive and Destructive as this display is,it's not enough to inflict damage on Dante at first,as he dodges the attacks he reveals that his devils name is "Lucifero" who goes on to reveal that the Devil that Asta and Co. took on in the Shadow Palace is named "Zagred" who left the underworld a while ago. Dante believes Asta is a low ranking nobody and so is his Devil so they won't stop a High Ranking Devil nor the Dark Triad,he begins his counterattack but Asta remains intent on striking Dante down and flies towards it. As a Rain of Rocks is falling down on Asta he displays quick reaction time and reflexes as he effortlessly cuts through all of them as he closes in on Dante,meanwhile Vanessa and Grey begin to lose hope that Gauche will make it,the fight continues with Asta countering another one of Dante's attacks with his Black Hurricane! while also firing at Dante with several Black Slashes! but to no avail as the Dark Triad Member dodges them easily. Suddenly the battle seems to lean into Asta's favor as he suddenly appears in front of Dante and manages to strike him with a Black Slash!,the damage is minimal but it is a cut on Dante's face and he isn't happy about it...

Chapter 244: Cinderella Grey

As Asta continues swinging away at Dante the Dark Triad Member begins his counterattack,despite not wanting to soil his actual hands with "trash" like Asta he has no choice and so he casts Gravity Magic: Heavy Infighting! which is a spell that lightens Dante's body but makes his fists very heavy to make for a combo of very quick but also powerful hits as he clobbers away at Asta who can not manage to defend himself anymore nor react to this attack at all. Back on the ground we see Grey crying over Gauche's possible demise,the wound is too big and deep and his breath seems to be fading prompting Grey to have a flashback to her Life before joining the Black Bulls. So,anybody that has watched or read the story of Cinderella as a kid will feel like being thrown back in time reading this because Grey's story is awfully similar to hers: The Youngest Child,always cleaning and doing the majority of the housework while being bullied by her own Mother and both her step sisters for being "ugly" and dirty. However since this is Black Clover there is of course a slight change: Grey managed to learn her Transformation Magic while secretly practicing after her housework,the first time she uses her Magic she transforms into one of her sisters only to end up bullied again but also chased out of the house as the Sisters are literally losing their minds over this and begin attacking her for it. As Grey runs away it is revealed that her last name is "Whiteley" which is a Noble House from Clover but not located within the Kingdom,that revelation is made by a bunch of thieves attempting to rob Grey and kidnap her. As the thugs are about to attack they're quickly defeated by Gauche who has been told by Marie to save Grey,as Grey wanted to thank him he set her straight: It was only because Marie wanted it,and she shouldn't try to run away from home if she isn't prepared to fight for what she wants in the future,the World isn't kind and neither are some of the people inhabiting it. Back in the current time Grey manages to somehow reverse the damage inflicted upon Gauche through a new type of Magic but before Vanessa can classify it they're interrupted by the Downfall of Asta by the hands of Dante who managed to witness Grey's magic and now wants her along with Vanessa to be his women. A sudden cut through the ground in front of him picks his attention as Yami arrives alongside Finral to stop the guy intending to mess with his Subordinates.

Chapter 245: Dante vs. The Captain of the Black Bulls

Dante identifies Yami by his Magic whereas Yami recognizes Dante to be one of the Spade Devil Hosts,However,as Yami notices the wounded and defeated Asta&Gauche he adds that he doesn't care who Dante really is because no matter what he is going to die here. The Dark Triad Member praises Yami's malice towards him but he won't allow the Captain to make light of him,he casts his Gravity Magic: Presence of the Demon King! to pull Yami towards the ground along with Finral who can barely maintain consciousness in the midst of this. Yami manages to withstand the Gravity pressure barely but as he shrouds himself and Finral with his Mana Zone it becomes a lot more bearable for them,Dante praises Yami for not groveling by his feet already but he is quickly shocked by the Captains prowess as Yami reveals that he has been training and learning new spells the past 6 Months all for this war against Spade and will give it a try against the Dark Triad Member now as he casts Mana Zone + Dark Magic: Black Hole = Dark Magic: Black Moon! which creates a Black Sphere above Yami creating an anti-gravitational field effectively nullifying the Gravity Magic cast before. As Finral makes his escape to Vanessa and Co. Dante prepares another attack for Yami by lightening a big Rock to throw it towards him with inertia,naturally the Rock flies super fast but Yami effortlessly gets rid of it by using his Dark Magic: Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash! with full strength. Dante is shocked by Yami's display as he cut through Space but he gathers himself quickly while claiming that this is what an Arcane Stage Mage is supposed to be like and that is why the Dark Triad desires them and crafts a sword for himself out of a nearby boulder. He uses Gravity Magic: Heavy Infighting Gladiator! to lighten his entire body while also making his sword swings heavier,Yami praises his speed but enters his Mana Zone again to gain speed to react timely,naturally Yami is also reading Dante's KI to put less strain on his body. Dante begins to feel ecstatic over Yami's powers but Yami isn't having any of it and continues to clash with him at high speeds, as Yami asks what the Triad wants him for Dante responds that they need him since he is a Key to the Underworld,he begins to mock Yami that while despite being part of their agenda he is so "shabby" and yet surrounded by multiple Arcane Stage Mages that will eventually serve Dante himself. He adds that he has never been jealous of another man but Yami gives him the cold shoulder,his subordinates won't serve Dante and he doesn't care about their power levels either as he only invited them into the Black Bulls because he liked them. He sheaths his sword again to go for an Iai-Slash as he casts Mana Zone: Condense,creating a Barrier that immediatly lets him react to any intruder/s all the while Dante charges at him from behind already. Yami informs the Dark Triad Member that he won't hand any of his Black Bulls over,especially not to him as he casts: Dark Magic: Dark Cloaked Iai Slash! and cuts Dante across his chest,having immediatly reacted to his surprise attack and sliced him in return rather than defend himself.

Personal Thought's

I rate these Chapters a 9 out of 10.

Chapter 243/244 Opinion:

So the Word Devil's name was Zagred and he counted as a Higher Ranking Devil huh? Yet he was defeated by the gang Pre TS,guessing these Devils need Hosts in order to manifest more and stronger power,even though they may be powerful on their own already. Perhaps having a Host with strong mana and affinity can amplify their own powers a lot too? More input. And Dante's Devil is called "Lucifero"? Interesting,and he can interact with the Devil too. So we only need to hear Zenon's Devil next and we have the Triad complete with Vanica harboring Megicula.
Asta's new form is pretty impressive,gives him more range and versatility it seems though it may have rough backlash afterwards. But at the very least he managed to scratch Dante now,curious if he can regenerate this damage or if it will remain. He'll definitely backfire though,anyway,i'm gonna be looking forward to it as always.

Grey's Magic impressed me,her background was also fairly interesting even if it was a reference to a very popular Fairy Tale mostly. I wonder if she reversed the Damage or transformed the Blade into flesh and blood of Gauche? I mean,unless she is a hybrid she cannot use 2 Kinds Magic right? I think that is what Charmy's fight with Rill was supposed to convey. Hoping we get more of Grey in the future,good that the Author didn't forget her. And as expected, Asta lost to Dante but he bought enough time for Yami to arrive so i commend him,i would've wanted more on his devil but i guess we're going to get that soon this arc if the story does lead to the Underworld at some point. Perhaps there is an actual Demon King waiting for us in this Manga and the 3 Devils from Spade want to revive him? I'm hyped for it,even if the Trope feels somewhat overrused to me,Black Clover likes breaking out of the norms.

Chapter 245 Opinion:

Pretty strong stuff from Yami here,that's the kind of power i expect from a Captain that spent half a year training and was high tier before already. That Black Moon Spell is pretty cool,didn't think Yami could easily overcome Dante's Magic despite his training but i did expect him to put up a decent fight here. So they're after Yami because he is a key to the Underworld? Does that go for all Arcane Stages or just him due to his Dark Magic that even Zagred feared because it was able to damage him? It would make sense to me,William i'm a little confused by then but it seems that powerful magics and Mana is being sought by them hence most of the ones they were looking for were Captains,had Captain Class abilities or very unique Magics like Vanessa's Rouge.
I expect Dante to get back up and continue fighting,either that or he remains unconcious and upon being captured he does something drastic to outrun them. Either one works for me but i can also just see him retreat,he's been damaged fairly badly by that last attack so it would be no surprise. It's a little too early for the Triad to fall apart imo. Of course he can always just go and use more of his Devils Power too,best Yami in another clash and take him to Spade Kingdom. Open for any outcome so let's see.

Till next time everybody!!!

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