Chapter Review: Black Clover (246)

Black Clover Chapter 246 review by Belserion

Chapter Title: The Tree of Qliphoth

This week’s chapter begins with Asta inside his head. His devil is going absolutely berserk promising to kill, I’m guessing Dante/Lucifero, for injuring him. Asta is confused about what’s going on but shortly after, he wakes up and remembers what was happening and the fight with Dante. He’s relieved to feel Gauche’s ki, which signals he’s still alive, but is surprised to see Yami facing off against Dante.

Yami explains to Dante that when Mana Zone is condensed the mana is thicker and therefore the Quick Draw techniques in his sword never miss. Dante starts laughing like a maniac seeming both shocked and pleased that he has to resort to using a certain technique. His flesh where Yami had cut him begins to bubble over and heal. Dante compliments Yami and begins to explain what his plans are. Apparently years ago Dante was bored and tired of everything and nothing satisfied his malice. We see small snapshots of his life growing up, as a boy he killed animals, then it looks like he joined the Spade Army and the killing he did wasn’t enough, he took women to his bed but that didn’t satisfy him either, then ultimately we see the king laying dead before him and what heralded the beginning of the Dark Triads reign. He tells Yami that this is where it starts and that he, Yami, will be the one to open the gate to a more magnificent world. Yami is unimpressed and tells Dante he doesn’t have a freakish power that allows him to link them to the underworld. Dante decides its story time and asks Yami what links their world to the underworld. He doesn’t wait for an answer. He tells him it’s a magic channel called the Tree of Qliphoth. What’s required to create a tree of Qliphoth are Arcane Stage, Dark Magic and World Tree Magic. So basically this is why they’re after Yami and William. Yami is surprised they know about William, and asks Dante what happens if their world links to the underworld. Dante tells him that if it happens Devils will pour into the world and fill it to the brim with every sort of malice. Then he starts laughing again like he just told the best joke. He tells Yami he’s really looking forward to it and Yami resolves to wipe him out right there.

We move on to Spade Kingdom. Some dark disciples are moaning about being bored and one of them mentions hearing a rumor that a clover spy has infiltrated their Kingdom. His comrade laughs it off and claims only a suicidal person would try infiltrating them. In Dante’s room, a hooded figure goes through his things and comes across the plans for the tree of Qliphoth. Just then, he’s confronted by one of the dark disciples who deduces that this must be the Clover spy. He prepares to attack, only for the hooded figure to literally disappear. Suddenly two hands appear out of the shadows beneath the disciple and pulls him underground. Afterwards, we see the hooded figure walking out of Dante’s room, the Black Bulls symbol on the pack around their waist.

Chapter Rating: 8/10.

This was an alright chapter. Basically it was an info dump about the Dark Triads plans for hunting these arcane stage mages, and Yami and William in particular. It’s honestly a bit too generic for my liking. The Dark Triad seems to be a bunch of bored Mages with nothing better to do than to wreak havoc for their own amusement. At least the Elves had a purpose when they declared war. What will be interesting is if they do succeed in having the devil’s pour into the world. Yami seems to think he will be able to defeat Dante but honestly I doubt it. The only way Yami escapes is if Finral wakes up or the mysterious Shadow mage arrives to help since they seem to be able to travel within shadows. Speaking of which, I’m glad we’re being introduced to new Black Bulls members. Compared to the other squads they were way too small in number. This might be the vice captain. Hopefully we see more of him or her in the upcoming chapters and they don’t drag out this teaser too long.

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