Chapter Review: Black Clover (247 & 248)

Black Clover Chapter 247 Review by Hermit

I like Luck quite a bit. Him, Vanessa and Noelle are my favorite Black Bulls members. As for the actual chapter, it was honestly mostly a disappointment. More on this to follow:

The Heart Kingdom is under siege, as the perspective of the manga switches from Asta's group to Loropechika and her side.

Loropechika is in her throne room, and she watches, despairingly, as the kingdom's citizens are helpless. Strangely enough, Four of Spirit Guardians are also taken down offscreen (=.=). The Heart Queen is shocked at how powerful the Dark Triad underlings are, even with just a portion of devil's power.

Noelle and Mimosa are also both watching. Luck plus a few people have been sent to help, and Noelle is sure they will be just fine. The scene then switches to one of the fallen Spirit Guardians. Vanica's underling, Svenking is standing over him and berating him for being weak. Svenkin reveals that his devil abilities are at 50%.

Svenkin moves to attack an innocent mother and her daughter, but Luck shows up and saves the two. He attacks the Spade Kingdom foe, but he can't pierce his Hierro. Svenkin smacks Luck away with a blow, before Luck follows up with another attack. This time, he uses a ranged magic attack, which sadly cannot pierce the skin of his enemy.

As it turns out, Svenkin's Skin Magic allows him to turn his skin into the same attribute as that of his enemies's magic. Which makes him both the strongest spear and shield. Luck asks him why is he attacking the Spade Kingdom, and he admits it is for Lady Vanica.

Luck is then asked about himself, why he is putting his life on the line for strangers. He has a small flashback, before saying it is because he is a Magic Knight.

-Seeing Luck get a fight. Even though his opponent is heavily forgettable. I like Luck's magic too, though I wish we'd see a new move from him. Or even if he can evolve his magic. Considering his opponent is completely resistant to lightning, will be interesting to see how Luck copes. Maybe Leopold will show up next chapter.

-Everything else in this chapter was a giant NO. First of all (The biggest problem), is how did FOUR of the Spirit Guardians lose to unnamed fodder? I would understand if they were facing off the likes of Zenon (Took out an entire guild by himself), or even Vanica. But seriously, losing to lackeys? After being hyped up as the same people who would train Asta and co........what? What is this writing? Doesn't make sense, in the least bit. If it is setting up for the Black Bulls to hog all the glory Iam going to be very annoyed

Chapter rating: 5/10

Black Clover - Chapter 248 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Luck vs Svenkin

This Week's Chapter of Black Clover begins with a flashback to 6 months ago where Asta brought Luck and Magna over to Heart Kingdom to have Gaja teach them how to create runes from natural Mana,since they both use Nature based magic attributes they're very well suited for this kind of training. Magna with his Flame Magic and Luck with his Lightning Magic,it was planned for Zora to attend the training as well but apparently he preferred to remain by himself and train by himself. Gaja begins to show them how to create runes and explains that if one cannot do this then it would be impossible to create an array during battle,Magna tries it but seems to struggle which Gaja blames on his low reserves of Mana. Magna is at Stage 5 but if he wants to handle arrays in combat then he needs to at least reach Stage 3,in other words: He needs to get stronger before he can attempt the training of creating runes. Luck on the other hand seems to be a natural at creating runes with the Mana from the Atmosphere as he creates multiple runes immediatly, while Magna walks out frustrated by his lack of power Luck claims that he will just get stronger on his own. When Asta tries to stop Magna Luck tells him that if Magna gets stopped by this then that was all he was worth. Gaja explains that the more complex the array is the more powerful your Magic can become,since the runes work like orders for the Magic they are applied to,so mastering the runes and finding out the perfect pattern for your Combat Style will ultimately be the deciding factors in making your Magic stronger.

Lucks first task was to think up a pattern that would suit his combat style,shortly after he approached Gaja to have him teach the True Lightning Magic. Gaja explains that it is very powerful Magic and generates Real Lightning,it took him 2 years to master it completely despite being a Spirit Guardian. Another factor that he can do it so well is that he specializes in using Discharge Spells while Luck is proficient with using Equip Spells and creating arrays quickly by his hands and feet. If he can focus on strengthening these talents more he'll be able to use powerful magic that is solely his. Back in the present Svenkin begins to mock Luck over his failed attempts of injuring him before,his speed will be useless against the Skin Magic he employs. Luck attacks once more and this time even faster due to more using more arrays this time but it still fails to damage Svenkin as his Skin Magic detects Magic and instantly reacts,as he tries to counter Luck with a punch the latter abandons his Armor's boot to dodge. Svenkin praises Luck for using clever tricks but since he can't allow himself to be shown up he uses a clever trick of his own as he casts Skin Magic: Skin Fort! which results in several cannon barrels forming across his body in order to hit luck with Magic Shells. Luck begins to take Damage again and looks pretty worn out but he continues to move around in a quick fashion,ordering his Magic to "get faster" resulting in flashier and even quicker movements allowing him to get a hit in on Svenkin even. Luck's Speed has now surpassed his Skin Detection!. Svenkin deactivates the automatic detection and goes over to locking his defenses constantly now to prevent any kind of damage to befall him.

But Luck just ignores his boasting and prepares 5 arrays on top of each other by his feet,ordering once more to "get faster!". Similary to jumping onto a trampoline Luck rockets towards Svenkin jumping off his arrays with an incredible Speed holding his fist forward as he flies in order to pierce through Svenkin with his True Lightning Magic: Ceranos! leaving the latter with a hole in his chest. As Luck lands and Svenkin collapses the Black Bull thanks the Spade Elite for a fun fight.

Personal Thought's

I rate this Chapter an 8 out of 10.

Nice and interesting fight that Luck had here,these Spade Elites are a force to be reckoned with for sure. So would the Spirit Guardians be as well i'm sure but seeing how hard a time Luck had here and his Opponents Magic they probably drew the short straw in terms of Magic MatchUps here,wouldn't be surprised if Spade had done research on each Guardian and just sent the Mages that would have an advantage based on Magic Type there along with Vanica. In the end the Devil Power strengthens the Original Magic drastically not change it entirely,similar to the Elves really but even stronger. The fights will be less about brute force vs brute force but will have to include strategy for a change it seems. Perhaps we'll get to see Magna fight someone here now too after his brief appearance in the Chapter. Though i think Luck and Magna's overall relevance to the arc will be rather insignificant,the Author is keeping them fresh in our minds though which i appreciate. Till next time everybody!!!

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