Chapter Review: Black Clover (249)

Black Clover Chapter 249 Review by Hermit

Fairly decent chapter this week. Leopold got some shine, which was obviously the best part of the chapter.

Another of the Spirit Guardians is introduced this chapter, Floga. Though he has obviously been taken down already by the Dark Triad. Leopold is at the same area, now engaging the assailant.

He's looking at a large eye (Reminiscent to Gaara's technique in Naruto). Suddenly, Leo is hit by an attack to his side. He can't trace the source of the attack. In the woods, we finally see the enemy. His name is Sivor, and he describes his eye magic as being able to pinpoint an enemy's location plus also read how much mana they have. This then allows him to fire condensed balls of magic, which work like bullets.

A small flashback ensues. Floga is training Leo, explaining to him that there always seems to be something he is holding back in his magic. The Crimson Lion member then explains that he looks up to Mereleona and Fuegoloen, but he feels as if he will never surpass them sometimes. He's instructed to look at his own strengths, and to stop thinking that he should compare himself to his siblings.

Back to the present, Leo sharpens his senses and fires an attack towards the direction ahead of him. The attack misses, obviously being a half hearted one. Sivor boasts that he has never been injured in battle, so he can simply maintain the distance between him and Leo and persist with the ranged attacks.

Just then, a large magic circle appears arround Sivor and part of the forest. Leo explains that he had been setting this up little by little while Sivor's eyes were focused on him the whole battle. He then activates his spell, True Flame Magic: Crimson Eruption.

The flames engulf Sivor, who cries out in pain. The cries of pain then alert Leo to his location, and he heads there to finish off the battle.

Personal thoughts:
-While it was rather nice to see Leopold get a fight, I don't really like that they have to introduce these fodder Dark Triad members just to give the other side characters a chance to shine. It does nothing to further the plot. Just ends up being a hype tool to display new techniques. Which is fine, but when these events occur in isolation it's rather....meh. The Golden Dawn chapters where Zenon raided their base and Yuno had to fight minor members were done better than the current ones. Here's hoping that the next chapter will at least move the plot forward.

Chapter rating:7.5/10

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