Chapter Review: Black Clover (250)

Black Clover Chapter 250 Review by Hermit

Halfway to another landmark chapter (300), which is a good sign. The chapter itself is....not so interesting, however.

Charmy is soaring through the air, vowing that she will never forgive anyone who threatens the kingdom's nature, and subsequently, its food reserves. Ahead of her lies the villain of the week. Her name is Halbet, and just like Flare Corona, she uses hair magic.

Halbet has just taken down another of the Spirit Guardians, Polrof. Turning to look at Charmy who has just arrived, she remarks that Charmy is fat and therefore unsightly. A small flashback ensues with Charmy and Polrof. To this effect, she swears she will never forgive Hamlet.

The Black Bulls member uses a Summoning Jutsu to bring forth the large sheep from Mount Myoboku. Unfortunately, her Cotton Magic can;t touch Halbet's hair magic. A principle that also works in reverse, since Halbet's hair just slips right through Charmy's large summoning. The hair lady states that her own magic can defend her, but Charmy's own magic cannot. Which causes her to launch an attack at Charmy that impales her with several strands of hair.

After continually stating how unsightly Charmy is and praising her own self as well, Halbet wraps Charmy in her hair and intends on crushing her to death. Charmy makes herself thin, and the giant sheep she summoned transforms into a wolf. She then proceeds to use the same spell she used against elf Rill, and all of Hablet;s hair ends up being disintegrated. Once the Dark disciple loses her main means of magic, Charmy attacks her with an array of punches, which finishes her off.

-Seeing Charmy's secondary magic in action once again. About the only positive from this chapter, makes me excited to see her backstory.

-About just everything else. Like I stated with the previous review, there is absolutely no point in introducing fodder members just to hype up the main characters. These fights would be so much more interesting if the Spirit Guardians actually combined with their students to take down the Dark disciples. Not to mention magic aspects such as arrays and runes would definitely get more exposition that way. As they stand now it is just a flashy looking gimmick that happens to look good, which is rather weak. Genuinely hope this formulaic writing ends soon, it's doing nothing to further the plot.

Chapter rating: 5.5/10

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