Chapter Review: Black Clover (251)

Black Clover - Chapter 251 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The Curse Devil

This week's Chapter of Black Clover starts with a really beautifully drawn Color page of Charmy and a Wolf with Asta sawing Trees in the background,it is supposed to be a reference to the famous fairy tale "Red Riding Hood" of the Brothers Grimm. I really liked it, very fitting!.
The Chapter starts with Gaja staring down one of the Dark Disciples that he seems to have defeated rather quickly just before the scene switched to him, there are Lightning Clouds roaring above them and some of the Citizens celebrate his victory already. With a fellow Spirit Guardian admitting inferiorty to Gaja as he is in a class of his own even among the other Spirit Guardians. It doesn't look like Gaja broke much of a sweat defeating his opponent as he is already about to return to Loropechika's side in order to protect her,speak of the devil,back at Loropechika's location the Princess of Heart Kingdom has good news to share with Noelle and Mimosa. Each of the Dark Disciples that invaded her Kingdom has been defeated by Charmy,Leopold,Luck and Gaja just now with only Charmy and the latter remaining in proper fighting condition. While Noelle and Mimosa praise their comrades for hanging in there Loropechika is speechless at these developments as each of the Clover Knights managed to defeat an opponent stronger than they themself were,she concludes that Clover Knights evolve and grow the most during actual combat. However,the celebrations are cut short as another Dark Disciple attempts to attack her and the girls right away but unfortunately for him the Princess already expected his arrival and hence prepared an instant counterattack against him with Mimosa's help. She casts Plant Creation Magic: Magic Cannon Flower! and with Loropechika/Undine lending her Mana her attack becomes powerful enough to knock the Dark Disciple out with a single shot. Very impressive display from the Ladies there,hats off.

While Loropechika is busy praising Mimosa for her impressive attack we can see someone else approaching from the Dark and it is no one other than the infamous Vanica of the Dark Triad,Host to Megicula,the Devil that cursed Loropechika and Noelle's Mother Acier Silva which caused her to die after Noelle's birth. She makes a, as i would describe it, cheerfully arrogant first proper appearance in the Throne Room as she greets Loropechika as if she was greeting an old friend of hers. Even calling her "Sweetie". She tells the Princess that it's a shame they didn't get to have a proper fight last time she "visited" due to Megicula just wishing for her to be cursed at the time but she will make sure to have the utmost "fun" today as there is nothing stopping them this time and she is her only target. As Noelle tries to maintain her composure in the face of her Mother's Enemy Loropechika begins to question Vanica,if the Princess is who she wants to fight then why would she hurt and kill the Citizens of Heart Kingdom first? The answer is simple,and she tells us with a rather sadistic look on her face, it's that she wanted the Princess to be really into this fight. Something that visibly angers Noelle,she tells Vanica that there aren't any Disciples left to fight for her so she better get ready to take on everyone on her own now,but Vanica shrugs it off since nobody has been "defeated" yet from her point of view. Just in that moment,the previously beaten Disciple gets back up and thanks his superior for making him "good" again,but Vanica returns his thank you with a powerful kick to the shoulder which instantly knocks him out again.

Vanica orders the Disciple to take down Noelle and Mimosa while she fights Loropechika and adds that as long as she herself is conscious her soldiers will not fall to anyone,even if they happen to be killed. Megicula's Curse Power is that powerful apparently. Her claims are confirmed by Loropechika as she senses and sees all of the previously defeated Dark Disciples getting back up to fight again,but thankfully, all of the Magic Knights as well as Gaja are ready to take them on one more time shouting nothing but: "Bring it on!!!". Vanica repeats that unless she falls nothing will stop but she also asks Loropechika if she is taking this serious now,Noelle equips her Valkyrie Armor while Mimosa and the Princess of Heart Kingdom ready themselves to battle. Vanica is absolutely going down here!

Personal Thought's

I rate this Chapter a 7.5 out of 10.

Oh boy, now i do hope that Vanica will lose here against Noelle,Mimosa and Loropechika/Undine. It's rare that i come to dislike a character that early after their proper introduction into an arc to be honest,which i guess is a good thing for her as a villain,but still. I did think that it was unlikely/early for a member of the triad to be defeated/killed here but given that the Dark Disciples won't stay down unless she is defeated and many of the Clover Knights are at their limit already after the first round it feels like she has to lose here now. If she falls to the Ladies Trio here then Loropechika is free from her curse and Noelle has essentially avenged her Mother by defeating the Devil who cursed her,even though i thought that Nozel and the other siblings would be with her when the time to fight Megicula would come but i'd take this current scenario too honestly. The odds seem to be somewhat in their favour even,although who knows what that Disciple she brought with her is capable of now. We'll see,i'll be looking forward to it is all i know for now. Till next time everybody!!!

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