Chapter Review: Black Clover (252 & 253)

Decided to do the last two week's reviews as a whole because of the fight's conclusion (Or a pseudo conclusion, depending on what happens next). Therefore:

Black Clover Chapter 252 and 253 Review by Hermit

Noelle takes the first initiative of the fight, using her iconic Sea Dragon's Roar to attack Vanica. As expected, the attack does nothing to faze Vanica. She launches a spell of her own; Red Beast (Using her own Blood Magic). Mimosa is in a clash with the minion who Vanica brought to the room. His magic is.....disturbing. Regardless, the Golden Dawn girl had planted some of her magic on his tongue, so she instructs Noelle and Loropechika to leave that fight to her.

Vanica passes by, slashing her minion with her magic, but he immediately regenerates. A small flashback ensues, where Loropechika had explained that the members of the Dark Triad all use two types of magic. Their own primary magic + that of the devil possessing them. Vanica briefly mentions World Tree Magic and Darkness Magic in relation to the objectives of her comrades. When Noelle asks what Dark Magic was referring to, Vanica refuses to answer the question.

Loropechika accesses a large library in her mind, which is a priviledge all the Heart Kingdom Princesses are allowed. She glimpses some grim pictures, realizing that is the end game of the Dark Triad. Vanica elaborates that she is only interested in the strong people who will survive in such a grizzly world. Just then, Loropechika unleashes a large spell. Using Mana Zone, Mana Method and her basic water magic, she summons a large water pillar that traps Vanica right in the middle of it. The Heart Princess explains that this magic halves the power of Vanica's Blood Magic, plus additionally boosting Noelle's magic.

Noelle turns into a mermaid, and charges at Vanica with her lance.

Vanica is happy at the attack from Noelle, stating that it would make the fight more fun. Just then, the Dark Triad member unleashes her devil's power. To be more specific, 50% of it. She charges the attack at Noelle, who skillfully evades the spell. Vanica then uses 51% of her power, which increases the effect of her spell (?) This part isn't very clear. Noelle asks if that is how Acier was killed, but Vanica has no recollection of that person.

On the other side of the battlefield, Mimosa is also engaged in a battle of her own. Another flashback ensues, where Loropechika tearfully admits that she is scared. She reveals to have fought Vanica before (One on one), that was the fight she was cursed in. Loro is scared of dying, thinking that revealing such a selfish wish makes her unworthy to rule.

The Dark Triad female synchronizes with her Devil, using 70% of her power. She reveals this to be her maximum power. Noelle reveals that she was waiting for that moment. Turns out that this was indeed a plan by the three girls. Have Vanica expend the most of her power, then finally use Nero to seal up her Devil power.

Chapter 253 ends with a sudden appearance from Nero, who uses a Sealing Jutsu on Vanica's demonic power.

- More world building on Heart Kingdom. More specifically, their magic system. We learned about the past princesses knowledge library (A bit like the Halloween Devil in Chainsaw Man, ha), also got to see Mana Method. Heart Kingdom also has Mana Zone, much like the Clover Kingdom.
- Loropechika got a bit more characterization in that small flashback where she admits to being afraid. Honestly, up till now she seemed like a plot device. Someone to offer the Clover Kingdom more power ups through the training, and also a way of revealing the Water Slyph. That mini flashback was a very good idea by the author.
- Noelle's new power up, the mermaid form. Which has also brought about a bit of controversy in the chapter discussion, haha;P
- Nero showing up was very much needed. Finally, she returns to the story.

- Mimosa's fight is a bit pathetic. Even her opponent's magic is just.....ugh. Too much cringe.
- Vanica is not really living up to her initial hype. Like the Blood Magic was....fine. Had some decent showings, even with the blood monster she summoned. But ever since she began synchronizing with her Devil, literally nothing has happened. Noelle is commenting on her power increasing, but where are the effects? Very underwhelming.

Chapter 252 Rating:7.5/10
Chapter 253 Rating:6.5/10

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