Chapter Review: Black Clover (254)

Black Clover - Chapter 254 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Power Differential

Nero seemingly succeeded with sealing Vanica and Megicula through her Mana Method Sealing Magic: Eternal Prison!, Lolopechka concludes that with Vanica and Megicula's powers being completely sealed there should be no way for their Curse on her to still be in effect. She uncovers her belly to make sure but to everyone's shock the Mark is still on it,meaning the curse remains intact, suddenly a frightening laugther is heard from behind Nero. And the laugh isn't Vanicas, it is Megiculas. The Mighty Demon and Sworn Enemy of Noelle has decided to come to the surface. Speaking through Vanica, the demon mocks the humans for their inferiority to them in every aspect possible but also expresses great joy at the surprises they can manage to pull off from time to time as well. Such as Nero's Sealing Magic. She effortlessly breaks free from Nero's Spell and proceeds to bind her with corrupted runes, she continues by creating several more Dark Runes that she shoots out into all directions in order to break Lolopechka's Ludic Sanctuary. And to no one's surprise she easily succeeds. As the remaining Water disappears both Noelle and Nero appear to be defeated, Lolopechka is barely standing as well, Vanica/Megicula approaches them slowly while praising their Strategy meant to defeat her. Megicula admits that Nero almost succeeded in sealing it's power away, all those futile but amusing attempts at defeating the Demon makes it want to toy with all the Humans even more. Lolopechka remains in fear and shock as she cannot believe that the Sealing Magic failed as well, Megicula explains that it would've worked if not for her Curse Warding Magic: Decaying World! which automatically activated as Vanica began using 70% of Megicula's powers. The Spell weakens every Spell Array cast meant to harm or affect her,however, Megicula did not expect it to be strong enough to be able to weaken the Spell of an Arcane Stage Mage too.

Vanica interrupts her Demon's lecture because she doesn't want it to interfere anymore,she wants to have fun. Lolopechka looks on in terror but is soon to be broken completely as Undine calls out to her, while in very bad shape. Megicula also managed to curse Undine,the Water Spirit, something even the Demon is surprised by that it worked so well. Undine has been with Lolopechka since she was a baby, seeing her like this brings the Princess to tears. She wants to call out to the Spirit but cannot due to intense pain errupting within her due to Megicula's curse reacting to the Demon's presence. Vanica and Megicula conclude that with Lolopechka being unable to move due to the pain and her Water Spirit being "useless" now they have essentially won this battle, as Vanica attempts to kill the Princess we see Noelle get back up on her feet. She tries to use her Original Valkyrie Armor but fails to form a complete armor due to lack of Mana and Stamina,without Undine's support she cannot enter her other form either but she remains determined to defeat Vanica. The Lady from the Dark Triad shows little to no interest in Noelle as she isn't "special" without anyone helping her,the gap in power is too big and she is much too slow for a battle like this one. Noelle attempts to attack her anyway but is quickly hit by several Dark Spears, but she continues to push against her. The difference in power means nothing to Noelle,she will continue fighting because the sins and destruction caused by the Dark Triad shall never be forgiven. Megicula notices that Noelle managed to defend against any lethal attacks thanks to her Armor's protection and just as the Demon concludes it's thought Noelle impales Vanica once more with her Water Lance...

Personal Thought's

I rate this Chapter a 9 out of 10.

Nice Fighting Noelle, 10 out of 10 men would marry her for determination and willpower alone, Asta is a lucky fellow. I'm proud to see her being the last standing force in this fight,she's put up just as much if not more of a struggle than Asta and Yuno here i found. Hopefully her actions and attacks will not have been entirely in vain and she managed to leave some kind of damage on Vanica/Megicula after all. Not much of a surprise to see the Sealing Magic fail but it was a nice spell despite it all, would've loved to see Nero remain active a little longer but i guess it can't be helped given her distance to the enemy at the time. Nice Fight Nero!. I'm looking forward to how this continues and what kind of damage Noelle's attack caused here but i won't hold my breath just yet. Let's see...Till next time everybody!!!

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