Chapter Review: Black Clover (255 - 265)

Black Clover Chapter(s) 255-265 Review by Hermit

Chapter 255:
Noelle's fight with Vanica continues, and after seemingly losing (Due to her mermaid armor wearing off), a new spell shows up in Noelle's grimoire. Vanica then asks Noelle's name. It turns out that Vanica had indeed fought Noelle's mother in the past, Acier, so to this effect she takes Loropechika as a hostage. As she flees the Heart Kingdom, she makes sure to cause her underlings to self destruct. Yami's fight with Dante continues, and Dante promises to show him the true power of a Devil Host.

Chapter 256:
Dante activates 80% of his Devil power. He explains that due to the barrier between the devil and human world, it is impossible for devil hosts to access 100% of their power. Though, he is not particularly sure in Asta's case, considering Asta's devil is a complete unknown to him. Yami and Dante then resume their fight. This time, Yami is slowly overpowered as the fight continues. He then uses a new technique, Thrust, which completely dismantles Dante's body.

Chapter 257:
Despite having his body obliterated, Dante regenerates it down to the last organ. He commends Yami on being a worthy opponent, before revealing his magic is Body Magic. It's a magic that basically prevents him from dying, ageing or deteriorating. His body then suddenly becomes larger, and Yami tries obliterating it once more, but it does not work out. The Black Bulls captain then boldly declares that he can't win the fight without Asta. Asta gets up, and stands side by side his captain preparing to join him in battle.

Chapter 258:
Teaming up, the two Black Bulls members fight in rhythm vs Dante. They hack, cut and slash away at his organs, efforts which all prove futile. Realizing that he's holding his captain back, Asta pleads to his inner Devil to give him power. The devil agrees, but says it will take a part of his body in exchange. Asta's arm gets cloaked by the devil's magic, and he undertakes a partial transformation as he charges at Dante once more.

Chapter 259:
Asta's devil tells him he has 50 seconds, to which he replies that's long enough. After a bit of clashing with Dante, he summons his Demon Dweller and Demon Destroyer swords, which he uses to parry and attack Dante simulataneously. Yami then hands his katana to Asta. Filling it with anti magic, Asta then lands a final, devastating blow on Dante. The blow proceeds to take him out and at long last, the Black Bulls win the fight.

Chapter 260:
Asta collapses after a long fight, but his captain grabs him before he drops to the ground completely. Gauche also recovers fully, and Gray hugs him out of relief. As Yami is holding onto Dante's grimoire, suddenly, Zenon appears out of thin air. Yami is impaled with several bones (Similar to William). Zenon then charges an attack at Asta, that Finral blocks with spatial magic. Desperately, the rest of the Black Bulls members try to retrieve their captain, but Zenon is far above their level. They then proceed to watch helplessly as he is dragged into the abyss.

Chapter 261:
Stunning color cover, with Yami and Asta featured on it. Asta is being healed by Owen, who admits that he cannot do anything about Asta's demonized arm. Owen proceeds to have a look at Gauche, admitting that Gauche is not in any danger. However, Gray's magic might not be transformation magic, but something else entirely. Night falls, and Asta wakes up in the middle of the night. Yami's katana is in his grimoire, which causes him to be devastated as reality sets in. Just as he gets out of bed, he is questioned as to where he is heading. Asta is also frozen in place by the assailant's magic, who reveals themselves to be someone who knows Yami. The stranger then grows a horn, shocking Asta. They then reveal themselves to be Nacht, the Black Bulls Vice Captain.

Chapter 262:
Nacht has a pet devil on his shoulder called Gimodelo. Asta is surprised at how easily he is conversing with it. Nacht then tells Asta he will train him to master the Devil's power. The next day sets in, and the Captains are holding a meeting. Yuno is also present, as the Golden Dawn's representative. Jack then taunts Yuno for being so weak and losing to the enemy, but Fuegoloen tells him to stop. An argument then breaks out, and Nacht crashes the meeting admitting he does not like disorderly people.

Chapter 263:
The captains are in an uproar at the sudden intrusion, but Nacht summons several other devils to subdue them. Julius then reveals that Nacht is a Vice Captain of Black Bulls, who was in Spade Kingdom this whole time as a spy. Jack also recognizes Nacht, but he remembers him having a different magic before. The Vice Captain tells everyone to get seated, before explaining the motives of the Dark Triad. Seven levels will open over seven days, and the final level has the strongest devil, Lucifero. Nacht then reveals that he intends on making Asta the trump card of the Clover Kingdom. The kingdom will build an elite force around Asta, then invade the Spade Kingdom before the seven days are over.

Chapter 264:
Continuing his explanation from before, Nacht explains that each of the Dark Triad members has two magic each. Dante has Gravity and Body Magic, Vaniva has Blood and Curse Magic, while Zenon has Bone and Spatial Magic. Yuno asks Nacht to include him in the team, explaining that he has a responsibility as a member of the Golden Dawn. He also reveals that he is a prince of Spade Kingdom, surprising everyone in the room. The Black Bulls Vice Captain then agrees to Yuno's request, stating that they depart 2 days from now. Perspective shifts to the Heart Kingdom, where Noelle regains consciousness. Standing over her are the elves Patri, Fana, Vetto and Rhya.

Chapter 265:
Noelle recognizes the elves as former adversaries, and it is revealed the rest of her teammates are all recovering behind her. Patry then explains they are in Elysia, a high magic region. There are two kids with Patry, who are revealed to descendants of Tetia and Licht's kids. Secre then remembers saving the unborn foetus's back then, which means the bloodline lived on. Noelle asks for training to make her and her team stronger, which will help them saving Loropechika. Patry then reveals there is a way, referring to it as Ultimate Magic.

Final thoughts:
These ten chapters have been action packed and fast paced, in true Black Clover fashion. I like the fact that the Clover Kingdom has lost some of their best two assets (William and Yami). I don't particularly like the fact that Nacht is a devil host though. It feels too tacky and sudden, but a good backstory would pretty much even this out. Love seeing a different side of Yuno, aside from his usual stoic self. Also, good to see the elves making a return to the story. Should be another training arc soon, which will be fun seeing.

Overall, a rather enjoyable set of chapters ^.^

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