Chapter Review: Black Clover (267 & 268)

Black Clover - Chapter 267 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The Devil-Binding Ritual

Asta's Devil has now fully manifested outside of his body and grimoire, surprisingly enough he and Asta share some resemblance in their appearances such as their Grey-ish/White Hair Color and the rather small height. Ironic, considering that Asta's Devil once called him a "Shrimp" and yet he himself isn't that tall either, but i guess it could also be referring to their difference in age and experience since Asta is still a Teen and this Devil most likely hundreds of years old but we'll see about that. As the Anti Magic Devil marvels at the feeling of entering the Physical World again after a long time Asta begins to thank him for all the times were he lent him his powers to fight, most recently against Dante of the Dark Triad, but the Devil remains unfazed by it. He smirks at Asta and asks if he really wants to thank someone who took away his right arm but Asta counters that he's fine with that since he made the deal in the first place, the Devil smirks yet again telling Asta that he has no choice but to kill a "total idiot" like him. Asta won't let him do that because he needs to fight for and protect his friends but the Devil ridicules him, Asta seems to have forgotten about the situation he's in, the Devil summons the Demon Slayer Sword to attack Asta with a fully Anti Magic enveloped Blade. Unlike Asta the Devil isn't actually swinging the Blade around but is controlling it with Telekinesis, he doesn't waste much time and attacks Asta right away who at first manages to dodge but is quickly hit by a follow up Attack from the Devil which sends him flying for a small distance. The Devil calls out to Asta that he cannot win this battle, this is "his turf" and he won't just be taking an arm from him for this,but his everything.

As Asta makes his landing he replies that he doesn't wanna fight the Devil but talk to him instead but Nacht intervenes that he has to fight the Devil in order to get stronger, if he loses here then the Devil will take his body which will then transform into a grotesque being that Nacht himself will have to dispose of immediatly. All the Bones down there in the Altar belong to people that have tried to make a Devils power theirs but failed, which prompts Asta to realize that this Ritual is actually Forbidden Magic, something he instantly confronts Nacht with but the Vice Captain replies that there is no way for "decent methods" to make someone exponentially stronger within a mere 2 Days. There would be more or different options if Asta had been born with Magic and Power of his own. However, there is no time to lose, the Devil is already attacking him again but Asta manages to dodge it properly this time. Nacht tells him to fight back before the Devil can kill him but Asta responds that this Devil isn't trying to kill him, he can tell by sensing and reading his Ki, but Nacht continues to mock him since there is no Devil with principles or noble ideals. The Devil laughs hysterically and agrees with Nacht because every Devil out there is "a total scumbag", Asta thinks to himself that the Anti Magic Devil is not like Zagred the Word Devil...he is different. As the Devil once again declares to take over Asta's body the man himself cuts in and tells him that just because someone is a Devil that doesn't make them a bad guy, the Devil stops his boasting and grinds his teeth all of a sudden as Asta says this, he suddenly remembers a certain girl that looks similar to Asta in height,face and hair that once told him: "You aren't a bad guy!".

The only thing the Devil says as he begins to remember is: "Dammit...!!!".

Personal Thought's

I rate this Chapter an 8 out of 10.

Uff okay so,before i say anything else, Spoiler Alert!: That girl at the end is Asta's Mother. Yeah i know, crazy reveal right there, but there is some more or less reliable evidence pointing into that direction thanks to the fight with Dante where Asta remembered someone with similar clothes just that this was most likely her final moments rather than a lively and happy moment where she was fooling around playing with some Devil.
Anyway,now that this Cat's out of the bag, here's some thoughts of mine. I'm not too sure how to feel about Asta's mother having some kind of connection with the Devil housing in his grimoire all this time to be honest, then there is that mild resemblance in hair style and height. I doubt that he is also Asta's father but i'm not entirely sure about that yet, i mean the both of them never had any kind of incredibly touching moment or anything that would suggest that the Devil has taken a liking to Asta in particular. One could argue that he wouldn't have lent Asta his power otherwise all the time but how else would he have ensured his survival considering that he lives in the grimoire and Asta's soul/body. He's gotta cooperate, similar to the Inner Hollow of Ichigo or Kurama inside Naruto. If he really is Asta's dad then this would make the guy a hybrid of Human and Devil, which i guess is possible since we have Charmy as a Dwarf/Human hybrid but again i'm not sure if i'd like it too much. Then there is Asta's remark about his Ki not indicating that he wants to kill him, which wouldn't make sense unless he has some sort of deeper connection to the boy.

Nacht was a cool sock as usual, this guy is the perfect mix of really grounded Badass and straight Douchebag, and i honestly love that. He was cold and direct this time around but i didn't like Asta returning to some old patterns here by acting so pure and naive, sure he has always had that tendency but the last few chapters he seemed more serious and resolved about the path/s he's taking but here he seemed unsure of it all. I mean, instead of pushing his body and fighting to his breaking point to get stronger he rather wanted to have a heart to heart with the Devil. That's usually for when one beats the other guy and then tries to get him over to his side with a Talk no Jutsu, but before that you fight it out properly. I'm guessing we'll get a Flashback on the Devil and Asta's Mom next time, after that it's probably over to Noelle and Co. training their behind's off to fight against Spade Kingdom as well. I only know that i'm looking forward to it as usual! Till next time everybody!!!

Black Clover - Chapter 268 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Devil

While Asta recovers from the Devil's last attack the entity from the Underworld begins to remember his past alongside Asta's words of Devil's not having to be evil just because of their race. Devils are born in the Underworld, since said World is very boring the Higher Ranking and Strongest Devils pick on the weaker and smaller ones to create some kind of entertainment for themselves, the biggest thrill a devil in the Underworld can imagine is to toy with Humans for once. In the middle of all this our Anti Magic Devil has been born into as well, however at the time, without any kind of Magic. Naturally he was being bullied and picked on,no day went by without anyone torturing him for his lack of power. One day a high ranking devil threw the Anti Magic Devil against the Gate of the Underworld which is sealed shut so they cannot leave, for some reason the Anti Magic Devil passed right through. He himself believes his lack of Magic to be the explanation for that,otherwise he had been shattered by the Gate. Instead he ended up in the Human World, where he once more got bullied for being a Devil, battered and beaten he ended up collapsing in a nearby forest where he would be found by a Human Woman named Licita. She took care of his wounds and cared for him while he was passed out, as he woke up she introduced herself and explained her Magic to the Devil. While her body, similar to Henry, takes away the Mana from those around her she can distribute it into any non-Mana possessing matter that exists. Meaning the Devil has nothing to fear as he himself has no Mana she can take away. The Devil asks Licita wether she is afraid of him but she brushes it off by asking him if he would be scared of an injured kid.

Licita explains that due to her unique ability she has to live far away from the Village,however luckily for her she ran into the Devil, which is even more surprising for her because just the other day she found a 5 Leaf Clover Grimoire(Yes, it is Asta's Grimoire-) which leads her to believe that the superstition about the 5 Leaf Clover Grimoire is true somehow. Licita believes their meeting to be fate, she wants to adopt the Devil as her child, he only reacts with "Huh?!" but eventually he allowed her to take care of him. They would play,eat,fish,bathe,sleep and laugh together all the time. Licita changed his world for the better, she gave him a purpose and things to look forward to. A real mom through and through(Honestly, reading and seeing this passage broke my heart and almost had me in tears...). One day, Licita told the Devil whom she named "Liebe" that just because he's a devil he doesn't necessarily have to be a bad guy, like she changed his world he changed hers for the better as well because being alone hurt her a lot. This however is where the beautiful story takes a turn for the dark, as Liebe wants to thank Licita as well he is possessed by Lucifero who spent a long time searching for a Devil in the Human World to manifest himself as well through said Devil's body. As Licita realizes that Liebe is about to be taken over she grabs the evil mana rising from Liebe's body to absorb and make it go away, she remembers having let go of her own child before(most likely due to her Mana absorbing Body-) but she will not let go of Liebe. As Lucifero realizes that Licita is absorbing his Mana he takes desperate measures and impales her with Liebe's claw, however, she refuses to give up Liebe. With one final push she absorbs the last of Lucifero's lingering mana forcing him to retreat for the time being.

As Licita loses strength and consciousness she uses all of her remaining Mana to seal Liebe into the 5 Leaf Clover Grimoire, in order to protect him from Lucifero's reaching claw as well as protecting Human World from the High Ranking Devils. When Liebe will emerge from the Grimoire he will be all grown up and strong for sure she hopes. As Liebe cries over parting with Licita his flashback in the present time ends, as he looks at Asta he lets out a scream of rage and hatred...He will kill all Devils in the world because they are all scum and he won't fail. He will steal Asta's body for this goal if he has to...

Personal Thought's

I rate this Chapter a 9 out of 10.

"Liebe" is the german word for "Love". Interesting that this would be the name of the Anti Magic Devil, i guess his hatred for Lucifero was the reason he cooperated so willingly with Asta against Dante. I do wonder if Liebe knows that Asta is Licitas actual Son though. It would mean that Liebe is Asta's adopted Brother. Very very interesting...In the next Chapters we should be focusing on Liebe vs Asta again, either that or we're going to follow Noelle and the Black Bulls Training from here and will return back to the Ritual when a day has passed in the story or so. I have trouble making up my mind as to what i'd rather see first to be honest. Black Clover is really at another high point lately it's crazy. Till next time everybody!!!

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