Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (135 & 136)

Dr Stone Chapter 135 Review by Chibi Usa

After the short winter break, plus Boichi recovering from his unprecedented illness (Thankfully he's back), the manga makes its long awaited comeback with the first chapter of 2020. What was there in store for us this time?

Picking up from the decade end chapter, Jafar is quite irritated that Senkuu escaped the petrification beam. We then get a small flashback of how the scientist managed to escape. Senkuu had initially considered other alternatives to rescuing himself, but none of them were viable. Chrome rushed to Ryuusui, informing him that they had to line up in a straight line. The idea behind that was that Senkuu would be able to calculate the speed at which petrification happens, which would help him come up with an appropriate counter attack.

Senkuu proceeds with the calculations, similarly to what he had done before when Chrome was fighting Magma at the Grand Magic Games. Which leads him to his final solution, throwing a vial of the revival formula into the air just before the petrification beam hits him. A plan which works successfully, since the petrification beam doesn't even last more than a minute on him.

The moment he is unpetrified, he proceeds to high five all the petrified members of the Kingdom of Science, a show of gratitude for their efforts. Again, a similar sentiment to what he had done once before when he high fived Kaseki and Suika just before they completed the communications device. We get a bit of a funny scene where his hand is paining him afterwards, haha. Senkuu then proceeds to set up a trap using the microphone he had developed before, and we proceed to then cut back to the present.

In his earlier stupor, Ibara had ended up dropping the petrification device to the ground. Senkuu tells him that such an invention excited him, which prompts the usurper to immediately reach out for it. An action Senkuu had pretty much expected, afterwards which he proceeds to drop a new invention onto the scene:a self driving AI.

The chapter caps off with Ibara being seemingly crushed under the weight of the A.I invention.



Chapter rating:8/10

Dr Stone Chapter 136 Review by Ami Mizuno


Second chapter of the year, and it's just as riveting as the first one.

Picking up immediately from where the last one ended, Senkuu jokes about Ibara not knowing about how dangerous it is to play in traffic. The AI proceeds to run over his adversary, but to no effect. He does manage to obtain the Medusa though. Jafar shouts out a command, before stabbing Senkuu in the shoulder with his oversized nails (Seriously WTF is the deal with those nails? Those better be part of a glove extension or something) The pain from the stab causes Senkuu to recoil and therefore drop the Medusa out of his grasp.

Looming over him, Jafar tells him that his whole life, he has been nothing but cautious. To that effect, he had put on special armor. Which seems to be made of clams? Fans? The armor falls apart as Jafar reveals it, but it did its job perfectly. It was able to shield him from the onslaught of the vehicle that had just dropped on him.

He challenges Senkuu to a one on one duel at the summit of the mountain, but Senkuu flees. An act that Ibara openly despises, calling him a coward and stating that he is not fit to be a commander in that regard. He proceeds to chase after Senkuu, coming to realize that Senkuu lead him there on purpose. If Ibara were to throw the petrification device in the air, it would get tangled up in the tree branches.

Senkuu throws two bottles containing a liquid at Ibara. The bulkier man proceeds to deflect one of the bottles onto a tree next to him, where it melts the tree bark. Realizing that he is now out of weapons, Senkuu proceeds to rush to the apex of the cliff. Which actually ends up being a trap by Ibara. He has more knowledge of the island's topography, so his intention was to lead Senkuu to a more open area. Looking back, Senkuu realizes that the only thing lying behind him is the sea. Plus a long fall.

Completely trapped, Senkuu shows of a circular device (I'm not sure where he got it from), citing that it's the same device that pierced Ibara's hand. Of course, Ibara sees through the bluff. Despite that, he still retains his distance from Senkuu, acknowledging him as a threat due to his sorcery. He proceeds to ask Senkuu's name, an act Senkuu recognizes as trying to buy time as he gauges the distance between himself and the scientist.

Giving out the command to Medusa, Senkuu then proceeds to give Jafar his name. The full one, including the surname. With an evil glare, Ibara greets him before bidding him farewell. Seemingly on the brink of victory, he throws Medusa into the air.

Ibara picks up on a noise in the air. Realizing where they are currently, he remembers Mozu saying that the army of invaders was at Wavebreak Cliff. We then get a snippet of Ryuusui being unpetrified. Immediately, he heads for one of the earrings that is on Mozu, retrieving it and listening in to Senkuu. Senkuu speaks his full name into the speaker (A second time?)

The drone that the KoS had been working before appears in the air, being controlled remotely by the captain. Ibara is puzzled as to what the invention is, as it proceeds to snatch the Medusa from mid air.

-Boichi regaining his health again :)))
-The fight between Senkuu and Ibara, albeit short and somewhat unconventional, was actually pretty entertaining. There was also the use of brain power which is a plus. Not just brawn.
-Ryuusui being the first one Senkuu chooses to revive this time. Admittedly, he is quickly becoming one of my favorites. That Senkuu/Ryuusui team up in this chapter is eye candy
-The emergence of the drone. Was genuinely wondering when it would make an appearance.

-None at all.

Chapter rating: 8.5/10

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