Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (138-140)

Dr Stone Chapter(s) 138-140 Review by Kino Makoto

The last chapter was capped off with Ibara's defeat, putting to an end the big bad of the arc. Satisfactory fight all in all, I have no qualms about how the events played. These three subsequent chapters conclude the saga plus lead up to the next arc. Where do Senkuu and his group go from here?

Senkuu revives Chrome (His scientist understudy), and the two proceed to unpetrify everyone who had been turned to stone. Once this matter is settled, Senkuu proceeds to resume the earlier voice call with Ruri. Chrome denotes that Ruri wanting to communicate with them means that something serious must have happened back at the island. Taiju heads to the bottom of the sea to retrieve Yo's statue, where he also comes across Kirisame's statue. Senkuu decides on reviving her, knowing that she must have some valuable information in regards to the island. A notion that proves correct, since Kirisame was aware of the location where Kohaku and Ginrou's statues were disposed off. Kohaku hugs Senkuu (SSSSSSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII) , and then there's a reunion party since all is well. After the party, Chrome and Kaseki fix up the communications device. Ruri finally gets through to Senkuu, and informs him that he's been sending a strange message the whole time. Suddenly, a voice speaks up into the microphone, chanting '12,800,000 meters, one second.' Senkuu recognizes this as the earth's diameter, while Ukyo realizes, with horror, that the menacing voice is Senkuu's. Bringing us a brilliant cliffhanger.

Chapter 139 starts with a pretty amazing color chapter. In it, we have Senkuu facing off with a large apparition of himself. As for the actual chapter content, well, needless to say, everyone is shocked at the sudden revelation. In a brief moment of comedy, the following theories surface as to the identity of the why man: a doppelganger, time travel, an evil twin. These were actually brought forward by the fans as well, which makes the whole thing amusing. Ukyo listens to the voice a second time, then realizes the tone is synthetic. A few miles away from where the science group is currently convening, we have Kohaku and Kirisame preparing to engage in battle. Reasoning behind this being that they need to be ready to encounter the Why Man. Soyuz and Taiju retrieve Statue X which had been unearthed a few chapters back, but the group hadn't really gotten the chance to depetrify him. This time, they do get the chance to break him out of his stone shell. The stranger bears a striking resemblance to Tsukasa. Ginrou rushes onto the scene, and Matsukaze (The person) mistakenly thinks that the coward is his liege. Matsukaze then proceeds to explain how the petrification device came to land onto the island. They descended from the sky in hordes one day, akin to a meteor shower. Both Senkuu and Ryuusui realize that the source of the devices was the sky, and using an antenna, they finally pin down the Why Man's location to one place. The moon. Yes, the why man is actually from the
Otsutsuki clan
, so Senkuu and friends device a plan to head up there in order to stop him.

Having decided to head to the moon, the group begins on their preparations for the trip. Both physical preparations, and mental ones. Senkuu states that they will collect materials all over the world, hinting at the fact that this is going to be a long term vision for the series. Soyuz regrets the fact that he can't revive his father, so to that effect, the villagers acknowledge him as their new leader. Senkuu and Kohaku have a talk at the cliff where he had the earlier clash with Ibara. Kohaku tells Senkuu something meaningful about how Science is always connected to the future, so what Byakuya and his crew left behind didn't all disappear. Soyuz decides to remain behind as the village leader, so his first orders are for Kirisame and Matsukaze to join Senkuu's group. The group, now with two additional members, sets out to sea upon the Perseus. Once upon the ship, Senkuu recognizes the need for manpower to combat the threat of the moon, so he proceeds to douse the revival formula upon Tsukasa's frozen body.

Where to start? These three arcs were a treasure trove of good things, really solid trio of chapters:
-Kirisame joining the group. The best thing to come out of this arc, she is such a likeable character. Looking forward to see how she fits in with the rest of the group.
-The Senkuu-Kohaku moments. Lately these two have been getting a few isolated moments by themselves. Especially ever since Kohaku mentioned what her ideal guy is. I wonder whether this is the start of serious shipping between these two. That hug especially was just.....beautiful. Brilliant.
-Tsukasa's comeback. While Im not particularly a fan of this character, it was nice to see his comeback. It meant we didn't have to wait till the end of the series for him to be revived (That was the initial idea I had gotten from when he was first frozen)
-Soyuz remaining behind as the village head. Even though this was probably something that everyone in the fandom had predicted, haha.
-More exposition on the why man, plus the reveal that it's a person on the moon is just.....a huge twist. Very big one. Having the group decide to go to the moon makes the series come full circle, especially considering it was where Byakuya and his group headed out first.

-Matsukaze's identity being sort of a letdown. What, so all he did was tell Senkuu that the Medusas rained from the sky one day, and that was it...? Kinda of weak, I hope there's more to his character later. Unless he was introduced to be Ginrou's wingman specifically, lol.

Overall chapter(s) rating:9/10

Solid stuff, hopefully we continue on an upwards trajectory from this point onwards.

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