Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (155-157)

Dr Stone Chapter Review(s) 155-157 by Hermit

Romantic overview:
- In chapter 155, Yuzuriha mentions having a hard time using vanilla essence for Valentine chocolate. Which signifies that she did make Valentine chocolate for someone special? Taiju comes to mind, but she could have as well handed Valentine choco to Senkuu (Seeing how close they are)
- Luna seems to be falling for Senku, after he makes her ice cream. Which is an amusing detail. Her falling for Senku could actually make the dynamics of the crew interesting.

Plot overview:
- Senku reveals Xeno to be the person who guided him in his rocket making endeavor. Chapter 156 is a flashback that highlights this, and the reason that Senku didn't recognize Xeno's voice at first is because they never outright talked. They communicated via email, and the one time they interacted in person, it was a wordless confrontation.
- Xeno's motive is also revealed in Chapter 156. Basically, he wants to rule over the world with Science. In the event of another scientist showing up in the world, he'd clash ideals with them to see who's Science is superior.
- Senku and Xeno both revived at exactly the same time.

Character overview:
- No new characters are introduced in between these three chapters. We do get cameos of them in the flashback though. Xeno worked for NASA (As was stated by Senku). Stanley was in the military (As was stated by Xeno before). Luna's occupation is a bit unclear, but considering that she was in the conference, it's safe to say she was an important character to the United States of America.
- Luna is actually a pretty shallow girl. Though, her goal of wanting to find a partner is pretty much in line with Taiju's goal of wanting to confess to Yuzuriha before he was petrified.
- Xeno's favorite phrase is 'Science is Elegant'.
- Byakuya is in Chapter 156. Senku goes to visit him in USA, where he gets money to buy the scientific gadgets he was after.
- The girl who was eating meat in Xeno's hideout is part of the group of super minded people assembled by the USA to discuss the petrified swallows.

Scientific overview:
- Chapter 156 introduces a new scientific creation, ice cream. Senkuu uses this to try and lure Luna into revealing the enemy secrets.
- More information about the petrified swallows appears in Chapter 157. Senku shared information about them to the whole world, which prompted scientists in USA (Xeno included), to do research on them.
- The gasoline Senku had developed in Chapter 1 had part of the petrified swallow mixed in it.
- Xeno is the reason that Stanley, Luna and the rest of his people are still alive. He was the first one to theorize about keeping your brain active in order to break out from the petrified state.
- Carlos gets a platinum ring for Luna as a birthday present. This is the second time platinum has appeared in the story, after Treasure Island.

- The water bottles that Carlos and his friend were carrying in Chapter 154 were actually meant for Stanley. He does not know how long the sniping will take, so he intends on waiting there till it is done.
- Senkuu's knowledge about Ebola and combating bacteria with sulfur originates from his interactions with Xeno through email.

- Fantastic flashback. Pretty much clears out the missing pieces between Senku and Xeno, plus also shedding more light on Senku's wealth of scientific knowledge. Senku is humanized from the flashback as well, and doesn't seem like the scientific superman that he has been displayed as this whole time.

- Xeno's motives seem.....too simplistic. Especially for a man of his calibre. You'd expect more from him rather than an innate desire to take over the world, but for now he seems rather shallow. Hopefully he can gain more character development as the series goes on.

Overall chapter ratings:
Chapter 155: 7/10
Chapter 156: 8.5/10
Chapter 157: 8/10

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