Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (167-171)

Dr Stone 167-171 Review (Conclusion of the America arc)

Chapter 167
Tsukasa holds Xeno at knife edge, and Xeno is bemused as to how he got there. Seeing the flakes of dirt on Tsukasa's spear, he realizes that they got there via underground methods. A small flashback follows, displaying how Chrome's group managed to infiltrate the castle. Back to the present, Chrome marvels over how grandiose Xeno's castle looks. Xeno is quickly kidnapped, but Chrome makes a mistake while detonating the explosives to seal up the tunnel. This makes the whole entrance cave in and trap Xeno with him. Brody states that they need to save their leader, so both sides began digging towards the centre of the cave.
While trapped together, Xeno tries sweet talking Chrome into joining his side. He states that in the 21st Century, the progress of Science was halted by humanity. But in the new world, it has been given a new chance to evolve from scratch. Chrome then states he is not interested,and Xeno has no right to rule over everyone. The duo then break out of the cave-in, and Chrome announces proudly to Senku that they succeeded at capturing Xeno.

Chapter 168
Back at the Perseus, Luna and the rest of the Kingdom of Science are all in bindings. Luna begs Max for help, and he assists her in freeing Francois and Kaseki as well. Senku and Xeno meet face to face for the first time, and Xeno seems genuinely relieved that the junior scientist survived Stanley's sniping. The two scientists then talk in depth, Xeno saying Science is elegant for being able to save Senku's life. Ryusui states that they can't go back to the Perseus, so they have no choice but to move forwards. Luna's group soon catches up with Senku's group, and Senku praises her for escaping along with Francois and Kaseki.
Ryusui then steals Xeno's boat, and the team speed across the river. Senku then uses the microphone to communicate with Brody, telling him the revival formula. Brody then says Stanley would never agree to a peace treaty, so Senku states that they will just continue to flee him till the ends of the earth. In the meantime, the KOS members on the Perseus would set up a corn city in America.

Chapter 169
Suika laments the fact that they are saying goodbye to part of the group. Yuzuriha asks who on the ship know English, to which Lilian and Nikki both reply positively. Nikki shouts at Brody to undo their bindings, and he remarks that she is one hell of a gal. Stanley is livid as to how Senku is still alive. The medusa is at the front of Xeno's boat, and Yuzuriha's group panic to make it look like a genuine threat. Stanley shoots it off the ship, realizing it was a fake. Chrome then says they need to say goodbye, but Hyoga warns him of the risks. He then says it's well worth it. To this effect, the two groups wave each other goodbye. Stanley's line of sight is blocked, which enables Senku's group to make a quick get away. Senku then states their next destination is South America, the origin of the petri-beam.

Chapter 170
Gen is not sure about how long they can continue to outrun Stanley. Matsukaze collapses while en route to the castle, so he is placed in the infirmary of the Perseus. Surprisingly, Ginro is also on board, having taken his time earlier to hide. Stanley intends on using him to get information over where Senku's group is headed. Matsukaze pleads with Ginro not to reveal himself, but the moment a gun is pointed at the samurai, Ginro reveals himself and states that the group is headed to South America.
On Xeno's boat, Chrome muses over finding a large Medusa on SA. Xeno then tells Senku he's also aware about Why Man. Realizing they have time now, Senku grabs a chair and seats opposite Xeno. The two decide on sharing all the information they have so far.

Chapter 171
Kaseki brings out the music player, and Senku replays an old record he got from Byakuya. The record reveals the origin of the petri beam. Senku and Xeno then combine their intellectual capacities to discover the place the petrification beam started from. Chrome walks into the two scientists using large bubbles for a demo. The three of them began brainstorming about all the possibilities surrounding the phenomenon.
They discover that:
- The petrification enveloped the earth in under an hour.
- The beam itself isn't light, considering light would have been much faster. Additionally, the Soyuz and everyone aboard would have been petrified too.
- 56 seconds passed from the moment Xeno and Stanley saw the beam, up to the moment they were petrified.
- The beam travelled at 32,000 km/h.
Finally, the origin of the petrification beam is concluded to be 3 degrees, 7 minutes south latitude, by sixty degrees, 1 minute west Longitude.

Personal thoughts:
While the ending of the arc was lacking in more ways than one, the farewell between Senku and the rest of the crew was a really solid moment. Additionally, Chapter 171 was one of the strongest in the series, hands down. Seeing the whole discussion between Senku and his science mentor was fantastic. Moreso that Chrome was also able to join in, and wasn't treated with contempt by the two superior Science-users.
So, here's to the start of a new arc :D

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