Chapter Review: Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest (66)

Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest Chapter 66 review by Ramen:

Chapter Summary
This chapter opens up with a very brief summary of what happened in Edolas previously with the the whole Anima situation. Onwards from there Earth-Lucy and Edo-Lucy are talking to one another as Earth-Lucy is given some new clothes to wear that are arguably more revealing than her original outfit. Edo-Lucy is asked how her and Natsu came to be parents and we are informed that they were alone in the car and one thing led to another and 9 months later voila! A funny bit of this chapter was Lucy's blushing and stuttered reaction when she was asked if her and Earth-Natsu had a similar reaction where the latter exclaims NOT AT ALL! Edo-Lucy laughs at this and says they might one day get to that point.

Outside we see Earth-Natsu delighted to see Nashi and talking about her with Edo-Natsu asking if she can breathe fire with Edo-Natsu responding, "She's not a monster." Greige stares at Gray startled as to why his dads look-a-like has clothes off and Wendy in the back asking if Juvia and Gray had a child, who would it be like? Edo-Juvia and Gray discuss this too and Gray confesses that there is a third Juvia named Juvina (referencing Fairy Nail). Nashi and Greige blush at each other warranting a fight between Gray and Natsu. Cut to Happy and Carla talking and Carla is hugged by Edo-Carla warranting a not pleased look from Earth-Wendy for obvious reasons. Before they set off to the capital Edo-Lucy once again warns Erza of Nightwalker.

Now they've made it to the capital and Erza is cosplaying in glasses and a sombrero stating it's a precaution since she's a celebrity. Once in the castle they are greeted by their old friends from their first Edolas trip like Byro and Sugarboy and after briefly speaking, they finally make it into the main room of the king. Now the moment we've all been waiting for...…MYSTOGAN who clearly needs a haircut. Then Nightwalker comes and we realize why team Natsu got the warning; she turned herself into a submissive maid for Mystogan despite being a knight-captain. Anyone she thinks steps out of line with him she immediately goes after including happy. Gray makes the remark that Nightwalker has fallen for which she blushingly denies and states , "His majesty is simply the light of my life."

The chapter ends off with them talking about how they got there and how Elentir is a different dimension from both Edolas and Earthland. Elentir is a transcendental world and someone had greater power than the other dimensions and that's why it didn't get targeted by Anima. The main culprit obviously is Selene the Moon Dragon God and he silhouette is shown as it resembles a serpent type beast.

I really liked this chapter despite not expecting much since we kind of have an idea of what the next set of events might look like. However, it was a chapter that was not complete fanservice as we got comedic moments, how Nash was born and Natsu and Gray fighting over their parallel kids. It also gave us a chance to see a beloved character missed by all and is going to thrust us into what most likely could be the best arc so far with Selene's turn to shine and show her powers.


I really did like this chapter and has made me hopeful for the next arc in this series.


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