Chapter Review: Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest (67)

Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest Review Chapter 67 (Aqua Aera) by Ramen

Summary and Overview:

Ok and here we go as we've started to pick up the pace a little bit and action is slowly but surely rising. As expected, Natsu and co. can't believe what they heard about Selene and Erza makes the comment that she never thought she'd hear the name Selene in Edolas. Despite all this, Mystogan himself admits to not knowing much about her only describing her as a dragon that can travel between dimensions. Unlike Edolas where there is no magic, Elentir is the exact opposite. It has so much magical power that it overflows giving our favorite hot-headed fire-breathing dragon slayer some "interesting" thoughts going which scare our precious Wendy.

Gray is clearly focusing on something which catches the attention of the others and lone behold it is Touka.....the exceed. She immediately goes and hugs Happy which warrants an interesting but satisfying reaction from Carla. She had her chance and now she feels jealous? No thanks.

Touka explains that she's from Elentir and that the white witches' motive is unclear to Touka but because of the structure of earthland, they became unstable and both personalities would take over which is why Touka was able to come out during the times she did.

Touka says she most likely messed up her Aqua Aera due to her being unstable and meant to send them to Elentir instead of Edolas. In a flashback scene, we see the WW state that if they have the power to defeat Aldoron, they have the potential to save Elentir. When Touka was in her world, it was the literal definition of peaceful which makes her question why the WW did what she did. Either way, Team Natsu have to make their way back to earthland to continue the mission and question the WW.

A funny moment happened when Natsu was talking about leaving and making the decision to take Nasha with him which warrants a yell from Lucy and Gray's response is their only taking Greige back which warrants another yell from Lucy. (Just make your own kids back in earthland)

1 problem though, they have no method to go back home since Touka can't use magic in Edolas. But, Mystogan does have the X-Ball which allows earthland humans to use magic. The next step would be to find the WW. Before they leave, Knightwalker tells Erza to treasure the earthland version of Mystogan.

Now they start looking and eventually find the WW who Natsu wants to beat up but Lucy obviously has to hold him back. Now here's the shocker, the WW we know is a fake imposter who took the position of the WW to succeed with her mission. She wanted to save Elentir because it will be destroyed by Selene.


I liked this chapter a lot. We got some much-needed information from Touka and I believe this is the chapter that is going to throttle us with the next arc. However, I want to focus primarily on the ending and the dialogue with Faris and how important it really is. Aside from Selene and Elentir, up until now we've seen a fake WW with only a portion of the true one's power.

That opens the door to many possibilities as to who the WW really is and many theories. Really looking forward to the next chapter.



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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest is a Japanese manga series storyboarded by Hiro Mashima and illustrated by Atsuo Ueda. It is a sequel to Mashima's Fairy Tail series, focusing on Natsu Dragneel and his team from the titular wizard guild as they aim to complete an unfinished, century-old mission.