Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (147)

The Promised Neverland Chapter 147 Review by Elusia


The chapter continues on from the last chapter where Gillan and his army infiltrated the demon castle in the capital. Snippets of images are shown as the demon below him shouts wickedly at him. Then, the flashbacks start going back seven-hundred years ago, beginning with a demon meeting. The former family head, Gillan, talks about their current situation in how low quality human meat production has been slow over the years and if they did nothing about it, it would be bad for the public. He suggests opening up the royal treasury as well as the nobles providing meat for the masses. Despite of all the family heads rejecting the idea, he stands by in his opinion as he recounts how their fellow kind transformed back into wild demons and started eating their own families, claiming that the issue is spread throughout the country and that the total damage is yet to be seen. The demon society, according to him, is close to crumbling, so they should take extreme measures to counter it for the demon’s own sake. The atmosphere turns quiet until a demon family head named Ivelk says that his point is clear, but the complaints aren’t justifying the suggestions. He points out that since the war ended only recently, production of human meat increased slower than the general population size and that the farm management is the reason. Fortunate to them, they are already working with the Ratri clan and planning to run multiple experiments on the meat to solve those issues. They’ll have to wait for the results before they can decide. After that, the meeting ends.

Next we see Gillan being upset, contemplating that the demon families were unable to see the crisis as it is and only truly care about their very own well-being. The demon with him, Dozza, meanwhile talks about the family head’s nobility and how Giran is on another level compared to the other families, sharing his personal meat with his citizens. Gillan is clearly distressed about the situation, but Dozza reassures him that his efforts will ultimately save them and his actions will be recognized. However, this is immediately interrupted my the next scene where Gillian gets accused of high treason, having been set up by Dozza. He calls on Ivelk for help, but Ivelk knows the situation fully and keeps him as a criminal anyways. He tells the wrongfully blamed demon that his ideals are a detriment to the other nobles and was set up as a scapegoat, explaining to Gillian the true state of moral depravity of the Royal Court. As Ivelk leaves him by himself, Gillan is overtaken by his negative emotions.

Going back to the current events, he charges the noble demons, reminiscing his family, retainers and other demons who he cared so much about and who died, some of them after regressing to their primal forms, and his grief is fueling his resolve. He kills them all in one sweep and eats their corpses without mercy. As Dozza dashes in, expecting to win easily after having strengthened himself over centuries, Gillan kills him easily as well. Amidst of it all, Cicero and Barbara are hiding above, informing Norman about the recent events, which makes him tell them to move in.


This chapter solidifies Gillan as a fleshed out character, from his tragic backstory to going to the capital with pure vengeance. He’s also another example of a demon who has different ideals than most of their kind. I feel like the plan is going way too smooth for my liking so far, but I still want to know where it goes from here, especially between him and the Queen. She might not be as fragile or weak as the other demon families. We also get to see a sneak peek into another Norman’s plan, which is cool.

The overall chapter is pretty good and I look forward to see the demon fight between Gillan and the Queen. I rate it a solid 7/10.

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