Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (150)

The Promised Neverland Chapter 150 Review by Elusia


The chapter continues on the fight between Gillan and his army against the Demon Queen, but she attacks back and the army gets slashed. However, she notices a substance that is covering her hands and body. It is a trap from the army as they knew they wouldn’t stand a chance against all the demon nobles, but wanted, at least, the head of the queen. They decided to hold her down while they all give their lives for Gillan. He devours his entire army whereas the queen struggles to get out of her situation. While doing so, he finishes his meal and attacks her head with a large demon-made bat. The mask is still in shape, so he tries smashing it over and over again, reminiscing about the times where she was cruel to him and his clan. The mask eventually breaks apart and he’s ready to destroy her. But as he brings his sword through her eye, he suddenly stops. She secretly attacked him and his whole body was torn, leaving him nothing but his head and small chunks of his former figure.

The queen fully gets out of the trap and grabs Gillan’s head, saying that she didn’t think he’d go as far as he did. She even goes on to say that it was impressive and thanks him for his performance. But, she stated that it was just laughable as he should have just lived in the mountains and valleys. She points to his torn-up body, expresses that he already left his path of righteousness the moment he strayed from his ideals from before and taunts him that he just corrupted himself. He tries regenerating, but she slashes up the chunks again, and even before doing it again, she drops him and smashes through his head. The demon Ivelk witnesses the entire slaughter and howling throughout, praising the queen for the being strongest, then bad-mouthing Gillan. He stomps on his dead body, as he keeps repeating nasty words to him. The other demons suggest a new mask for her and as she starts to bite on Gillan’s dead head, there were sudden shots of bullets. The door opens slowly, revealing Zazie, one of Norman’s group.


This chapter is the conclusion to the overall fight between Gillan and the Demon Queen. Giving an honest opinion, the battle was a mixed bag, as it was pretty predictable, with the only exception being the reveal of Gillan’s true body in an earlier chapter. It was also way too long. But it was satisfying enough for me to want to see what happens next in Norman’s plan and how his forces will take her down. She’s pretty strong, so I wonder what will he do, even if he has Zazie on his side.

Overall, the chapter is neat. I rate it a solid 6/10.

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