Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (151)

The Promised Neverland Chapter 151 Review by Emperor Spriggan

Chapter title reminds me of a line from Naruto. During the Fourth Shinobi World War Arc, which was a pretty underwhelming arc all things considered. Funny how this chapter is pretty much the same.

Though, let's see what some of the cast members thought of the chapter. Maybe they saw it different from me

"Another chapter where I get praised as the best thing in this manga since sliced bread? Excellent, exquisite chapter. I rate it a 8/10"- Norman Liebert, rubbing his none existent beards.

"This garbage, of course another chapter where I get to do NOTHING of note, honestly though, why am I still here?"-Ray

"You're talking about not doing anything of note, I legit cannot remember the last time I did anything significant in this chapter. Lol, maybe that one time I slapped Emma. Which I'm sure no one even remembers now. Even worse considering Emma hasn't changed the least bit since then, lmao."-Gilda remarks, while snorting.

"What do you mean I've not changed since then?" -Emma asks, genuinely oblivious.

"Guys please, let's just get along with the review."- Ray says, while face palming.

Zazie shows up, following up from last chapter's ending. The queen acknowledges his sudden presence, but he doesn't give her a moment to react, immediately leaping to attack her. He manages to land a few blows, proving to already be more formidable than Giran and his clan. From behind the Queen, two of the other Lambda kids show up (I genuinely forgot their names, and no, I can't be assed to go back and check).

Cut to a flashback, Norman is instructing the kids about how to fight the Queen. He actually gives a pretty logical explanation, but I don't think it applies here. At least so far from what we've seen of the Queen. Basically, the demons expend energy when fighting, and for basically their super human activities. That means the more tired they get, the easier it is to get down. Really though, the Queen didn't even use that much energy to fight Giran, right? Realistically she should still be in top shape. Wish there was a more realistic alternative to taking her down but meh, c'est la vie.

Additionally, Norman warns the kids not to let any of the demons eat even as little as a finger. Attack, attack, attack, relentlessly. The female Lambda member realizes the Queen's movements have slowed down. The Queen states that she just needs a little nourishment, which will bring her back to normal. She mutates her arm and runs Barbara through (Finally I remember her name), intending to eat the girl. Zazie throws his sword and severs the Queen's arm.

Once he has lost the sword, he proceeds to lose his mind. Meaning he needs to get back on his meds? That, or he has always been a bit on the loopy side. You know the thing about Zazie, he reminds me of a character straight out of Tokyo Ghoul, haha. But I can't quite place my finger on who, I think it's someone from the Suzuya arc. The Queen reattaches her arm just as Zazie runs it through with his sword.

Just then, all the demons in the room undergo a similar reaction. The scientist smiles, seeing that his poison is working wonders. We then switch to Emma's perspective, getting an expose on the poison's properties. Apparently, the poison causes the demons to degenerate forcefully.

The chapter ends with Zazie jumping at the Queen, and then a spray of blood. Right. We OBVIOUSLY all know that's the Queen's blood, and the big bad of the arc has just been offed by a Tokyo Ghoul reject.

-Not even any significant ones to point out tbh. I guess the poison was nice? Learning about it, but it's a little obvious it won't work. Worst case scenario is that Emma and her group are going to show up there with the antidote.

-Just about everything else. The Lambda kids aren't interesting enough to carry the plot forward. In that regard, the Goldy Pond kids are better. It's obvious all of them will be killed off (Whether to hype the Queen or not remains to be seen).

Final Chapter rating:5/10

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"We OBVIOUSLY all know that's the Queen's blood, and the big bad of the arc has just been offed by a Tokyo Ghoul reject"

If that was meant to be ironic, after reading the recent chapter, it's really funny to me.