Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (152)

Yakusoku no Neverland/The Promised Neverland - Chapter 152 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: It's Time

Screaming in the streets...Demons of all ages running in fear and terror...from their fellow demons. The smell of blood and poison lies in the air and in the middle of all this we spot Don,Gilda,Musica and Song Juu analyzing the situation. Norman and his allies weren't able to produce a lot of the poison before attacking the Capital apparently as they only managed to infect a small but highly popular place in the city: The Central Square,the best spot to cause panic and infect as many demons as possible with the small amount they had available. As the Musica-group reaches the Central Square they realize that they're already too late to stop the spreading of the Poison,with many demons starting to devolve already as reported by Aishe,they're going to try and stop any further damage to both the Demons and the capital. The scene cuts back to the Castle where Zazie is about to strike the Queen down, the latter tried to behead the former with her claws but wasn't quick enough and as a result only ripped the bag on his head apart while Zazie remains in striking range. As the Queen tries to strike again with her other claw she is stopped by Cicero who threw a chainblade towards her to stop her arm from moving,with success because the now exposed Zazie(Who looks a lot like one of the Ghouls from Tokyo Ghoul by the way-) used this opening to deal her a fatal blow. A clean slash right through her head,sending one of her eyeballs flying.

Similar to Lewis,the Queen has a final memory sequence. She always hated the feel of craving something,be it meat or glory. She is the most beautiful,the strongest that has been born with the blood of Kings,someone that has to be obeyed by everyone. The one to get the best meat isn't the Demon God,it is her alone,she remembers the time when Ivelk had forged the promise with Julius and the God next. When Ivelk reported the happenings to the previous King,who happened to be the Queen's father,she murdered him from behind and ate parts of him only to rise to the Throne herself. The queen had everything she could ask for,but she never got to eat the most finest among the Premium goods: 22194,Norman. As her flashback ends she hears footsteps closing in on her,coming from noone but Norman himself,as he reaches the Queen he looks down on her and greets her like nothing happened here. The Queen realizes that it was Norman behind the attack on the Capital and reveals that it was her that had Norman sent to Lambda simply because she didn't want to offer him to their God,she keeps thinking about how badly she wants to eat Norman. She loses herself in rage now,and begins to scream in Demonic Language how much she has craved Norman's flesh and bone to a point where she fell in a deep rage and anger over hearing of Lambda's destruction back then. She won't offer Norman to anyone as he is her meat and hers alone!

Angered by the Queen's remarks Norman responds to her,also in demonic language,that no Human will ever have to end up as food for the likes of the Demons ever again. He orders Zazie to end the Queen's life now as she's said more than enough,the groups attention turns to Ivelk who is now the last remaining Noble alongside his retainers,Vincent and his Squad have entered the chambers as well now ready to throw down. Cicero thinks to himself that once Ivelk is dead the common Demons will have no Queen anymore,no chain of leadership to rely on anymore and will ultimately face extinction,all their suffering and pain from Lambda to this very moment will be over now!. As his allies move towards Ivelk to eliminate him we can see Norman facing an inner struggle as he imagines a little Emma pulling on his cape with a sad look on her face,next to her is a smaller Norman who looks just as down. The scene cuts to Emma and Ray who just managed to enter the Royal hallway through their detour from before,as Ray points her to the Royal Chambers Emma begins thinking: "Norman can stop fighting now,we made a new promise already,nobody has to worry anymore. I'm coming now!". But what she see's upon entering the Chambers crushes any and all hope within her instantly...countless bodies lying on the floor,and even more blood is splattered everywhere. As she calls out to Norman she is met by the boy himself. Giving her his usual nonchalant smile,he apologizes to her but it's too late now to go her way...

Personal Thought's

I rate this Chapter a 8.5 out of 10.

Interesting Chapter really,a lot of strong and impactful panels as well with the art on point and going along with the set atmosphere and tone the chapter had,really good. Zazie reminded me of the Ghouls in Tokyo Ghoul,with the black eyes and all,his strength and physical prowess is nothing to sneeze at either. Makes sense that he would be the one bodyguard that Norman would always have with him when meeting Gilan and raiding the plantations before,the Queen's flashback was interesting so she never really had the intention to obey the Demon God's demands despite Ivelk urging Julius not to question them but just follow through. Makes me wonder if these demands are really to be strictly obeyed or are nothing but part of the God's games with those beneath him?

Norman's interaction with the Queen was interesting,to think it was her that ordered for Norman to be brought into Lambda,that had me surprised to be honest. But that made sense too since the Demons monitor the Premium Plantations even more closely than anything else,although it makes me wonder why only Norman was on her agenda since i thought Emma and Ray too are of great interest among the Demons in terms of "Who i'd like to eat someday...".:grumble This was the Norman i was waiting to see though,cold and not hiding his true intentions in the least,he never had any plans to slow down or wait for Emma in the first place it seems. With Ivelk dead there isn't a Noble left that could restore the Demons hierarchy and Political system again. There is no Ruler anymore. Just incredible i found,but i do wonder what is going to happen now,since Emma's promise was basically for naught now and Norman achieved his goal. Till next time everybody!

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