Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (153)

The Promised Neverland Chapter 153 Review by Elusia


The chapter starts off a gloomy atmosphere where Emma and Ray finally seeing Norman and put an end to his plans. Unfortunately, Norman has already finished, leaving only the bodies of dead demons around them. He and his crew killed all of them by turning on them against each other. Emma is shocked, but exclaims to Norman that they manage to remake the promise so that everyone can escape to the human world. Everyone in the room are as shocked as she was previously as she continues on that violence and genocide plans are not needed. He is not convinced and telling them that it’s already over. They killed every royal and noble and even murdered the last noble demon, Ivelk. They’ll soon extermine other demons as they never turn back of what they just did. She refuses, backing up her claims earlier stating that there is another way to fix the current demon and children problem. He was about to snap at her, but she goes on, saying that she already changed her mind and she won’t let him deal with it anymore. He tells her that he’s not going anywhere, but she asserts that he’s just lying, to the surprise of everyone again. She expresses that he’s just suffering through everything. He clearly doesn’t want a total annihilation and has been lying to both them and his group. She wants him to just say how he really feels in his state and why he feels the need to hide them, wondering if he’s afraid of someone or something. She likens the situation to him trembling in fear like a little boy.

Norman thinks through what Emma just said. He realizes he is indeed scared. Back at Lambda, he was forced to drink substances and getting experimented on. He was alone, but hoping for his one goal of saving all of the kids to succeed in spite of it. Flashback after flashback alternate through his head. He then tells her that he isn’t turning back on his plan, but she refuses again. While she walk towards him, he acknowledges in his mind that he is scared. He’s terrified on all different scenarios that come to play if they weren’t banking on his intial plan. She holds his hands and cries out to him that he’s kindest person she knows, but also the most arrogant and a big coward. He isn’t alone anymore and needs to tell them him everything. Ray is behind her and agrees, saying that he has to accept help. They both express that they are on his side and they are all family. They don’t want him to be a sacrificial person and live in a future where only he suffers the consequences. They firmly asks him what he truly wants. A short silence comes before he steps back and declines. Emma confirms with him that they know what he’s planning, and assure him that it’s not too late. They’ll all feel failure, but they’ll move forward because they have each other and they’ll survive. Having heard enough, he hugs them, stating he wants to live, deep down. But utters them the bad news that he and his group can’t because they don’t have much time left. He kneels down at his friends and cries.


This chapter is a talk-no-jutsu and it doesn’t shy away from it at the slightest. While, it can be executed nicely with good and understandable situations, I don’t like the trope in general. So, the chapter did get me to roll my eyes a little. But, I don’t necessarily hate how it goes in this. Norman’s obviously the type who would go dangerous lengths in order to save his friends and I did like that it took Emma lots of times before she and Ray finally manage to break his barriers.

It’s now clear that Norman and his group are suffering thanks to the experiments from the demons, but I think they’ll do fine, especially Norman since I don’t believe the authors will kill him off. But we’ll see how it’ll go and how they eventually incorporate the promise into it.

Overall, I give this chapter a solid 6/10.

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