Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (154)

The Promised Neverland Chapter 154 Review by Hermit

The last chapter was...just all sorts of terrible. Seriously. I still can't believe they pulled such a 180 on the manga. This one sorta redeems it somewhat. Key word:somewhat. And that's solely due to the last page. Otherwise the rest was just....bleh. Still vomit inducing.

Media commentary

Isabella: Sometimes I look at this manga in its current state and feel.....conflicted. On one hand, I'm sad at seeing what it has become. On another, I'm happy because I was part of it in its prime. They've never been able to recapture the original magic ever since I left, hah.

Musica: I'll just stay here doing nothing, hoping that the author doesn't give me any lines. Hey, on the bright side, I still have my loyal fans;P

Sung Ju: Another issue solved through nakama power? This is shonen 'eritage. Shonen 'eritage.

So let's see:

We start immediately from the prior ending after Norman's emotional breakdown. Emma and Ray both offer him a hand, and he wraps them in a warm embrace. This is the second (?) time we've seen this happen. The first time it was in the first arc when Norman was leaving the orphanage. Back then it was so much more emotional. This time, nothing.

Cue a few more scenes between the trio, then BAM! Norman drops the bombshell. He's dying, as was revealed around ten chapters ago. The experiments that all the kids underwent at Lambda all had the adverse effect of shortening their life spans, and the effects are seemingly irreversible. In the background, Vincent and the other kids are confused. This whole time they were under the impression that Norman was unlike them, so he was never subjected to the lab tests. Norman clarifies that was a lie, explaining his origins as being from Grace Field.

The reason he hid such a fact from them was that he didn't want them to worry about him. He wanted to be someone they could depend on wholeheartedly, without any reservations. Ray then asks Norman what he wants to do now, emphasizing that he has to be completely honest. Norman reveals that he doesn't regret killing the nobles, but he'd like to deal with some of the consequences of his actions. Such as the rampant poisoning through the city.

Vincent is irritated (Rightly so, this was like the only realistic character expression in this chapter) He brings back what Norman said a while back about there being no take backs, and that they were supposed to see this right through till the end. Even if Norman intends on giving up, he isn't planning on doing the same. Another of the kids (I forget, their names) tells Vincent that Norman has done quite enough till that point. The random kiddo states that he was able to tell that Norman was in pain the whole time, but that made him all the more impressive.

Norman is reassured that if he wants to stop, he can just go ahead and put a halt to his plans. They are grateful for him stopping the demons, but more than anything, they just want Boss to be okay (Obvious death flag here, though maybe not so obvious upon reading the first time) Emma reveals that Don and Gilda had already told the two about the seizures. Additionally, there's also a loophole. All the kids who were experimented on Lambda undergo the seizures, with the exception of one. Adam. That opens the possibility of his blood being a possible antidote.

Ray says there's no time to waste since the royal army is searching for Norman's hideout. They need to leave immediately, but the poison has to be dealt with first. Vincent is skeptical about what they intend on doing about the poison. Emma explains that Don, Gilda, Musica and Sung Ju are all on the matter, so there's nothing to worry about.

Just then, before all the kids inside the castle are about to vacate the premises, the Queen rises once more. This time, not as a living person, but as the Night Queen;P Hopefully this has a better conclusion than Game of Thrones Season 8.

-Vincent's reaction to Norman. He was surprisingly the only logical person in that room
-The Queen rising to command the dead. I thought she had died WAY too quickly, especially after seeing how much trouble her brother gave Emma and co.

-Norman's character regressing at an alarmingly fast rate -.-
-The Adam cop out. It makes sense but it just unearned.
-The other Lambda kids not being argumentative enough about Norman's decision. This had so much potential. Barbra especially, after remembering how livid she was at Emma beforehand. Where did all that anger go?
-And finally, Emma *Insert angry blob*

Final chapter rating: 6/10

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