Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (155)

Yakusoku no Neverland/The Promised Neverland - Chapter 155 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Resurrection

This Week's Chapter of Neverland brings us into the middle of the chaos that is unfolding in the Capital right now as the Demons that returned to their beast forms due to the poison spreading attack their humanoid fellow citizens,with Ayshe,Don,Gilda,Musica and Song Juu trying to stop and reverse the effects of the poison. They're attempting to do so by inflicting non-lethal damage upon them,stopping them in their tracks,and by trying to have them drink Musica's blood to return to their former states just without any limit or need for human meat. While Don and Gilda keep the Demons at bay with their bow and arrows we can see Ayshe deliver skillful shots with her rifle,Gilda notes that it is pretty tough to stop them without killing anyone accidentally and even more so since the Beast Demons regenerate instantly,meanwhile Hayato wonders just how they can make the Beasts drink Musica's blood but Song Juu has a solution of his own. He swiftly severs one of his arms and throws it towards a Beast Demon who catches it like a dog would a bone,and quickly gulps it down,to everybodies surprise it works immediatly and he changes back into his original form while Musica offers her blood to some Children while promising that this will solve all their problems. As he sees this Don can't help but celebrate this turn of events,they're going to stop this genocide at all costs while Emma handles the rest.

The scene changes back into the Throne Room where Norman is about to be devoured by the Queen...or is he? Turns out he is not,because Cicero does an impressive feat of saving Norman and his own life by sacrificing his leg to her. Everybody expresses shock at his heroism but there's no time to spare,as the Queen chews on his leg Emma,Norman and Vincent quickly tend to his wound and to avoid too extensive blood loss they need to take care of it immediatly. As they do Ray notices the Queen's body beginning to ingest all the corpses and limbs lying around in the chamber,but not just that,her body starts growing and changing into a shape he has never seen before. Several arms are sprouting out of the new monstrosity that are reaching for the remaining bodies lying around,witnessing this Ray tells everybody to stay back to observe the creature first,Vincent notices that it is even ingesting all the contaminated bodies with the poison without any drawbacks or effects showing. Ray asks Norman what they should do about this as they can't leave it like this but the latter remains in shock as he confirmed himself that the core had been destroyed,prompting Ray to conclude that either the Queen can survive her core's destruction or she and the other Royals possess more than one core,we remember Norman's claim that Royal blood is in a class of it's own. Norman begins to act now too as he orders Vincent and his Squad to leave the Castle and lead their forces back to HQ.

The Queen attempts to attack using her many arms which are quickly dealt with by Zazie who cuts any off that come towards Norman and Co's direction,however,one of the severed arms begins to grow a face of Sister Krone who greets Norman,Emma and Ray after all this time naturally shocking our protagonists. But she's not the only one that has been devoured by the Queen,there are also faces forming on the main body showing Gilan,Bayon and Ivelk as well as some of Emma's friends from Grace Field and the former King of the Demons. The Queen's body now looks very grotesque,Emma realizes in shock that all their friends and allies got eaten by this thing in the past while Norman begins to panic as he has no idea how to handle this being with their current manpower. Suddenly cracks begin to scatter across the monstrosity and it begins to open up like a cocoon,out of which the Queen steps but to everybodies surprise her face now show's no facial features at all...

Neverland will be on break next week as the Author is busy doing research for the Manga.

Personal Thought's

I rate this Chapter an 8 out of 10.

So,looks like we're more and more closing in as to if and how Lewis could still be alive. This Display of resurrection by the Queen has been rather impressive and a little creepy. Now we know what happened to all of Emma's shipped Friends,although after learning of the Demon's Royalty and the fact that the kids would never hear from any of their friends again we could guess that much probably. But,granted,there was the possibility that like Norman some would have been shipped to another Plantation for reasons. Now i'm wondering what happened to Phil even more,i hope he has not been eaten or kidnapped by Andrew back then...I'm also shocked how both Cicero and Barbra are still alive and kicking,or well,let's not say kicking but alive...yeah...that. For all means and purposes they should be dead by now given what they faced off with. And while i like that Norman is panicking and wondering what to do for a change i did not like that he just casually told Vincent to go and scram because they'll do "something about this",i just hope this defeat(However it will happen) will not be nonsensical. Till next time everybody!!!

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