Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (156)

The Promised Neverland Chapter 156 Review by the Hermit Spriggan

International break was definitely needed with the quality of the chapter. The author reconsidered everything. From character selection to tactics, even the half time team talk was done really well. Beautiful chapter this week.

Media commentary before kick off:

Isabella: Ha, gotcha good with that troll reveal didn't I?;P But patience. Not long now before I make my grand comeback to the manga. But before then, Happy Halloween, my lovelies!

Minute 00.01:

After last week's stellar cliffhanger, this one picks up from there. The Queen reveals her horrendous form to Emma and her group. Norman notes that she has no face, while Emma remembers one of the drawings from the Uchiha tablet having the same form as the Queen currently.

The faceless figure now talks, expressing glee at the quality of food that's in front of her, stating it to be fitting of a being of her calibre. She recognizes Norman, Emma and Ray as being from Grace Field. She adds on that someone was indeed speaking the truth about the creme de la creme of Grace Field being alive. Probably referring to Black Zetsu, hah. The Queen says she will forgive the Grace Field and Lambda kids for everything. She then proceeds to pull in Zazie and prepares to eat him. Her face suddenly distorts and several mouths appear from it.

Emma readies her gun, and Zazie slashes at the Queen, splitting her into two. She reforms her body within seconds, and proceeds to knock out Zazie with her hand. Norman rushes to her side, while Emma still has her gun held up at the Queen.

The superior being taunts her and Ray, asking if they are both intending on shooting. While with Zazie, Norman is panicking, realizing that the Queen having no head means she has no core. He despairs over finding a way to beat her. Both Emma and Ray realize that their guns probably will do no good, but they can at least get information out of the Queen.

A vile aura suddenly leaks out of the Queen, rooting both Emma and Ray to the ground. They're stunned still. She then holds both Emma and Ray up, thinking back to her sons, Hagoromo and Hamura. Tears start to leak from her eyes, as she remembers how her sons conspired to seal her several years ago. Dealt the ultimate betrayal by family, she realizes both Emma and Ray are doing the same now.

Just before she can devour Hamura, projectiles shoot from the window of the palace, impaling the Queen. Sung and Musica have arrived. After checking on their health, Musica reassures them that all the panic in the capitol has been put to a halt. Sung states that he showed the humans an escape route, something that Emma is sorely grateful for.

Removing the projectiles from her body, Sung Ju realizes how monstrous the Queen looks currently. He then tells Ray and Emma peace is impossible with how things are looking. Musica attests to this as well, considering the Five Kage are all dead. (Sasuke actually manages to off them this time, props to him for that). Kaguya states that this is a good day, since aside from the kids, she can also put an end to Musica.

Sung boldly states that he will kill the Queen, a statement she finds laughable. She then refers to him as her little brother (Gasp), and the referee blows the whistle for full time. Second leg should be very very interesting.

-The Queen's current display of power is really really well done. Considering Emma and co. have obviously gotten stronger ever since they fought Lewis, seeing her overpower them like this is very much welcome.
-Sung Ju incoming backstory. This whole time I thought he was just Musica's bodyguard.
-Musica making a comeback.

-None of the kids will die, despite all the death and destruction ongoing currently. Feels like a bit of cop out.
-Musica contributing nothing to this upcoming fight ;(

Final Chapter rating:7.5/10

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