Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (158)

The Promised Neverland - Chapter 158: Review by Zers Editor


The chapter starts with Musica, recalling her past, wondering why or how she came to be. She was different, and it brought her many bad things. But Musica still took joy in helping others. But then, thanks of the queen, her friends and family were killed, and she was imprisoned. But thanks to Sonju, she escaped and kept in hiding for 700 years. By the end of reminiscing, she asks of her purpose and right to be alive.

Afterward, chapter continues from where the previous one left off. Musica asks, why the queen is so starving. Despite all the terrible things she did to her, Musica continues to pity the queen for her view on things. Legravalima declares that she is not afraid of anything and takes strong pride in her heritage. Her patience with Musica breaks however, when the evil-blood says that "she's already dead".

Just the moment before she reaches Musica with her claws, her hand suddenly starts bursting with meat mass, full of demon/human heads. It turns out to be the cell failure. Musica explains, that it came to be because of the overbearing amount of bodies she absorbed at once, which implies improper digestion. With Norman's poison added to the mix, that the majority of the demons in the room were still possessing, any amount of stability her body had was completely lost. And so, the queen has rendered her second core wasted. The overwhelming amount of consciousness' and memories of the beings she devoured start pressing on her psyche.

Musica reminiscences once more. She declares that now, after the 700 years, she knows what to do, thanks to meeting Emma and her friends: to change the demons - and now is the time to make it happen.

All the heads that came out continue to regain self-awareness, and Legravalima finally gets lost in all of it, losing herself. Musica says goodbye to the queen of the demons, as she melts.


It was the best in awhile. The parallel between the Musica and the queen as unique individuals, for whom and why they utilized themselves was really good. The art was great, it feels to me that Posuka was really focused with this one. The death of the queen fits perfectly with her narcissistic self, with her greed and lack of care leaving her to be devoured from the inside. It would be really nice for the anime to get to this point. With proper sound and animation, it's going to be incredibly effective. I really wonder where Shirai/Posuka will go from now, considering that the hideout is still in danger and that Ayshe is still around, making the definitive clash between her and Lambda very much possible. And Ratri getting mentioned a lot recently, it won't be long till he makes his move in answer to these events. That's for sure.

I give this chapter an 8/10.

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