Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (159)

The Promised Neverland Chapter 159 Review by Elusia


The chapter continues where it leaves off last time where the queen is defeated. Before her demise, images from her flashbacks start piling up. It’s also evident of her growing too much power by her broken cup and surrounding herself with countless treasures. She wondered if her true desire is something besides everything she has. She wanted the special human meat to quench that thirst, only to finally die.

The kids went to Zazie’s side while Musica was relieved. At the same time, Sonju contemplated that since all the royals are dead, the whole demon world will inevitably change. He was also astonished that the human kids were able to defeat them and remade a promise with the demon god. He then questioned the aftermath. He’ll have to spend the rest of his life not meeting another human ever again despite wanting to eat them. He was silenced in the short ordeal of Emma and Musica hugging. Then, Ray asked what they’d do next. As if a little similar to Sonju’s thoughts, he says that the whole demon administration is dead and it could mean total chaos for the entire demon race. If nothing else, there could be a full war. Emma asks Sonju to be the next king, but he says it’s not possible. He doesn’t have anything to do with demon politics and he’s still known as a rebel. However, Musica assures Emma that they’ll find a solution while they go back to their hideout. They can still present the idea that it was only a civil between the demons so that they could avoid further deaths. She also feels that the remaining royal army will bear bad news if they reach their destinations. Emma reluctantly accepts, but for Sonju, he feels the opposite. He doesn’t feel unease either when she hugs him, tells him about her personal two-year journey and even admits that she wanted to die at that time they met. But because of that, she had rejected the idea of killing the demons and thanked them for everything.

As the kids leave, the two demons started the conversation. She asked if he’s fine with the decision, but Sonju is having none of it. She also confessed that she was lying to Emma about having a plan, but Sonju had backup even if it’s risky. Meanwhile, the kids deduce the one who’s responsible. Norman says that it was all Peter Ratri’s plan.


After reading the chapter, I get to see more of Sonju besides his fight with the queen in this arc. While I really like him, he was just a cool kind of character with recent revelations like being an exiled prince. But this chapter defines him. The one gripe for me about him was his eternal conflict with him and the kids and I’m glad that they addressed it here, being another example of the demons not as black and white as they used to. Peter Ratri’s also back and I do hope we get some explanation during his disappearance. More backstory and characteristics about him sound great too so he wouldn’t be just an obstacle for the kids to overcome.

Overall, I’m quite happy with this chapter and give it a solid 8/10.

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