Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (160)

Yakusoku no Neverland/The Promised Neverland - Chapter 160 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The Shackles

This Week's Chapter of Neverland starts with a Flashback to Norman's strategy meeting with Cicero,Barbara and Vincent when they were discussing about the Ratri's possible interference with their plans, Norman brushes the possibility aside as they could easily reveal all of the Ratri's crimes to the Demon Nobles and turn the situation against Peter Ratri. While James Ratri's actions may have been noble and just they would be considered as a betrayal towards the Demons,since they are responsible for the Grace Field Escape,The Destruction of Lambda and by extension the downfall of Goldy Pond. Due to that Peter Ratri can only stay hidden and isolated for the time being as he can only take small actions that wouldn't amount to much if anything due to Demons roaming the lands trying to locate the Hideout of Norman as well. Peter must be feeling irritated as things outside of his control keep getting into his way all thanks to his Brothers efforts in the past,we readers can confirm this to be the truth as we remember Peter sending out Andrew and his Elite Squad to go after Emma and Co. right after Goldy Pond's fall while the Demons were mourning the passing of Lord Bayon and Archduke Lewis. They were a small squad of 8 men,Andrew as on his own when interrogating Phil back at Grace Field all this just to not draw any unwanted attention to themselves. However,that was only half true,while Andrew did his best to pursue Emma and her friends Peter was busy seeking an audience with the Queen of the Demons with a request. Before being granted said audience he told his followers that he would confess all the happenings and shortcomings of them to the Queen as there is no other way to move forward for them as a Family after the blows they've taken. Despite the initial protest Peter insisted on it,because not only is there plenty of room to negotiate their honor as the Mediator Family between the 2 Worlds is at stake.

Peter won't let the "Cattle" do as they please no matter what,even if that means swallowing his pride and bowing to the Queen of the Demons,a bit later in the Throne Room we see the Queen counting down all of the sins confessed by Peter. As she's clearly looking down on him for failing she asks why he came in front of her if the only thing he has to report is failure,Peter responds that while he may have failed before it was only due to his very limited options he requests of the Queen to lend him half of her Military's entire forces in order to hunt down the Escapees efficiently. The Queen questions why she is supposed to aid her soldiers to Peter when it was his failure in the first place, some of the other Nobles would be furious with him as many of them lost beloved Family Members at Goldy Pond but Peter replies that this is exactly why he wishes to handle the matter before the end of the Tifari. Under the cover of the festivities he will have free hand without any of the other Lords interferring with his wishes and once he was to deliver the fugitives to any of them a big inner turmoil would unfold due to them claiming personal losses and stakes. He only wants the Queen to decide about the fate of the fugitives and no one else,so he will deliver them to her, The Queen praises Peter for being so brazen in front of her as it sounds like he is trying to use the Queen to cover for his own failues while also avoiding any rage from the other Nobles. She however,agrees to his Request,and lends him 2000 of her Soldiers in order to capture and hunt down the fugitives,once captured they're going to be delivered to her and if Peter is to fail he himself will be her next meal. Back in the present we see Norman struggling to believe that Peter banked everything on the Queen's greed and hunger to get his way,Ray questions if he will be able to find their hideout but Norman claims that while he may not know the exact location of it he might have an idea how to get there anyway due to the pattern of their fake tracks.

Ray and Emma realize that their next and final enemy is also the worst they could ever encounter, the Supporters of Goldy Pond which caused suffering and death to countless children,the erectors of the current system which has fed thousands of humans to the Demons,the ones responsible for the death of James Ratri,Yuugo,Lucas and many of their friends: The Ratri Clan,led by Peter Ratri!. As they finally reach the end of the tunnel they're quickly reunited with Don and Gilda,while Norman doesn't know what to say his friends just go ahead and give him a big hug. However,their reunion is cut short as Aysh comes face to face with Norman having a serious expression on her face but before she can say anything Norman tells her something in demonic language which surprises her. Norman urges Emma and Ray to keep moving as they have no time to waste with Peter coming for them,Ray calms Norman as they first need to assess the situation: Where are the Soldiers? Is the Hideout still safe? etc. Emma thinks they should meet up with Olivers Team first to get back faster as they're on horseback,the scene cuts to the hideout where Gillian is shocked as the entire place is empty. Many of the Book shelves have been broken and on the ground you can see several demonic footsteps hinting at their comrades fate...

Personal Thought's

I rate this Chapter an 8.5 out of 10.

Interesting Chapter of Neverland this week,though i'm not sure how to feel about Norman just predicting what Peter is up to while they go and attack the Royals and the Capital,i mean it had been a good amount of time since he saw Peter and had any grasp of his actions yet he more or less figured out what he would be doing while they go and see their plan through. I'm surprised by how gutsy Peter was when he just told the Queen everything in order to get her Military Aid,could have gone either way really,but he banked high and won. Which does beg the Question why he even would consider that? Does that mean Andrew and his Elite Squad where all he had in terms of experienced and well trained Soldiers? Either that or he was afraid he would not be able to stop/stand against Norman and the Grace Field escapees with just his own forces,which would be hard to believe but with the Abnormals from Lambda anything would go i guess. I'm just curious if he,while very likely,really is responsible for all the Children disappearing? Oliver was on his way back to try and warn everybody of what was coming for them,so unless he didn't make it back i'm confused as to what could've happened elsewise since Gillian was left behind and if everybody was to hide or Peter had something to do with it she would not still be there right? Hmm,we'll see soon enough i suppose. Till next time everybody!!!

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