Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (161)

Yakusoku no Neverland Chapter 161 Review by H

Chapter starts with Peter raiding Norman's shelter accompanied by a horde of demons. He greets the children, condescendingly referring to them as cattle, as big boss music plays in the background.

Perspective shifts to Emma and the rest of the kids who were in the Capitol. They just managed to overthrow the system, and Emma came out as the winner of the Hunger Games. Along with Ray Mellark and Norman Hawthorne. Norman runs into Vincent and the rest of the Lambda kids. Turns out they had followed him from the Capitol, insisting that it was hard not to worry about him. Norman proceeds to inform them about the demise of the Queen, news that they take gleefully.

Oliver shows up a few moments later, on horseback. He tells the group that the hideout was eviscerated. This prompts Katniss and her group to rush towards the shelter, and along the way Gilian and Nigel divulge the rest of the details. Gilian explains that the kids were all taken to Grace Field House, since it was the nearest and most secure facility.

Panic starts to creep in. The demon troops number as much as 2000, and there are only a measly 10 kids. There are also wounded kids and the Lambda products are in no condition to fight. Just when all hope seems lost, Katniss speaks up.

She tells the group that they should go to District 13. Peeta points out that they are discussing a plan on how to rescue the kids, and she says they will think of something as they head there. Going on, she says that the original trio are reunited with each other. Aside from that, they have already all changed the world. Despite starting off as cattle kids. It's an achievement they should all be verily proud of, so there was one more step left.

Norman breaks out into laughter, admitting that Emma's words filled him with a certain sense of confidence. Ray adds on to this sentiment, and slowly by slowly, the kids start filling with confidence. Self belief, that they could actually manage to pull this off.

With their minds all made up, they set out to Grace Field, fully intent on saving their family.

-Errrr.....rain check on that. Maybe the Hunger Games references in the review;P

-Emma's consistent positivity. Not even a whisker of character development. Pretty much the same character she was at the start of the story is the one she is at the end. With all she has been through.....but oh well.
-Norman and Ray going along with it. Ray tried to protest but....wasn't able to uphold it.

Chapter rating is 5/10, was genuinely average material.

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