Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (162)

The Promised Neverland Chapter 162 Review by Elusia


The chapter in the current rampant state of the demon capital where Sonju and Musica headed towards the temple. He explained to her the origins of the demons inside who were once as adored as the gods and were driven away from the city. They appointed kings, assisted their administration and supported by the people around them. While they eventually lost their power, the demons still have a lot of respect for them. One of them was the high priest and his four sages, which she recognized. The priest said to the demon people that they are allowed to break their beliefs after the forged promise to protect their own lives, but has to observe everything they do and pray for them. As such, they can eat cultivated meat and believed that what they are eventually doing to serve the priest and the sages suppressed the anger of their demon god. When Sonju and Musica went inside the temple, there lied said demons who had been alive for so long due to suspended animation. He didn’t know exactly what happened, but known that they had stop the process, stayed alive and prayed continuously for the demons. He then told her that she has to use her blood to revive them and make the priest the new demon king as it’s their only option left.

While Musica got to work, the robot owl that was created by Peter Ratri as well as numerous spies that were scattered around the capital found out about the demon attack and reported them to their boss. His lackeys found it very unlikely, but he told them that they can use that opportunity to strike back by telling the demons who are currently alive to have a war against the humans who killed the royalty. Then, he would benefit from that war and take the throne and power for himself.

He told his subordinates to withdraw any search parties, bearing in mind that the kids know where they are now headed and needed to wait. He will confront them in Grace Field House, the same place where all of the captured kids are. Awaiting them at the gate were the demon farmers and grandma Isabella.


Outside of Isabella’s awaited reveal of being the new grandma, which should have happened many chapters ago, this one is pretty okay. Not much occurred outside of what’s going to happen in the long run. Sonju and Musica doing some stuff, Peter being an absolute one-dimensional jerk and more. I’m looking forward to what they’re doing to Isabella since she has so much going for her and a much needed explanation to what she has been doing for so long. Maybe she’s resenting all of it, but has to go through it anyway or has resorted back to being the evil and manipulative villain we see from the first arc. I definitely prefer the former, but anything can happen.

Overall, I give this chapter a solid 6/10.

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