Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (163)

Yakusoku no Neverland/The Promised Neverland - Chapter 163 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Reversal

This Week's Chapter of Neverland begins in the Holy Temple where Musica and Sonju are trying to revive the High Priest and the 4 Sages with their special blood from their Suspended Animation,said and done,the High Priest is the first to be revived by Musica and Sonju with visible struggle as both appear exhausted when his Excellency comes back to consciousness after hundreds of years. He is greeted by Sonju and immediatly recognizes him by his Mask and Hair, as the elder wonders about what exactly might be going on he realizes that he has been revived with the blood of his saviors and that it must've been quite an amount as both Musica and Sonju are struggling to keep their balance right now. Sonju promises to explain everything to him so they have a seat,as the High Priest learns of the Queen and the 5 Regent Houses demise he expresses sadness but also apologizes to Sonju for the way things had to go. While they may have been enemies it is also true that the Queen was Sonju's Sister by blood,in other words,"Family". The Priest worries that now with the Balance and Pillars of their Regiment broken the World as they know it is on the verge of collapsing in itself,something he feared for hundreds of years,but while he may have feared it it was also necessary. The Gods left them a final but most effective way to live from here on out: Musica with her Special Blood!,if she was to share it with the other demons it would be possible for everybody to survive without Fresh Human meat or in very very simple terms: The Priest is Pro-Emma!. He thanks both Sonju and Musica for surviving all those 700 years while being hunted only to return and save their kind from starvation,the High Priest believes their current situation to be a test for Demonkind as to wether or not they can change and live accordingly. He promises to help as much as he can.

Suddenly,just as Sonju wants to begin reviving the Sages,a very loud noise is to be heard from outside which is revealed to be an announcement made by some of the Queen's former retainers. One of the retainers informs the Citizens of the fate that both the Queen and the 5 Regent houses have suffered,leaving many in shock and surprise,he claims that they have been killed by a bunch of bandits that took advantage of the earlier chaos in Town. He quickly moves on form the bad news and begins to announce that both the 4 Great Farms and the remnants of the Royal Army will from now on govern under an assembled council,as the Citizens are still in surprise about this the retainer begins to read the proclamation. Meanwhile,Sonju and Musica cannot believe what they're hearing here,this is all happening way too quickly as the Queen has only been dead for a day by now and yet all the remaining factions that are usually at odds with another are in perfect agreement with this even without Ivelk around which can only mean that Peter Ratri has his hands in play again. As the Citizens wonder what the Bandits identities are the retainer urges them to keep quiet as they were about to reveal that anyway: The Geelan-Clan and "The Evil Blooded" Sonju and Musica!. As another retainer holds up a wanted poster of Sonju and Musica some of the children recognize them as their saviors that prevented the earlier crisis in the capital,and even some adults speak up for them but the retainer tells them that their new blood is harmful and contaminated and they will have to be killed to find salvation of their sin of associating with them. While some are immediatly imprisoned for their "crime" some others try to run away as they're being hunted by both fellow Citizens and Royal Soldiers, including Sonju,Musica and the High Priest.

As they're running away some of the Citizens attempt to catch them but with no luck,as he's running Sonju thinks to himself that this is not the world they want as there is nothing better about it than the previous one ruled by the Queen. It's still terrible for them,the chance to change was there but they didn't grasp it tightly enough he thinks to himself as he remembers Emma and Ray. Everything is going according to Peter Ratri's plan,a man who has just been playing Chess with actual lives and feelings. Sonju needs to save Musica and the Priest otherwise they will be captured and the High Priest will be killed as one of those that are "infected",sadly Musica and the Priest can't assist Sonju(Who is still barely standing himself) in fighting off the pursuers as they're both at their limits. Musica due to almost severe blood loss and the High Priest due to his 1000 year long sleep rendering him physically weak. Just as he finishes his train of thought they're already being attacked by some Soldiers and Citizens,unfortunately Sonju can't fight them off as he is worried that he'd kill one of the civilians by accident. He attempts to fight them off until Musica and the Priest have been brought to safety by his horse but Sonju is too weak to even block a single strike and is quickly defeated by the Soldiers. The Chapter ends with both Musica and Sonju(Yes,the High Priest as well as the horse aren't anywhere to be seen suddenly-) being arrested for the crime of attempting to overthrow their Government.

Personal Thought's

I rate this Chapter a 7.5 out of 10.

Peter might turn out to be an incredible final villain after all,he's effectively taking away any possible allies for the remaining Kids in this rough situation by capturing Musica and Sonju while also eliminating any possible replacements for the Demon Royalty that are not of his "liking" as well as making everything both Demon and Human Society related in the Neverland his own. That's Strategic thinking that could give Norman a run for his money i'd say,but if nothing else it shows just how and where Norman adapted his previous rather ruthless and extreme mindset in terms of dealing with Demons and unwanted interferences in his plans. Then again,Peter had him at Lambda for a reason. The High Priest was a lot more lighthearted than i expected him to be but i guess if he really made it out of that situation on Sonju's horse then he might turn out to be an important ally as he shares Emma's mindset to an extent by having Musica share her blood with everybody and get Sonju to rule next. Something i actually agree to as well,it is his birthright after all. I do admit that i am more hyped and excited for what is going on at Grace Field right now though,even more since i know that Isabella is back in action and ready to impress us again with her brilliance,Peter's interactions with her could be interesting but we'll see soon enough. I'm looking forward to it that's all i know, Till next time everybody!!!

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